how do eyebrow tattoos Which of the women does not dream about the ideal formeyebrows, which are not only harmoniously combined with other facial features, but also make it more expressive? Previously, the creation of such eyebrows cost quite a lot of effort. They had to be plucked constantly, let down, painted. Today, all this is a thing of the past. Now, every fair sex member can make herself a tattoo of eyebrows, allowing them to correct them and make them more vivid for a long time. Such permanent makeup is held on the face from one to five years. How do eyebrows tattoo and what does he represent?

What is eyebrow tattoo and how is it done

Permanent make-up of eyebrows is aslight disruption of the upper layer of the skin, (no more than 1 mm), and subsequent injection under the skin of the paint to create stable, even lines. Such a tattoo, unlike decorative cosmetics, will not be washed off with water, is not exposed to high temperatures, is resistant to changing weather conditions. The procedure of permanent make-up is done in specialized salons equipped with professional devices. Such equipment ensures compliance with all hygienic requirements, high quality of work and maximum accuracy of lines. Its use allows you to minimize pain and minimize the possibility of damage to the skin. With the help of permanent make-up, you can achieve that the eyebrows will look natural, and for others the procedure will go unnoticed. Such a result is achieved due to the fact that tattooing is done not by applying one continuous line, but with the help of small thin strokes. If desired, strokes can be shaded. In this case, use special dyes, pigments that are suitable for the natural color of hair. Due to the high quality of the components of the coloring agent, the pigment is evenly distributed throughout the zone and does not cause allergies. how to tattoo eyebrows

Technique of eyebrow tattooing

The permanent make-up of eyebrows can be idealoption for those whose eyebrows are too light and almost invisible on the face, and also can help make the look more expressive, if you give the eyebrows the right shape. There are two techniques for permanent make-up of eyebrows. The first is the technique of feathering: the eyebrows, as a result, look absolutely organic and natural, as if they are only slightly tinted with a pencil or shadows. The second technique is a hairy eyebrow tattoo. The essence of this technique is that dashes that imitate hairs are drawn on the line of the eyebrows. Before drawing tattoo specialist will draw a preliminary line. If you are satisfied, the master will take up drawing the main "picture". One eyebrow is done about 40 minutes. After the procedure of tattooing the eyebrows during the week, they should be lubricated with ointments, which the beautician will recommend. And the crust formed on the eyebrows in a few days is best not to be removed, but to wait for the moment when it comes naturally. To properly tattoo the eyebrows, the color is selected in such a way that the eyebrows after the micropigmentation look as natural as possible. For the brown-haired, as a rule, the optimal shade is gray-brown. Brown-haired women go to the colors "chocolate" and "bitter chocolate". Blondes and red-haired to the face warm reddish-brown tones. However, in this case I can warn that over time, colors with the addition of red can take a slight pinkish hue. So in a year and a half brows will have to tint and do a tattoo correction. Eyebrow tattooing is never done in black. Black gives the blue in connection with the spectral refraction under the skin, and the permanent makeup in this case looks like a rough army tattoo. There is a special shade: a complex combination of gray, brown and olive. This tone seems almost black and does not provoke a blue tint. When choosing colors, of course, you need to consider that later the shade will be slightly different than immediately after the procedure. To make it look like you want, you need to choose a color that is darker on a semitone: after all, the renewed epidermis will hide about 20% of the color, and the tone will be more light. The natural drawing of eyebrows does not always correspond to the type of person. In this case, most often it is necessary to raise the "tails" of the eyebrows - then the face looks more open and young. As for fashion, then it is better to approach it with caution. Firstly, eyebrows "thread", or, conversely, broad (perhaps really popular this season) are not all. Secondly, fashion is known to be changeable, and permanent make-up wears for a long time. The technique of eyebrow tattooing does not mean a clear line, but a soft feathering with the help of the device. A clear line in the eyebrow zone looks unnatural, and the main condition for quality permanent make-up is naturalness. how to tattoo the eyebrows correctly

Symmetry with eyebrow tattoo

Eyebrows are always asymmetric. The task of the master is to make them visually as symmetrical as possible, so that anyone who looks at you in full-face, it seemed, as if the brows were perfectly even. In fact, one of them can be a millimeter lower or higher than the other. Eyebrows can not be drawn on a stencil - it is worth doing this, as the face will be skewed. After all, there is no ideal symmetry in the human face. After tattooing, at first the eyebrows will appear bright, but then the crust peels off, and a secondary crust remains, which will gradually disappear within a week. The secondary crust hides the color, and during this period you begin to worry that the eyebrows look too pale. Remember that the result of permanent make-up of eyebrows can be assessed only after 3 weeks. Correction - if necessary - is appointed no earlier than a month. The permanent make-up of eyebrows lasts about three years. However, if the work is done poorly and rudely, it will come much later. However, it is unlikely that there will be a client who in this case, choosing between effect and stamina, would be inclined to favor the latter. The errors of the procedure include the absence of visual symmetry, the curved shape of the eyebrows. In this case, the shape is straightened using a solid color paint: it overlaps those areas that need to be removed. However, you should be prepared for the fact that the skin in this place will appear as a smeared foundation. A mistake is considered and the wrong choice of hue - when the color turned darker or lighter than planned. Moreover, if a darker color can always be made, then it is problematic to highlight it. The most blatant (and at the same time the most common) mistake is a permanent make-up executed in black. Blue eyebrows rework for a long time, during several procedures, clogging black with specially designed for this case paints that absorb the blue tint. We advise you to read: