eye makeup "Honey, why do you have such big eyes?" "It's to see you better, dear." Approximately so would sound a modern interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood performed by husband and wife. After all, almost all women want to know and control the surrounding life. Especially - the actions of his second half. And it's not about lack of trust. Simply, many wives are absolutely convinced that they know better what their spouse needs. Which is better to buy a sweater, with whom to make friends, what brand of car to choose. And women know what men love with their eyes. And it does not matter that the husband sees her every day for the past few years. You always need to be in shape and look at all 100. That's why women rise before their second half to have time to make breakfast (the second law of a happy marriage: "the way to a man's heart lies through the stomach") and put himself in order. Naive men believe that their women have insomnia for several years already, and preparing breakfast is all they dream of doing in the morning. But let them err. And we'll try to master such a subtle science as a make-up that increases the eyes. Because the husband can completely forget the burnt toasts, but the image of the unsuccessfully made-up wife will firmly cut into the man's memory. Let's not give them such pleasure and learn how to paint properly!

Big eyes: general principles of makeup

Far from all of nature has endowed with large radianteyes. But skilful handling of cosmetics can correct the mistake of nature. Do not believe me? Look at the photos of celebrities "before" and "after" applying makeup. Do you see the difference? So why do not you turn heads to men with a seductive look? Remember a few subtleties to increase the eyes, and a reflection in the mirror will surely please you. Eyebrows Yes, it's the eyebrows. Because the big eyes will not seem so, if they are framed by a neglected, bushy vegetation. You can set the arrows on the eyelids as many as you like, but if the eyebrows do not meet the standards, you will not achieve the desired effect. Therefore, take the trouble to give them a neat shape, tint the shadows one tone darker than the color of the hair. If unruly hairs do not want to lie down in the right direction, use a special gel to lay them. Eye shadow These are the ones that perform the main function in make-up. Many believe that dark tones are ideal for eye enlargement. This is not quite true. The desired effect provides a contrast of shadows. That is, you will need both dark and light shades. Apply the lightest tone under the eyebrow. So you open your eyes and emphasize the line of the eyebrows. Cosmetologists recommend using hailers with light-reflecting particles for this. Now about the mobile eyelid. On it also put the lightest shadows (you can use those that are applied under the eyebrows). Thoroughly shake. After that, it's time to put a shade-accent. These are the darkest shades that you tried to enlarge your eyes before. They should be applied to the outer corners of the eyes and slightly extended along the boundary between the upper and mobile eyelid (shade crease). Just do not forget to observe harmony. The color of the shadows should be combined with the outfit and your skin color. Contour pencil and eyeliner Here it is worth starting with debunking the many myths that women believe in. Black eyeliner does not enlarge the eyes. In the same way as the fat line on the upper eyelid, plotted with a contour pencil. The arrow should be of medium thickness and carefully shaded. If you have firmly decided to use the eyeliner (or simply did not find a contour pencil of the right shade), then draw a line from the middle of the century to the outer corner. Try to make the arrow as thin as possible. Eyelashes Here it is - one of the main secrets of large expressive eyes. Just do not rush to impose a half a kilogram of carcass, increasing the volume, per eyelid. First, use eyelash curler. Some curl the already painted eyelashes, but this is fundamentally wrong, because you risk cutting the hairs. After the eyelashes have acquired a dizzying curve, you can apply mascara. Forget how much paint you applied before. Now we need natural cilia, well separated and colored. And the lower cilia also should not be left without attention. Do not use colored mascara (unless of course you are not a pop star, and your image should be as bright as possible). Limit black or brown. make-up enhancing eyes

Makeup subtleties depending on the shape of the eyes

Agree that the narrow eyes do visuallylarge is much more complicated than standard ones. There are subtleties for closely planted and round eyes. In a word - how many forms exist in nature, so many variations on the theme "make-up, enlarging the eyes" came up cosmetologists. We will discuss the most common forms with you. We increase the narrow eyes. Here the contour pencil will help to correct the shape of the eyes. Draw a line on the upper and lower eyelid, slightly receding from the ciliary margin. Tread out the outline. Apply over the shadow to finally smooth the transition. Do not overdo it, otherwise behind a thick layer of shadows the eyes will be almost invisible. Deep-seated eyes In this case, make-up, enlarging the eyes, should also visually bring them closer. This can be done with the help of light shades. The only dark spot should be the eyelashes. The padding and the contour pencil should also be light. As for the technique of applying make-up, the classical scheme described above can be used here. Round eyes: we paint correctly The subtleties of this make-up for enlargement are that the contour pencil should be applied from the middle of the upper eyelid, slightly removing the outer corner beyond the natural fold. After that, lightly shade the border with dark shadows and gently apply lengthening mascara on the eyelashes, paying special attention to the cilia in the outer corners of the eyes. So you visually make the shape of the eyes bigger. Close-fitting eyes This form of the eyes is also not uncommon. Let's try to visually push them away from each other. Help us in this contour pencil and shadow. Apply light shadows in the inner corners of the eyes, and darker ones in the outer corners. Rastushushte border. Now the arrows. They need to be guided, starting from the middle of the mobile age. Move the arrow a little further than the natural fold, as in the case of round eyes. Apply mascara. Make-up, which increases the eyes, is ready. Whatever the shape of your eyes and how carefully you are painted, all this will be useless if you find yourself a bad conversationalist. Therefore, we advise reading not only the instructions of cosmetologists, but also fiction. Believe me, a smart girl will be forgiven for the lack of makeup. Beautiful lack of brains - hardly. Improve, develop, and for others your eyes will become the most expressive, believe me. We advise you to read: