1 Youth - a shortcoming that quickly passes(Johann Wolfgang Goethe). However, such a statement is easily agreed by men, but not by women. When it comes to appearance, many ladies would prefer to slow the course of time, or even stop it altogether. That's not happy with their passing youth, and the media actively promote youth as the main advantage of a woman. Therefore, closer to forty years, women feel the need to look younger than real age: some decide on plastic, others quickly register in the gym, some start to wear youth things. Some ladies very successfully fall into the stream, others try to look ridiculous or even ridiculous. Maturity as a given to a woman is not easy, but necessary. Otherwise, depression, psychosis and the emergence of complexes are ensured. Accept - yes, but not resign. Yes, no one calls for this. And if the flow of years can not be stopped, then prolong youth or at least "disguise" the age of each of us. It is not necessary to wear a mini for this, to turn green and paint a bright war paint. By the way, make-up after 40 years is just a magic tool in the fight against external manifestations of aging. The correct and stylish make-up corresponding to age, without ceremony will allow to throw off ten years! However, you should pay attention not only to external rejuvenation, but also to proper skin care - you can be beautiful at any age. And if you also learn to avoid the most common mistakes, then you will see that the age of beauty is not a hindrance. Here are some of the most common mistakes that women make in trying to look younger.

Improperly selected cream

Moisturizing cosmetic comes inmandatory skin care program. Mature skin cells need moisturizing and nourishment. Do not hesitate to ask advice from experts: experienced consultants in the cosmetics store will help to find the right remedy. The cream does not have to be the most expensive, but it's not worth saving too much. By the way, many cosmetic companies produce "age" lines of hygienic cosmetics (day and night cream, eye cream, make-up remover milk, face tonic, etc.). Choose a series of products that are suitable not only for your skin type, but also for the corresponding "chronology" of your life. And do not be fooled: if you are already over forty, then you should not use creams for young skin, but the difference between mature and fading skin should also be taken into account. Try it, experiment until you find a tool that is right for you and watch the expiration dates. makeup after 50

Errors in the care of the lips

Lips require special attention and gentle care. Otherwise, in the cold, cracks appear on them, or the herpes patches appear, and the mouth itself is surrounded by a network of fine wrinkles. If wrinkles around the lips - this is your problem, then the contour pencil will only emphasize this defect: it draws attention to the lips. This is especially noticeable with dark tones of lipstick. The lack of taste is a pencil, chosen not a tone in tone, but much darker than lipstick. Since the skin of the lips loses its elasticity over time, the lipstick quickly absorbs or spreads over the lips, speaking out for their contours. And very sloppy looks lipstick, tangled in wrinkles around the mouth. Therefore, you need to either restore makeup every hour or half an hour, or remove his remains with a napkin. The solution to this problem will be the use of lipstick warm shades.

Excessive makeup

Too "intense" makeup after 35 years - sheof the most frequent errors of women. If for an eighteen-year-old girl, excessive love for decorative cosmetics is still forgivable, then the ladies of Balzac's age do not have a lot of makeup on their faces. If we talk about the canons of make-up, it is customary to allocate a specific detail of the face. If you can boast the expressiveness of your eyes - emphasize them, if you have beautiful lips - select them with the help of a natural lipstick tone. Do not try to emphasize all the features at the same time, otherwise you will look more like a nesting doll. A beautiful make-up is one that highlights virtues and makes imperceptible shortcomings. Another extreme is too bright make-up. When the skin begins to lose elasticity, wrinkles appear and the outline of the face spreads, bright and juicy colors not only do not mask age "errors", but will draw attention to them. A thick layer of foundation will also emphasize and "show" even the smallest wrinkles around the mouth and eyes.

Make-up in retro style

Makeup after the magpie should be different from that,which you used twenty years ago. Over the years, the type of skin and its structure has changed. There may appear small wrinkles, age spots, a complexion. Therefore, it is not out of place to listen to the advice of professionals, and not just follow your preferences. What has been good for you in twenty years now, most likely, will look ridiculous. Do not forget that not only the condition of the skin changes. "Dry up" the lips, the eyelids and eyebrows "drop", the cheeks "swim", the color of the eyes dims, and the nose, surprisingly, also changes only slightly. In a word, as you age, your facial features change imperceptibly, so makeup after 40 should be different than in your youth. And about the fashion trends in make-up should not be forgotten. Old-fashioned makeup will also emphasize your non-modernity and your age. You do not continue to wear the clothes that you dressed twenty years ago? You will not even think of it! And the face? Than it is worse than your figure? So why does the face look old-fashioned? makeup after 45 years

The correct make up

Makeup after 30 years should be done with caution notonly on fashion, but also on your age. More precisely, not at age, but how he changed your face. The main goal of this makeup is to hide the age-related changes and emphasize the obvious advantages of appearance. And if the thirty-year milestone is not yet an excuse for alarmist sentiments, it is closer to forty years to be more attentive to your appearance. So, makeup rules after 40.

  • The tone of the face Now you want to give upimage dark-skinned and give preference to a tonal cream of light shades. If you use a dark basic tone for makeup, then it will show even the smallest wrinkles in which the pigment particles of the tone settle. A light tone will not only make the face more "fresh", but also visually reduce the depth of wrinkles around the eyes. Apply tonal cream should be a thin layer, carefully shading on the face and on the border of the transition to the neck.
  • Powder For the effect of velvet skin you needuse a loose powder that perfectly matches with the cream and smooths the unevenness of the skin. Naturally, the tone of the powder must necessarily match the tone of the cream or be slightly lighter. Plentifully powder the entire face and remove the excess powder with a broad soft brush or a clean puff. Do not be afraid to powder your face - friable powder does not clog the pores of the skin and wrinkles around the eyes, it becomes an excellent base for lipstick and facilitates the process of lengthening eyelashes with mascara.
  • Blush To refuse them is not worth it. It is only necessary to change the usual tone. If the young skin is better to shade with rosy blushes, then in our case it is desirable to use the blushes of beige and peach shades.
  • Lips First, the time has come decisivelygive up bright lipstick. True, bright - does not mean saturated. Without regret, one should part with lipsticks of bright pink and bright red shades, but warm and neutral tones of lipstick may well be saturated. Despite the fact that the contour pencil is no longer in vogue today, you should not abandon it. A soft outline in pencil to tone the lipstick will make the lips younger and prevent the spreading of lipstick. The lipstick should be applied to the lips in two layers, having wetted the first layer with a napkin. And for freshness, you can apply a little gloss on the lipstick.
  • Shadows Now this is already an integral element of yourmake-up. Without shadows, the eyes will look inexpressive, but the shadows of the shadows are different. Bright colors are good for young girls, you with them will look at least funny, and by and large vulgar. And you need to add elegance and sexuality to your appearance. Therefore - only deep and rich natural shades and pastel shades of eyes: coffee with milk, light brown, pale blue, gray, dark beige. Give preference to dry shadows, which are easily applied and staunchly held.
  • Eye contouring Make-up artists do not advise women older40 years of bringing the eyes of a thick black line. If you do eyeliner in the lower eyelid. Then it must be thoroughly shaded, and in the upper eyelid, apply a very thin black, or better brown arrow. It is also desirable to give preference to brown mascara for the eyes, and to paint only the upper eyelashes.
  • Do not forget that makeup before bedtime is necessarymust be removed. Decorative cosmetics and already dries the skin, and if you leave it for the night, then all your tricks with rejuvenation will come to naught - aging will only accelerate.
  • However, follow all the advice - choiceabsolutely individual. Maybe you want to make up this way, but not otherwise. And let others shrug their shoulders. The main thing is that you feel confident! First of all, you need to keep the youth of the soul, try to be always in a good mood, and fashionable bangs and leggings - a secondary thing. We advise you to read: