manicure with the help of the newspaper The woman has got used to decorating herself, but sometimes she wants todo it somehow in an original way, with a twist. So there was such a method - manicure with the help of the newspaper. Do you think that it is difficult, that such a miracle can only be made by real professional masters? Very mistaken! It's all so simple that any girl can do this kind of manicure at home. The main goal is to become fashionable and original.

Technique for applying manicure

In order to make yourself a manicure with a newspaper,you need to prepare a lacquer base (only necessarily matte), a newspaper and a colorless lacquer-fixer. Now a couple of nuances about the newspaper - you can take a black and white, and you can and with a color font, but not a glossy magazine. You can choose a Russian font, and you can improvise and make a manicure with the help of a newspaper and put letters from a foreign alphabet. First you need to do the actual manicure - cut the cuticle, make out the shape of the nail and carefully file it with a nail file. Nails should be smooth, flawless in appearance. Now we lower the nail (finger) into alcohol - so we degrease it. Another option is to wipe the nail with acetone with a cotton swab. Now cover the nail with a base lacquer and let it dry completely. Here it is necessary to do as follows: we apply one layer of varnish, in a minute - the second. Since the varnish is matte (enamel), then it must be applied carefully, that everything looks like a continuous surface without gaps and strips. Now we take the newspaper, but first it must be prepared and made either strips, or simulate the exact shape of the marigolds. We put a piece of newspaper into alcohol and put it on the nail - we make sure that it does not move, otherwise we get a smeared drawing. For a tight fit, hold the newspaper on your nail with a wet napkin (it must also be soaked in alcohol). For complete fixing, you will have minutes 2-3. Now carefully remove the newspaper and let this beauty dry - a quarter of an hour will be enough. So, we drank coffee, nails dried, and now it remains only to make the final touch - to cover the nails with a fixing varnish. Such a tool is sold colorless and therefore it can be applied just one layer, not particularly trying. Everything, creative, fashionable and ultramodern manicure with the help of the newspaper is ready - now you can show it to everyone around you. manicure with newspaper

Rules of application

Before you start doing a manicure with a newspaper, you need to remember a few rules:

  • Use the old yellowed sheets of the newspaper can not be - there will be stains on the varnish-based;
  • If you use the Russian font, you should make sure that the letters are placed "face" to the audience;
  • Manicure with a newspaper in color requires the application of black or white lacquer-base;
  • For black-and-white bukovok the basis can be a varnish of any color;
  • You can not do a manicure, taking as a basis pearl or with sparkles varnish.

In general, it should be noted that the newspaper manicureis done both on short marigolds, and on long. In addition, this type of manicure is quite stable and can be worn for up to 7 days, then it should be remade. If you experience increased brittleness of the nails, it is advisable not to use alcohol - it dries very much both the skin and nails. It is better to treat them a little, and then start experimenting. how to do a manicure from the newspaper

A few more tips

And a few words about manicure with the help of colorednewspapers: to make of glossy magazines this kind of manicure is not worth it - alcohol will simply dissolve the letters and there will be no effect. With colored letters it is not necessary to use a colored lacquer base - only black or white, necessarily matte. Just remember - on this basis to do a manicure is quite difficult. The point here is this: enamel varnishes, especially white and black, very clearly show all the shortcomings in the general form of nails. For example, inflamed cuticles, hangnails, blots when applying a varnish - it will all be "in front of" and then the effect will not work. Therefore, if you have any problems with marigolds or you have not yet learned how to do an impeccable manicure, it is better to start with a black and white manicure. Manicure with the help of the newspaper is a new trend of fashion that allows women and girls to stand out from the crowd, show their "I", show originality and style. If even the first time did not work, try again and again - everything will come with experience. Do not regret the time spent - but your hands will always be surrounded by attention, and you will be a fashionable woman and even an outrageous person! Learn, strive for the perfect execution of manicure and enjoy compliments and surprise from friends, relatives and colleagues - perhaps this will serve as another step in communication, in love or in a career ... We advise you to read: