European manicure Manicure is also a visiting card for women,and for men. For every woman, he must become a mandatory and permanent procedure. After all, the hands are quite capable of "revealing" to outsiders about us the most secret information: our age, state of health, our work and habits. To ensure that our hands always look great, there are different types of manicure, but the most common now are the classic and European types of manicure. Classic, or edged manicure is most common in our country, but the technique of European manicure has gained great popularity in the West, where the trimming type, on the contrary, is a rarity. In general, a classic manicure is good only as an "ambulance" for nails, regardless of their condition. But if you decide to constantly maintain the beauty of your hands, then it is worthwhile to introduce into your "beauty ration" a European manicure. After all, this is a softer way of treating nails. It is for this reason that the obvious result of the European manicure on the thin skin of the hands can be seen only after several sessions, and to remove the burrs, use tweezers. From this it follows that the European unedged manicure must be done regularly to maintain the well-being of the hands. Since this type of manicure does not use cutting tools and such manicure is safe and not traumatic, it is almost impossible to bring any infection during the European manicure.

All the advantages of European manicure

This procedure is unedgedmanicure. The main difference between the European and other varieties of manicure is that in its technique the cuticle does not undergo circumcision, but only extremely carefully moves the orange stick. The European style of manicure is perfect for everyone, especially it is recommended for people who have very thin and delicate skin or who have a very close arrangement of blood vessels. And those who have a fairly dense cuticle by nature should be patient and act consistently, because to show themselves in all its glory, a European unedged manicure will be able only after several procedures. And no doubt will give its owner a great joy for showing patience. The quality of this manicure will surpass even the most daring expectations. Since all women, without exception, want to prolong their youth and preserve beauty, and our neck, hands and eyes give the age of the woman first, all the representatives of the beautiful half are extremely interested in seeing the visible aging happen as late as possible. A unedged manicure will help our pens look immaculate! Agree, on the hands of European women, it is sometimes difficult to determine their age. And this is not because they do nothing about the household. In the end, today almost every house has a dishwasher and washing machine, but this alone is unable to save the youthfulness of the hands. And the main reason for the beauty of the hands of Western women is that they prefer unedged manicure. As already mentioned above, this type of manicure is much safer than the classic, because in the process of its implementation there is no risk of infection. Its safety is explained by the fact that this procedure does not at all involve the cutting of the cuticle. But the cuticle is just designed to close the root of the nail from infections. But how to make a European manicure? What does this procedure involve? What are the cosmetics used for the European manicure? manicure european

European manicure: interior technology

Here's how to do this manicure in any salon:

  • First, the master at the salon disinfects the client's hands and, of course, his own.
  • Further, he removes the remains of the old varnish with the help ofLiquid for removing varnish without acetone. Such a liquid is usually created on the basis of the Cuticle Treatment moisturizer, so it very actively moistens the cuticle and nail and leaves no feeling of any tightness of the skin. In addition, tea rose concentrate brings a pleasant smell to this product.
  • Using the nail file, the nails are shaped to the desired shape.
  • The next stage in the technology of the Europeanmanicure on the cuticle is applied Cuticle Remover (Cuticle Remover) for two minutes - this product cleaves the keratinized cells of the cuticle and lateral ridges. Such a cleavage process occurs due to a complex of fruit acids, which is included in the composition of this agent. In addition, it does not contain alkali, and it prevents the appearance of yellow spots on the nails. As well as the tea tree extract included in the composition will have antiseptic action and contribute to the prevention of fungal infections.
  • After the hand is placed in a manicure bath;
  • Peel is removed with the help of an orange stick orspecial pumice stone for European manicure. It is removed by movements that are directed from the center to the lateral ridges, while you can not touch the nail plate;
  • Remains of this remedy are removed with a damp towel;
  • Then the master rubs cream or nourishing oilfor the skin of hands and cuticles. In this case, the protective hand cream Only Hands, based on the complex Pro-Vitamin B5 and chamomile, creates a protective film that saturates, restores, moisturizes the skin of the hands, while leaving no feeling of fatiness on the hands. Such cream also prevents all age changes on the skin of hands, including hyperpigmentation.
  • Next, the master gives a healthy beautiful shine of the surface of the nail polisher;
  • The next stage is applied to the appropriate Pronails database: Pastel Ridge Filler, Fix Plus, or Active Hardener. Active Harderner is a patented product for the prevention of brittle, soft, layered, thin nails based on special hardeners. This product serves as a fusion of the damaged area and well glues the nail plate scales. And as a result, returns the nails health and real strength. Fix Plus is an adhesive base for natural nails. The molecules of this remedy are reticular, like honeycombs, they penetrate into the scales of the nail plate, thus protecting the nail. Adhesive properties Fix plus contribute not only to adhesion to any nail varnish, but also protects the nail itself from both coloring pigments of colored varnishes, and from the impact of the environment. If you use Fix Plus, the lacquer will last longer. Pastel Ridge Filler - leveling base for uneven natural nails.
  • After it is necessary to put a color varnish Pronails. A diverse range of varnishes Professionails will provide an opportunity for color matching for any style and mood.
  • To dry your nails as quickly as possible and givegloss, it is necessary to apply a protective coating: Hot Gloss (Hot Gloss) or Seco Seco (Seco Seco). Seco Seco is a unique two-in-one tool from PROFESSIONAILS - it's protective varnish and drying. In just two minutes Seco Seco will be able to dry all layers of varnish and give the nails an excellent gloss and shine - this is an excellent option for customers who usually have little time, and they do not have time to wait for the nail to dry. This tool will allow customers to extremely quickly dry their nails, even doing a European unedged manicure at home. It fills the microcracks and pores well, perfectly renews the old varnish coating.
  • The final stage moisturize the cuticle, asusually with the help of a moisturizing pencil "Pronails" or Cuticle Tritment (Cuticle Tritment). Cuticle Tritment is a moisturizing concentrate, an intensive remedy for the European manicure, which contributes to excellent care for the cuticle and nails. This concentrate moisturizes dry nails and gives them elasticity. He has the property of accumulating in the root of the nail. It quickly absorbs into the skin, does not leave a greasy layer - this makes it possible to immediately apply the lacquer.
  • Here is a rather detailed description of howdo such a manicure in the cabin. As you can see, another significant difference from the classic European manicure is that the cuticle skin is not soaked with a bath of water. From this comes another name for the European manicure - dry manicure. The lateral ridges are also not cut, but cut to dry with a special laser filing. It should also be noted that this is the only kind of manicure that helps that the nail polish can last the longest. After all, the unedged manicure is done on a dry, without any maceration, and each applied coating lasts much longer. Of course, it is better to do once, to feel and see on your hands such a manicure, all the beauty of the transformation of nails and hands as a whole, than to read about it. We advise you to try!

    Pros and cons of the unedged manicure

    This, of course, is a safer procedure, incomparison with classical edging technique; there is no swelling and cracks in the cuticle; there is no infection; Do not allow deep nail injury from tools; absence of micro-bleeding and pain, because cutting tools are not applied; the varnish will last longer; much time saving, much faster to do than another procedure; the growth of the cuticle slows down. And as a result - hands look younger and more tender. People with a fairly tight cuticle will have to be patient. After all, from the first time such a cuticle can not be removed with the help of a European manicure. But all the same, it is possible for everyone to switch to this technique. But after that it will not be necessary to cut off the cuticle of cutters or scissors. European unedged manicure

    Unedged a manicure of a house

    Considerable time savings on hand care afterWhen you go to such a manicure, it affects most women who have children and many things, but little time for themselves. And if you do a European manicure at home, it is worth noting that the cost of a set for European unedged manicure is minimal. Also, we recommend that you pay attention to the fact that tools for European manicure separately are more expensive than in sets. What should be included in the kit for European manicure at home? How to make an unedged manicure yourself, so that neither the quality of the manicure nor the beauty of the nails is affected? So, manicure accessories should include:

    • Napkin or towel
    • Remedy to remove cuticles
    • Universal good nail file
    • Wand of orange tree
    • An agent that slows the growth of the cuticle, or a nourishing cream (oil)
    • Regenerating nail coating

    And now consider how to make a European manicure yourself:

  • First, as a rule, in both classical andEuropean manicure we remove the old varnish from our nails. A little trick: we remove the varnish correctly. To do this, apply a small amount of liquid to the lacquer on the cotton swab, press it down for a few seconds to the nail, and after one quick movement of the hand remove the lacquer.
  • Next, the nail file is nailed to the desiredshape. It is worth remembering: most leading specialists in nail care advise not to cut their nails, but to file them with nail files. Start nail files best from the side and gradually move to the center. Angles do not have to be heavily processed. After you finish, you should check if there are any clues on the nail. All the same experts insistently recommend filing nails with glass nail files, so that the nails do not exfoliate. Around the nail, the skin is best removed with special soft filings (can be mineral).
  • Apply to the cuticle a remedy that hersoftens and removes. After you apply a gel or other means to remove the cuticle, you will have to wait a little, about a minute, and gently push the skin out with a stick from the orange tree. Make sure your nails have a clear outline.
  • We must wash our hands. Before the following procedures, always wash your hands well with soap and water. For better effect, soap is better to take nutritious, with the cream content.
  • Apply a nourishing reinforcing lacquer base.
  • Now we paint our nails. In order for the lacquer to lie smoothly and correctly, it should be slightly heated, for which it is necessary to roll it for several minutes in the palms of your hands. Then gently carry the brush from the middle to the tip of the nail, and then on both sides of it.
  • Apply the fixative. The retainer is necessary in order to protect the varnish from cracks and chips. In addition, he will give the manicure a real diamond shine.
  • Apply "quick drying" If you do not have time to dry the varnish, a special agent designed for quick drying of the varnish will help you.
  • That's all. If you do everything right, then you, no doubt, will enjoy the European manicure on your nails. It is not only in European style, but also beautiful and, most importantly, completely painless. We advise you to read: