man twins how to conquer Oh, these men are Gemini ... Charming,sparkling neposeda, who simply can not not like, they are able to fall in love with anyone. They have so much spontaneity, charm and fascinating unpredictability! Well, how else? In Gemini, several personalities sleep at the same time. And which of them will wake up when it is impossible to predict. Every person manifests when she pleases, without asking anyone and without reckoning with anything. They are quite significant, sometimes drastically, different from each other. All individuals have different requirements and different interests. And that's how to win a Gemini man, if today he is a stiff intellectual, tomorrow - a reckless little boy, the day after tomorrow - a bohemian romantic and so on? Try to please each of these types ... It's difficult, of course. But you can. Now we will look for a way to buy a man-Gemini, without any residue.

How to charm a man - Gemini

In general, Gemini always strives to find newimpressions and emotional experiences. Therefore, he is amorous, which is to our advantage. True, this love is fleeting, therefore, just to charm Gemini will be insufficient to hope for a serious relationship with him. But for starters, the main thing is to provoke interest in it. We'll deal with the rest later. To do this, we must put our appearance in order to look simply stunning. Gemini will certainly attract. Oh, someone, and he will not pass by a beautiful woman! Be sure to release any compliment or joke. Here we'll pick him up on a hook ... But do not assume that Gemini does not fall off this hook. After all, he has many personalities! One caught, and the other twisted. The first one needs a spectacular temptress, and the second needed a sweet modest woman. But who would be the object of Gemini's sympathy tomorrow? He likes to flirt, but this flirtation is nothing more than an entertaining game. For a long time, only a very interesting interlocutor can interest such a man. She will quickly awaken his feelings, than even the most exquisite beauty. Twins can not conquer the abyss of charm, or virtuosic sex. Yes, for a while he will enjoy both charm and intimacy, but if there is not one for discussion with the girl, Gemini will grow cold to her. And fly away to look for something with which you can talk about something interesting and argue. In addition, he is drawn to the young ladies, who adore adventures and surprises. Therefore, to defeat Gemini on the outside with appearance is not everything. If we fail to convince him that adventures are our credo, and we can not reason on a variety of topics, he will quickly rise from the "spot". So we develop erudition and try to discover in ourselves a passion for adventures of all kinds. I must say that the feelings of Gemini are not stable. Therefore, just to let him dust in the eyes, pretending to be who we really are not, will not succeed. If in a year or two we get tired of endless disputes and adventures and desire peace, Gemini will wash off. Well, he can not live otherwise, and that's it! So, before trying to conquer this restless type, you have to think carefully - but will we survive such a pace of life? Perhaps it is better to look for someone more phlegmatically? After all, Gemini will have to intrigue all the time. Not every woman is capable of this. In general, the Gemini man is never given to the young ladies entirely. He seems to be lending himself for a certain period, the duration of which can not be predicted. Therefore, there is nothing to dream about, to clean this windbreaker to your hands completely. No jaggery gloves will help. A twin is freedom-loving. To keep him close, you need to let him be yourself. Let him do what he wants. The will that his friend will give to a Gemini man will hold back much more than attempts to squeeze this wayward type through threats or reproaches. Such a flyer can not be locked in a cage. As soon as he feels that the young lady is trying to limit his freedom, he will immediately get away from her as far as possible. And how then do not catch, you will not! Well, we have not lost the desire to connect our destiny with this wild, uncontrollable snipe-burka? If not, then we'll talk about how to behave, so that he does not ride away from us. how to win a twin man

What you need to know to keep a man - Gemini

In order to have Gemini as rarely as possiblethere were thoughts of escape, and even did not arise at all, it is necessary that he always was interesting to us. This means that you have to constantly talk with him on any, even purely masculine topics. No, it's not necessary to know about boxing, football, hockey. It will be enough just to make a person attentive to the words of the interlocutor and insert the corresponding ones about what he cracks without stopping, replicas. And even pretend that we are immensely admired by the flexibility of the interlocutor's mind and the depth of his knowledge. Men born under other signs can sometimes be tied to themselves, intentionally awakening jealousy in them. With Gemini this number does not work. They are jealous, however extremely proud and touchy. And if we deliberately begin to pay too much attention to someone else, our loved one can easily switch to some attractive person. And never to return to the starting position. Because Gemini men can not stand being ignored. To force a guy born under this sign of the Zodiac, you can worry a little, for a while stopping to meet with him. Gemini, most likely, will get bored and think about what the reasons for the disappearance of his girlfriend. And if then suddenly appear and mutter something unintelligible about the reasons for his disappearance, expressing the joy of the meeting, he will surely lose the desire to ride to different places alone. But such a trick will be successful only when Gemini is already used to the presence of a girl in his life. Otherwise, there is a risk that he will either not notice or disappear, or take it for granted. In general, the Gemini man needs an independent woman, who can manage without the support of a strong hand. He simply can not support himself. Therefore, do not strain his requests to help in solving some even minor problem. Even if Gemini is able to help, he will not like this kind of treatment very much. And because the woman could not do it herself, and because it would seem to Gemini trying to tie his wings. Twins do not like to be advised. Therefore, do not climb to them with instructions or sharply express their opinion on the solution of a particular issue. Gemini can not be pressured, insisting on something. They will still act in their own way, harboring an insult. A man of this type will never act in accordance with someone's demand. Rather, do the opposite. This, in principle, can be used on your own. If a woman is wise to achieve something, she will simply give advice contrary to her goals. As a result, Gemini will do exactly what she wants. Dreaming to create a lasting alliance with the man of this sign, it should be borne in mind that hundreds of ideas come to mind in a minute. And he immediately tries to realize them. To hope that at least one of his intentions he will bring to the end, do not. This is unlikely to happen. Never again we reproach the chosen one with this. Not that he will be extremely offended. Because ideas arise only as reflex attempts to avoid boredom and monotony. To implement all of them in life Twin is simply beyond its power. To do this, we need a completely different, integral and persistent character, which is not at all characteristic of such a changeable and unpredictable sign of the Zodiac. And this must be understood. With Gemini, you can not be secretive or dispassionate. He must feel that he is trusted and does not conceal anything. Only in this way can Gemini become attached to a girl. Because he will find in it a friend with whom you can talk about everything. The concealment in people makes him anxious and repellent. Gemini is always frank, and demands the same from others. However, it is not so much trusting conversations that draw him as much as discussion. And bribes are not so much the romantic tenderness of a woman as her ability to be witty, unconventional thinking. As for the intimate side of life, here, in order to captivate Gemini, the young lady will have to become an inventive fantasist. These men hate monotony in sex. Although they do not put the bed in the foreground in the relationship, but still give it considerable importance. And the Twins prefer to give the initiative in the love games partner. A woman who accepts this, and even meets their requirements intellectually, they are unlikely to ever want to lose. Well, of course, if she does not encroach on personal freedom. From Gemini, you should not wait for an enthusiastic manifestation of emotions and sentimentality. Neither one nor the other is not characteristic of the representatives of this sign. Feelings they hold in themselves and believe that their demonstration is unacceptable. From the point of view of men of this sign, this is the way only weaklings act. In addition, they are afraid that a woman can use such sincerity for her own purposes. And cause him suffering. Twins generally hate self-interest, even in the slightest of its manifestations. They need generous relations, which do not imply any benefit at all. In general, the Gemini man tries to avoid an overwhelming feeling, because it is associated with lack of freedom. But the main thing for people of this sign is independence! Therefore, as soon as it comes to a serious relationship, Gemini immediately either turns everything into a joke, or stops talking and goes into itself. Do not worry about his behavior. Let everything go by itself. If our chosen one understands that he met the one next to whom he wants to be as long as possible, he will tell about it himself. But he will say only once. It is not necessary to expect much more from him. So it is necessary that the Gemini man decide that he wants to see us in the companions of life? You need to have such qualities as:

  • Wild fantasy;
  • Cheerful adventurism;
  • Good ingenuity;
  • Sense of humor;
  • Ability to think unorthodox;
  • Developed intelligence;
  • Sociability;
  • Immediate in behavior.

In short, Gemini needs a woman with whomwill never be bored. Yes, it is not easy sometimes to be interesting to him as an interlocutor if the conversation goes on an unknown topic. But the man of this sign is not the knowledge of the young lady in this or that matter, but her ability to grasp the essence of the problem. If we do not have this quality, then we need to try to know as much as possible. And then the difficulties in communicating with your beloved will be reduced to a minimum. Of course, to keep Gemini, one interesting communication is not enough. It should always be remembered - in no case should we admit even a hint of a master's attitude towards him. As soon as he feels it, he immediately disappears in an unknown direction. Therefore, with his pathological love of freedom, one must accept. However, this has its positive aspects. Freedom-loving Gemini does not limit others' freedom. Therefore, we, too, will be able to do as we please. Within certain limits, of course. In fact, the men of this sign can very well make their girlfriend happy. They do not care about the social status of women, their financial situation and habits. Gemini pays little attention to the reputation of his girlfriend, her attitude to household duties and how much she spends money. The main thing - that the girl was clever, smart, light on the rise and respected her and others' freedom. In general, if we are unpredictable and will be able to present surprises to the Gemini Man, then we have the chances to conquer it. And if you add to this the presence of a constant game of imagination, developed intelligence and the flexibility of the mind, then the chances are tripled. Because then you can instantly react to emotional and spiritual changes in your personality in your beloved and adapt to them. Impermanence is an inalienable feature of Gemini's character. It is very difficult to change it. It is better to either try to become as changeable, or turn into an indulgent "mother", forgiving your beloved son for his excessive freedom and unpredictability in behavior. And then everything that we dream about will come true. We advise you to read: