niveya beautiful skin Nivea is a world-famous company that producesquality and inexpensive products, which is ideal for women of any age. For the first time, this brand became known after the greatest scientist and pharmacist, Lifschetz, invented a water-oil emulsifier. This novelty has turned the world of the cosmetic industry, since before this cream did not have moisturizing and rejuvenating properties. Today it is quite difficult to meet someone who does not know about Nivea.

Beauty, radiance and health - you deserve better

Recently, Nivea has launched a new linecosmetics, and they immediately fell in love with the fair sex. Moisturizing cream is distinguished by special production technologies, which allowed to create a product with light-reflecting particles. But this does not mean that after applying Nivea Visage your skin will sparkle, as if it was abundantly sprinkled with sequins. Flickering occurs only under certain conditions, when the sun's rays fall on the face at a particular angle. In this case, the glare will be barely noticeable, since they coincide with the tone of the skin. By the way, those who regularly use this moisturizer, there is no need to apply a tonal basis. This is a huge plus for those who do not like to walk with a ton of makeup. Now you will look natural and feminine, and not as if you are wearing a clay mask. Flickering particles contained in Nivea Visage, hide all the shortcomings, while your skin will be smooth and rested. Moisturizing face cream nourishes and saturates with all the necessary elements that prevent premature aging. Another advantage of this line is the equalization of color. No more need to hide the small defects, Nivea will do everything for you.

Clean and fresh

Another novelty of the line is beautiful skin, whichdeserves your attention is a peeling-gel Visage. Before applying the cream, the face must be cleaned of the remains of cosmetics, dust, dirt, which clogs the pores and prevents them from breathing. It is enough to mix a small amount of the product with water, lightly shake it in the palm of your hand and you can wash yourself. Active components and small granules remove keratinized particles, which contributes to the further renewal and growth of cells. beautiful skin nivea

Eyes - a mirror of the soul

The skin around the eyes is very thin and tender, soshe especially needs proper and daily care. Remember, be sure to wash off cosmetics with special means, do a light massage and, of course, moisturize. When choosing specific products, special attention should be paid to its properties. By the way, it is very important to remember that you can not apply regular cream to the area of ​​the lower and upper eyelids. Otherwise, you risk earning an inflammation. Hardly you want to walk with red and watery eyes. This can happen even if you use cosmetics carefully. In addition, Nivea Visage contains components that prevent the appearance of dark circles. After all, everyone knows that the problem should not be masked, but eliminated in the early stages. Frequent use of tonal products can lead to wrinkles and excessive dryness. Moisturizing eye cream from the beautiful skin line will help you forget about this trouble once and for all.

High quality and affordable cost

Use Nivea Visage face cream can andyoung girls (starting from 22-24 years old), and the ladies are well over sixty. After five to ten minutes after applying it, your already beautiful skin will change just before your eyes: small mimic wrinkles will not be seen, the irregularities will smooth out, the color will even out. Even on the hottest day, you will not feel dryness, tightness and discomfort, as active ingredients will not let moisture escape and will nourish your face for a long time. But shining and beautiful skin is not the most important thing in nursing, the main thing is to provide protection from ultraviolet light. Direct sunlight not only leads to rapid aging, but also causes cancer. Therefore, experts recommend applying Nivea Visage cream in winter and in summer before going out on the street. cream nivaya beautiful skin

Rules for applying cream or what every woman should know about

First, Nivea can only be applied to cleanskin, otherwise there will be no effect from its use. Wash your makeup with special tools, thoroughly wash with warm water and pat the remains of water with a dry towel or paper napkin. Wait until the face dries, and only then proceed to the application. Moisture, dirt and grease are not the best friends of cosmetics. Secondly, it should be pre-heated a little, so that it is absorbed better and faster. For this it is enough to hold it between your fingers for twenty seconds or thirty seconds. Do not forget to wash your hands with soap, as you can only touch your face with clean hands. Apply a thin and even layer of the cream, rub it with force and pat in this case is not worth it. You can only lightly massage the T-zone and cheeks with the pads of your fingers to stimulate blood flow to the surface of the epidermis. Skin under the eyes should not be subjected to such loads, otherwise there will appear hateful wrinkles. By the way, the upper eyelid should be applied once a day, preferably in the morning. For the night, such procedures are not recommended, otherwise you risk waking up with swelling and bruising. Avoid hitting the eyebrows and the area where cannons or hairs grow, as some active ingredients can stimulate their growth. Despite the fact that some experts claim the need to change creams after a couple of months, this should not be done. In fact, the skin does not get used to the components, and the use of different in composition can lead to allergic reactions. Last, but not unimportant - always test the purchased products on a small part of the body, even if you use it constantly. Incorrect storage, failure of your body and many other factors can lead to an allergic reaction. As a result, your skin will be covered with spots. To avoid this, always follow the instructions that come with the kit.