bags under the eyes of the cause When you wake up in the morning, you find bags undereyes, while no cosmetic product helps to overcome this problem? Do not rush to buy night creams and tonal bases to mask swelling and dark circles. According to doctors, any, even the most minor changes on the face indicate that something is wrong with us. And folk recipes of beauty in this situation can not save beautiful ladies. bags under the eyes cause

About what bags under the eyes say

In fact, it is very difficult without the help of a specialistto determine, why at this or that period the girl had bags under her eyes. The reasons can be different, ranging from allergies to cosmetics, ending with kidney disease. That is why it is so important at first to undergo a comprehensive examination, and only after that start treatment with folk or professional methods.

  • Predilections: salt and pepper

Lovers of hot and especially salty foodshould be neat, as spices cause thirst, and salt detains fluid in the body. As a result, there are bags, bruises and swelling under the eyes. This does not mean that you will only have fresh dishes for the rest of your life. It is enough to follow the recipes and observe the daily rate. Not so long ago it was believed that a woman should eat no more than ten to fifteen grams of salt per day, today it is recommended to eat no more than six grams (maximum - a teaspoon).

  • Incorrect way of life: violent parties

Alcohol, tobacco, toxins, dehydration,sleepless night - all these are not the best friends of our health. After a violent party (with a drink, cigarettes or, worse - with drugs) in the morning peri-orbital fiber swells, the area under the eyes changes the shade (darkens or turns red). To avoid swelling, after the party, still sleep at least eight hours, and before going to bed do not drink a lot of liquid.

  • Genetic predisposition: from mother to daughter

If your parents had a similar problem,you can also be inherited. In such cases, bags under the eyes appear in adolescence, and you will have to struggle with them for the rest of your life. Girls who belong to this category should eat well, play sports, use quality cosmetics and give up harmful habits.

  • Serious diseases: a malfunction in the body

If the fairer beforenever encountered bags under the eyes, and she suddenly has swelling, this is most likely a symptom of some serious disease. It is necessary to check the kidneys, sinuses of the nose, take tests for the presence of respiratory infection.

  • Overwork and stress: less work, more rest

Perhaps the most common cause of edemaon the face is an overstrain of eyeballs for two to three hours. Try not to sit at the computer before going to sleep, take breaks while watching TV. By the way, if you like to fall asleep with a book or a newspaper, then remember that you can not read lying down. Also, the human body does not respond very well to constant stresses, tears and tantrums. Sensitive personalities should not take everything that happens to the heart and react violently to a particular situation. If you cried, be sure to wash with cold water and do not go to bed in the next two hours.

  • Ultraviolet: hazardous radiation

Not for nothing physicians constantly declare - ultravioletHarmful to health, so do not be too fond of taking sun baths or sunbathing in tanning beds. In the hot season, always use protective cosmetics (SPF at least 15) and wear sunglasses made of quality glass, not plastic. On the beach it is better to walk in straw hats with wide margins or caps with a visor.

  • Age: irreversible aging

Unfortunately, girls are far beyond thirtybeginning irreversible processes - periorbital fiber loses its elasticity, it begins to increase in size and after a year or two begins to sag under the skin. Why this happens - the scientists have not yet figured out. A conventional cosmetic product that would help overcome this trouble does not exist. In such cases, only surgical intervention, which is carried out in specialized clinics, will help.

  • Allergic reaction: dangerous cosmetics

Improperly selected cosmetics(cream, shadows, carcasses, tonal basis) can lead to swelling of the eyes. Remember, you may have recently purchased new products or have been using the old one for too long and its expiry date has long since come out. In any case, test everything on a small area of ​​the skin to determine why you have such trouble. why bags under the eyes

Why you should consult a doctor

After you find out the causesbags under the eyes specifically in your case, immediately begin treatment. Do not delay the visit to the doctor, as even one or two months can be critical. Otherwise, even if you cope with the problem, the face may have early wrinkles or, worse, a hernia. It is difficult to find a person who would happily go to extreme measures - a surgical operation, if there is an opportunity to overcome the trouble that has arisen in less dangerous ways. But what you should not do is experiment with your health and apply folk methods without consulting the doctor in advance.