after shave irritation Many women face an unpleasantproblem - irritation of the skin after shaving. Especially often it appears in especially sensitive areas - on the pubic area, in the groin and under the arms. The problem is haunted by many women who regularly use a shaving machine to remove unwanted hair, and this is quite normal natural reaction of the body. The thing is that during the shaving part of the epidermis is removed, causing tissue damage. To the affected area, the flow of blood will naturally increase in order to heal wounds. If the irritation is too strong, it is better to try other methods of getting rid of hairs, for example, shugaring. But that there is no irritation after shaving, it is not necessary to part with the razor. In most cases, it's enough just to learn how to shave properly and learn some nuances in order to solve the problem once and for all, and also learn how to remove irritation by effective and proven means and methods.

Simple rules for the prevention of skin irritation

Many women are wondering how to avoidirritation after shaving? The answer is simple - it is enough to adhere to simple rules aimed at preventing problems arising in the process of hair removal:

  • Begin shaving only after a bath or shower,when the skin is well vaporized and sufficiently moistened. In this case, you will get a more effective shave result and protect yourself from severe irritation after shaving.
  • For shaving, use special foams and gels. They lift the hairs from the skin and improve the glide of the razor blades. Do not shave to dry and do not use soap - such a brite is a great stress for the skin, and irritation after shaving on the legs and other parts of the body will be provided to you.
  • Change the shaver or cartridgemachine tool. The old blunt blade guarantees problems. In this case, saving is your enemy. Why irritation after shaving in this case is inevitable? Because a blunt blade will not allow you to shave clean the skin the first time, and you will have to use the same skin area with a blade several times, which will lead to severe damage to the epidermis. In this case, it is better to wear trousers and not to shave at all.
  • The shaver should belong only to you andused solely on an individual basis. A razor-like toothbrush is a personal hygiene item, so you can not give it to anyone, even to your family members. Otherwise strong irritation after shaving to you is provided on all hundred percent.
  • Each time using a shaver, rinse it undera stream of running water to prevent the multiplication of bacteria. It is foreign bacteria that are the main cause of the appearance of irritation after shaving.
  • Refuse to shave in the event that the skin showed acne and inflammation. Until they heal, you risk transferring the infection to uninfected areas of the skin.
  • Experts recommend shaving your hair indirection of their growth. At the same time, you most likely will not be able to get the perfect result, but significantly reduce your chances of getting irritated after shaving your armpits, legs or groin and pubic area.
  • Use after shaving a special cream andlotions. They largely soothe the skin thanks to components such as panthenol, aloe extract and others, and also remove possible skin irritation after shaving.
  • If you diligently followed allthe above rules, but on your skin there is still irritation, not descending for several days, it is better to resort to another method that is optimal for you hair removal. irritation after shaving on legs

    Help with irritation after shaving

    Often there are situations when you seem towould do, all that was in your power, but the irritation after shaving all the same arose. In this case, it is better not to postpone the time to get acquainted with the recommendations of specialists on how to remove irritation after shaving. In this situation, effective medications can be provided by hormone-based cosmetology. For example, it can be a hydrocortisone ointment or a cream from irritation after shaving. This cream is recommended to lubricate shaved areas of the skin immediately after the procedure. In principle, any hormonal remedy for after shave irritation has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect and helps to quickly remove redness. In addition, hydrocortisone significantly narrows the blood vessels, resulting in less blood in the affected area, and hence redness will be significantly less. But do not use these tools too often, the maximum allowed scope of use - 2-3 times. Frequent use of hormonal drugs from irritation after shaving is contraindicated. Serious complications can occur in the form of development of pustular wounds, etc. The use of hormonal cream from irritation after shaving is permissible only a few days after its first use. With the daily use of such a product, you become addicted to it, and then irritation after shaving will become your constant companion. Another effective tool can be the frequent change of blades on a razor. Machines basically shave their hair too close to the body. If the blade on the machine is not too clean or dull, there is a risk of injury. When injuring the skin through a dirty blade, microorganisms get into the body, causing irritation after shaving. A disposable machine is recommended to use no more than 2-3 times, provided it is stored in complete purity. If you could not fulfill at least one condition, you can safely throw out your machine and use a new one. The use of electric razors is another sure tool, in order to prevent irritation under the armpits after shaving or irritation on the pub after shaving. The skin is shaved by the electric shaver more smoothly and the risk of irritation remains minimal. However, not every woman can endure the pain caused by the power station, especially when shaving intimate zones. When under no circumstances can you solve the problem of how to remove irritation after shaving, special creams with spatulas specially designed to remove unwanted vegetation can come to the rescue. Such drugs less than all others injure the hair follicles, and hence irritation in the groin after shaving, as well as irritation in other areas will be much less pronounced. Creams have one drawback - a strong unpleasant smell, but for the sake of the result it can be tolerated rather than in vain to fight their problem. irritation in the groin after shaving

    Folk remedies in the fight against irritation

    Folk wisdom and experience of our mothers and grandmothersnever turn out to be superfluous, invariably coming to us for help in difficult situations. Irritation after shaving can be removed with the help of home remedies prepared with your own hands from organic products:

    • Decoction of chamomile and mint

    The recipe for this remedy is simple. It is necessary to take 1 tablespoon of chamomile and mint, pour the herb 500 ml of boiling water, boil for 5-10 minutes, cool and strain. With irritation after shaving on the legs and other areas take the fabric, fold it twice, moistened in a broth and put on the place where the irritation appeared.

    • Infusion of birch leaves

    No less easy to prepare and effective inapplication, rather than a decoction of mint and chamomile. For its preparation, use birch leaves in the amount of 1 teaspoon, which is poured 70 ml of steep boiling water and insisted for 1.5-2 hours. The resulting infusion is cooled and filtered. Then take a clean cloth, moisten it in infusion and place on the place where the irritation after shaving appeared.

    • Compress with chamomile infusion

    To prepare a compress, inflorescences are takenchamomile (1 teaspoonful), pour them a glass of steep boiling water and insist. The cooled infusion is filtered, moistened with a clean cloth in it and applied to the place of origin of the problem. We have offered for your taste the most varied ways to prevent and combat irritation after shaving, and we hope that with our help you can always look beautiful. Everyone for himself decides individually how to avoid irritation after shaving. The main thing is that you are always happy with the result. We advise you to read: