how to apply blush in pictures Before applying a blush, it is important to determinethe purpose of their use, because much depends on this. Blush can emphasize the oval of the face, highlight or darken the cheekbones, "soften" the cheekbones, which are sharply outlined. Since the blush allows you to adjust the shape of the face and improve the skin color, the process of their application should be divided into 2 stages. The first step is to emphasize the contour of the face. First you need to determine the shape of the face, this is important for getting the best result. For example, if the cheekbones are sharply outlined, then they need to be slightly tinted to darken and visually reduce. In the second stage, with the help of blush, you can revitalize and refresh the skin color of the face, make makeup more expressive. If the color of the skin by nature is good, then do not apply a lot of blush, otherwise the face will immediately blush with a blush. Let us consider in more detail how the shape of the face can be corrected with the help of blush.

Apply the blush in accordance with the shape of the face

If the girl is interested in how to apply correctlyblush on a triangular face, photos can always tell it. If the face is triangular or cordate, you should start to apply blush from the middle of the face and move towards the ears. This will soften the widest parts of the face. What if the face is round? To apply blush it is necessary from the bottom part of the face, gradually moving upwards. It is important to blush in the direction of the temples, the color should be very intense underneath the cheeks. How to apply blush to girls who have a square face? Be sure to start from the bottom of the face, moving up. Blush should be blossomed towards the temples. It is very important that they do not go beyond the line that will be drawn down from the eye pupils. If the face is oval, then blush should be applied to the middle of the face. It is important to ensure that they are parallel to the eye line. At the end they need to gently shade. How to apply blush correctly - in pictures: how to apply blusherhow to apply blusher on a triangular face

Correct the shape of the cheeks

How to use a blush to adjust the shapecheeks? First of all, you need to consider that the brightening blush - it's beige, cream. It is customary to attribute all other colors to obscuring colors. It is important to remember that to soften the cheekbones, rouge should be applied along the cheekbone. For underlining, the darkening color should be placed in a semicircle under the cheekbone. So, to soften the cheekbones, which are sharply outlined, it is necessary:

  • Apply a darkening blush (cold or neutral color) to the cheekbones. After that, you will already be able to notice that they have become less active.
  • It is necessary to take a brush and blush well. This will avoid abrupt transitions. Make-up, made in this way, will look more natural.
  • How should I emphasize cheekbones? If the blush is needed to make the face more elongated, you need to do the following:

  • Blush the darkening color under the cheekbones. To do this, use a dome brush.
  • Lightening blush should be applied to the cheekbones. To do this, a brush that will be slightly larger will do.
  • With the help of a clean brush, the edges of blush can be well blended. As a result, sharp transitions will not be noticeable, and layers of blush will smoothly flow into each other.
  • The next step is to add color. After the shape of the face was corrected, it is necessary to apply a little blush on the cheeks. The best option is a light pink color, because it is considered natural. It is important, that it seemed that the skin was a natural blush, someone chewed on cheeks; obviously "superimposed" pink will not look beautiful. How to choose a blush for girls who have a warm skin tone? Without a doubt, you should choose a rouge of natural pink color, since such skin often turns red, for example, because of excitement. Therefore, do not put on the cheeks bright orange blush, the complexion will turn out too bright. Optimum choice is a blush of warm colors, as they allow to achieve ideal color of a skin.

    What should be considered during the application of rouge?

    As is known, often girls make blushusual "strip", while trying to make it straight. In addition, it can be applied from the top down. This is wrong, because in this case, perfect make-up will not be achieved! To emphasize cheekbones, it is very important to apply a blush with a line that should be slightly rounded. They should be applied along or under the lower part of the cheekbone. In order to understand the principles of make-up, you should see photos that show how the appearance of the cheekbones can be emphasized or softened. It is best to follow lines of natural curvature, because this will achieve the desired effect, but it is very important to choose the right color of blush. Do not apply them in a straight line, nor should they end too low, otherwise your face may seem very "hard." In order to make a beautiful make-up, it is important not only to choose the right color and apply the blush correctly, but also to emphasize the beauty of the eyes with the help of shadows and mascara, and also beautifully select the lips. It is worthwhile to work hard, so that makeup in the end looked beautiful and harmonious! We advise you to read: