All you need to know about mascara For hundreds of years, people have painted their faces brightpaints, especially highlighting the eyes. The first semblance of makeup was invented by men for various mystical activities and religious rites. Before each battle, primitive warriors decorated their faces with drawings and patterns in order to sow confusion and panic in the ranks of the opposing clans. But progress, like time, does not stand still, therefore, "colored cosmetics" from a frightening means gradually transformed into an attractive one, and acquired the status of "decorative". Perhaps the most popular representative of decorative make-up products. Especially for those who want to make their eyes expressive, highlighting their color. Since most women use mascara every day, it is important to know a couple of secrets that will help the eyelashes to be beautiful and healthy.

  • Twisting eyelashes. This is an important stage, because after waving the eyelashes will become like a pupa, and the view will instantly open slightly. Usually twist one row of eyelashes three times. This visually increases the eyes. But remember that it is very important to heat the tweezers before the curl. For this purpose, as a rule, use a hair dryer. Within 5 seconds, pokolduyte with a hair dryer above the tweezers for curling, warming them with a stream of warm air.
  • Choice of carcass. It is important to choose mascara, focusing on what kind of effect you want to achieve, and also considering the whole image as a whole. First, decide what is the priority: hyper-length, bend, volume, or yet separation ... When applying mascara to eyelashes, do not think that you simply apply it from the roots to the tips. Mentally divide a number of eyelashes into several parts: the outer, middle and inner parts. On the inside, apply brush strokes to the nose. On the middle-straight up, and on the outside in the direction of the ear. So your eyelashes open up like a fan.
  • The last step is the lower eyelashes. Lower eyelashes should be stained after you finish painting the top, since there is no need for a large amount of carcass. Lower eyelashes should look lighter, softer and more natural. That is why it is not necessary to update the layer of mascara on the brush, and you can immediately proceed to staining the lower eyelashes, using the ink that remained after staining the upper cilia.
  • And the frequent renewal of the mascara layer on the brush leads to a quick drying of the mascara in the tube. A truly huge assortment of mascara can be found at.