make-up for blondes with blue eyes Long since blondes with blue eyes were consideredthe most attractive and feminine. It was in the image of a blonde that men found something naive and angelic. However, this is not the only image that a woman with blond hair can create. She can skillfully reincarnate as a gentle creature, and in a fatal beauty. And all this with the help of skillful make-up, which will make the appearance of the blonde even more expressive.

Color palette

Make-up for blondes with blue eyessuggests a fairly light color palette. In order to easily choose the necessary color palette for make-up, pay attention to the shade of hair and skin tone. First of all, it concerns women who paint their hair in shades of blond. Unlike natural blondes, their skin tone can be darker than usual. In this case, be guided only by the skin tone.

  • You are a warm blonde with a honey tinge of hair andLight skin with a pink or peach podton. For make-up, warm and light shades - pale pink, olive, peach, coral, brick red, terracotta, brown, chocolate, warm shades of beige, as well as shades of gold and bronze, are most suitable for make-up.
  • If you have porcelain skin with bluishpodtonom, bright blue eyes and ashy hair - for make-up cool shades will suit. Blue, blue, gray, silver, cold metallic shades, white, purple, violet, cold cherry, plum, turquoise, classic red and cold pink - your ideal color palette.
  • makeup for blue eyes blondes

    Day makeup

    Face Blondes tend to be thin enoughand tender skin. Therefore, the tonal base should have an easy moisturizing texture. Reflective particles, which are part of the tone, will make the skin radiant and emphasize its tenderness. Concealer hide circles and shadows under the eyes. Then with a makeup brush, apply a foundation with light patting strokes. So the tone will lie in a thin and even layer. In the end, powder the face with loose powder. Eyebrows Necessarily need to allocate eyebrows. For natural blondes, a black or dark brown eyebrow pencil is absolutely counter-indicative. Choose a shade of pencil or shadows, close to the shade of the eyebrow. Ideally, it should be one or two shades darker than the natural color of the eyebrows. With a pencil, you need to make fine, neat strokes without pressure. Shade the spaces between the hairs. Then carefully comb your eyebrows with a special brush. If desired, they can be shaped using a droplet of gel or mousse for hair. Eyes For daytime make-up, pastel shades are preferable.

    • Eye makeup in beige tones.

    On the mobile age, apply shades of beigecolor, thoroughly shade. In the fold of the upper eyelid, apply terracotta shades and also carefully blend them. Cover the eyelashes with two layers of brown mascara. And that on the eyelashes there are no lumps from the carcass, comb them with a special comb for the eyelashes. For the same purposes, by the way, you can use a brush from an old carcass. Only first it needs to be washed properly.

    • "Smokey-ayz" in pastel colors.

    For blue-eyed blondes perfectmake-up "smokey-ayz", made with gray, pearly or lilac shadows. Before using the eye shadow, apply a concealer or base to the skin of the eye. The darkest shade of color is applied along the growth of the eyelashes. Thoroughly shade it towards the temple. The average shade is applied to the entire mobile eyelid and also shades well. The finishing touch - we put and shade the lightest shade. It is applied under the eyebrow and into the inner corner of the eye. A light shade will make the look radiant. Paint eyelashes in color, but not with bright ink, in harmony with the color of the shadows. In the afternoon, use gently pink or peach blushes. Apply a little to the apples of the cheeks. It will refresh your face. Lips For daytime make-up, gentle pink and beige shades of lipstick or lip gloss will work well. You can also simply circle the lip contour with a neutral pencil, blend the line, and apply a transparent lip gloss on top. It will turn out very naturally. makeup for the blonde with blue eyes

    evening make-up

    Face Before applying a tone, be sure tomask the shortcomings with concealer and apply a makeup base. For evening make-up it is better to use a tonal base with a denser and more resistant coating than for the day. Fix the tone with friable powder with the effect of light flicker. In artificial lighting, particles of powder will scatter light - from this your skin will look ideal and more youthful. Eyebrows underlined eyebrow bend is an obligatory condition for evening make-up. Use the eye shadow for the desired shade (1 tone darker than your natural). Apply the shadows with a special brush, then comb them with a brush and lay them with a gel. Eyes Experiments with color are welcome to create an evening makeup. The eyes in this make-up should be bright. Make the smokey-ayz, using different shade colors. Choose the most harmonious combination. And that the color of the shadows fully opened, became bright and saturated, apply the shadows slightly moistened applicator or brush. Blue-eyed blonde for evening make-up can try the following color combinations:

  • Apply a golden shade to the entire mobile eyelid. White - under the brow and the inner corner of the eye. Gray shade - in the fold.
  • Light shade of golden on the mobile eyelid. White color to put under a brow and in a corner of an eye, and chocolate - in a fold.
  • For the evening's release, very useful will be the black oneclassical eyeliner. Draw it a thin line along the growth of the eyelashes, and then lift the line slightly up towards the temple. Eyelashes make up black ink. Cilia must be well separated, so after the carcass must be combed with a brush. For evening makeup, you can use false eyelashes. You can use both individual beams and eyelashes decorated with rhinestones, feathers and fur - evening make-up allows yourself such liberties! Chestnut use the rouge. In the evening they can be brighter. Blondes with light skin are very suitable terracotta shade of blush with flickering particles. Use a large round brush. Apply blush to the highest point of the cheekbones and blend thoroughly. Lips For evening make-up you need a lipstick bright and saturated shade. Only blondes are suitable for almost all shades of red lipstick, especially those who own porcelain leather. The main thing is to find a howling of red. Berry and wine shades of lipsticks can also be used for evening make-up with a blue-eyed blonde. Ashen blondes are more suited to the shades of plum and cherry, and honey is worth looking at the lipstick of cowberry and a shade of Bordeaux. Pink shades of lipsticks in evening make-up, just like pearls, will help create a fresh and gentle image. Lipstick coral color emphasizes bright eye makeup. To paint lips with lipstick is better with the help of a brush - so it will lie more evenly. On the middle of the lower lip, for volume, a drop of gloss can be applied. We advise you to read: