paraffin therapy at home Paraffinotherapy is a pleasant procedure thatIt is intended for skin care of the body and face. It is a heat compress using molten paraffin or paraffin baths. The method itself is based on the high heat capacity of paraffin. At a temperature of 53-54 degrees, paraffin is converted to a viscous mass of white, and in cosmetology it is just such a warm and viscous paraffin that can be applied to the skin in the form of a mask or application. Do not be afraid of burns - this procedure you can do even yourself, because paraffin, having a low thermal conductivity, gives heat in small portions, and the temperature of the skin under the warm paraffin layer rises no more than one or two degrees. Due to this uniform warming effect on the skin, a lot of physical reactions arise, which heal and rejuvenate the skin. Cosmetic paraffin itself contains various softening additives useful for the skin, and also azulene - for anti-inflammatory action. Paraffin therapy at home can help relax and relieve pain in the joints. The advantage of this procedure is its versatility. Application from warm paraffin can be done on any parts of the body. Mostly, compresses are used on the skin of the hands, feet, face, thighs and abdomen. Some beauty salons offer such a service as paraffinotherapy of the body with the use of new equipment. But not every salon can afford such a luxury. Most often paraffin therapy is used for the hands, because they are often stronger than other parts of the body suffer from dryness, cracks and peeling. Paraffinotherapy in cosmetology literally in one session allows you to cope with these problems. The skin of the hands will become softer, velvety and gentler. The effect of the procedure will be noticeable after the first time and will last about a week. It is very effective to use paraffin packs in winter, when your hands are susceptible to hypothermia and weathering, which makes the skin very much peeling and even cracking. And still professionals advise to use paraffin baths before manicure. Paraffin significantly strengthens the nails, improving their condition and preventing brittleness and delamination. No less useful are hot paraffin compresses and baths for paraffin therapy of the skin of the legs. During the day, your legs experience tremendous stress from uncomfortable shoes, high heels and loads. The skin becomes inflamed, on the soles of the foot, corns and calluses appear. To cope with these problems will help paraffinotherapy for the feet, after which your heels will become soft, and the skin will be smooth and silky. In addition to the therapeutic effect, paraffin therapy has a pronounced psychotherapeutic effect, because cosmetic paraffin has a pleasant smell, and the baths with it have a soft, relaxing effect. Quite often the girls, having relaxed from a pleasant procedure, even fall asleep during the procedure, and waking up, feel rested and well-groomed. For a relaxing effect, cosmetologists add aromatic fragrances and essential oils to the paraffin. The most popular are the delicate aromas of peach, vanilla or lavender. A warm bath and a pleasant scent will help to relax after a hard day's work and calm down after stress. The use of paraffin therapy for the face does not bring the same pleasurable sensations as paraffin therapy for the hands and feet. The application of warm paraffin on the face helps to achieve effective results, but the procedure itself is not particularly pleasant. Especially the final part of it - when the paraffin mask pulls the skin. But after the procedure you will be pleasantly amazed at the effect it will have on your skin. Paraffinotherapy - the procedure is not expensive, so it is available to many. If you do not have enough time to visit beauty salons, then paraffin therapy at home will be your salvation, because it does not require much work. paraffinotherapy for the face

Why do I need paraffin therapy?

Paraffinotherapy in cosmetology is an indispensablea procedure for moisturizing and nourishing the skin. It helps to activate the flow of blood to the selected area of ​​the body, moisten and make the skin smoother and tighter. The use of hot paraffin helps normalize blood circulation and lymph circulation, cleans pores and allows the body to more effectively get rid of toxins. Hot paraffin masks help to get rid of edema and improve micro-stimulation of the skin, which significantly slows down the aging process. The most popular procedure is paraffin therapy for the hands, since it does not cause any discomfort, unlike the use of paraffin baths for the face - we have already told you about this. Most often, paraffin therapy for the face is not used as an independent procedure, but as a cover mask over another nutritional application - it can be moisturizing creams, lotions or preparations containing collagen. In addition to useful substances contained in the paraffin itself, it has several useful properties. For example, the fact that under the paraffin layer the skin is in "greenhouse" conditions. Accordingly, the sweat protruding on the skin under the paraffin crust can not evaporate, and the water is absorbed back into the skin, leaving toxins on the surface. This changes the extracellular fluid and redistributes it in the body. The second useful property of paraffin is its compressive action. Upon cooling, the hot paraffin is compressed and reaches its highest stress point after twenty-five to thirty minutes. The paraffin layer tightly covers the tissues, thereby smoothing wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin. What are the indications for paraffin therapy? Dry or rough skin, weather-beaten or frost-bitten skin, joint pain, arthritis, stretching or inflammation of the muscles. Paraffin baths at home are effective before a massage. Paraffin baths for the feet help to get rid of fatigue, moisturize the skin of the feet and heels and make it soft. Procedures of paraffin therapy can be used for all skin types, including problematic, oily and sensitive. They are especially useful for dry and fading skin. paraffinotherapy for feet

The procedure of paraffinotherapy

Before proceeding to the procedure, youYou need to learn how to make paraffin baths. To conduct paraffin therapy at home, you need to buy a special purified cosmetic paraffin. A wide assortment of different types of paraffin with aromatic odors and without them can be purchased in beauty parlors and cosmetics stores. When you buy paraffin, take into account that for each procedure will take at least two or three kilograms of the substance. The technology of paraffinotherapy is extremely simple and does not require you to have special skills or efforts. To melt paraffin for a compress it is necessary on a water bath. Pieces of solid paraffin are folded in a high enamel pan, and make sure that water does not get into the cosmetic material when boiling. By the way, together with paraffin in specialized stores you can buy a special bath for paraffin therapy. Put the paraffin pan on the fire, and in the meantime prepare your skin for the procedure. Clean it with a soft scrub and apply moisturizer. It is he who will serve as the main mask under the layer of paraffin. It is worth saying a few words about how to properly make a paraffin bath. Before applying warm paraffin to moistened skin, it is necessary to check its temperature on the back of the palm so as not to get burned. The bath for paraffin therapy should not be too hot. If you are convinced that the temperature of paraffin is comfortable for you, you can proceed to the procedure itself. If you are going to do paraffin therapy for your hands, put your wrist in a paraffin bottle and hold it for a few seconds. Then take out your hand, hold it in the air for ten seconds, and then immerse it in the paraffin bath. Repeat the procedure several times until a fairly thick layer of paraffin is formed on your hand. After that, put on your hand a special cosmetic or simple polyethylene bag, and on top of it - a mahr glove. Leave the paraffin mask on your hands for twenty-five to thirty minutes, then gently remove paraffin, picking up the edge of the nail. Such paraffin baths for the hands will help moisturize the skin and improve its tone, and also save from hypothermia in the cold pores of the year. The paraffin bath for nails gives remarkable results. It softens the cuticle, strengthens the nails and makes the hands well-groomed. Paraffinotherapy for the legs is carried out on the same principle. A little bit differently it is with the paraffin application for the skin of the face. After the first layer of paraffin, put on your face a gauze napkin and already on top, along it, apply the remaining five or six layers of warm paraffin. Remove this mask from the neck to the forehead. Parafinoterapiya person at home is quite simple and not expensive procedure. Moreover, this procedure for the person will help to achieve tremendous results after the first session. In no case should you collect the remains of the mask and try to use paraffin for the second time. Once used paraffin loses almost all its useful properties, so for each procedure you need to buy a new, fresh paraffin. For those who do not want to use hot paraffin, there is a good alternative - paraffinotherapy is cold, using a special cream. The procedure for applying cold cream paraffin is not at all complicated, it is done with a soft brush. All other actions coincide - apply, close the bag and put on a mahro's mitt. There is a cold cream for paraffinotherapy similar to hot, only without the thermal effect. Thanks to this feature, cold paraffin can be used where there are contraindications to the use of hot. Cold paraffin increases the elasticity of the skin, softens it, protects against cracks. It is very useful for such paraffinotherapy for nails - it makes them stronger and gives a pleasant shine. paraffinotherapy

Contraindications to the procedure

As you know, any cosmetic procedurehas its own testimony and its contraindications. There are also contraindications to the paraffin therapy, although there are not too many of them. Be sure to read them before going to the beauty salon or using paraffin baths for the face, hands or feet yourself. Among the general contra-indications to paraffin therapy are hypertensive disease, diabetes, infectious diseases. All other diseases can only interfere with local applications. For example, with hypertrichosis it is not recommended to use paraffin applications in the abdominal area or complete paraffin therapy of the body. With acne or pustules it is undesirable to carry out paraffin therapy of the face, and with varicose veins for paraffin baths. Before the procedure, it is advisable to consult a doctor or a cosmetologist, who will specify how often you can do paraffin therapy for you. Paraffin treatment is desirable once every five to six days, the course of treatment should consist of five to fifteen procedures. No unpleasant consequences will not be, if you know the details of how to properly make paraffin baths for the body and face. There are no age limitations for paraffinotherapy, baths and applications can be used both for young women of twenty-five years and mature ones after forty-five years and older. Paraffinotherapy for the face will help to cope with the effects of cold, wind and vitamin deficiency, as well as age-related skin changes. There are no side effects after paraffin therapy, if not only know how to use the paraffin bath, but also know how to follow certain conditions after the procedure. Immediately after using the paraffin bath, it is not advisable to go out to avoid temperature changes. In order to consolidate the effect and avoid problems with the skin, use moisturizing creams with essential oils after the procedure. Continue to apply these funds throughout the course of paraffin therapy twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. So paraffin bath for hands and body will not bring unpleasant consequences. Specialists of many beauty salons will be able to advise you, diagnose your health condition, find out the contraindications and recommend which paraffin is best for you. If you do not have the opportunity to visit the salon, you can find out your individual characteristics in the nearest medical center. If the state of health allows you to do paraffin therapy - do not hesitate. This procedure has helped many women to make the skin pleasant to the touch, smooth and velvety. You will improve the skin condition and give it a healthy appearance, and paraffin baths for the feet will help relieve tension after a hard day. We advise you to read: