make-up for gray-blue eyes "Ah, the eyes of Sineglazka, you have taken paint from the sky. And your heavenly blue shines with a wonderful eye, "- sings in a song from an old good cartoon. And if the fairy-tale Sin-Eye is satisfied with natural data, then we have to go to all sorts of tricks to emphasize the blue of our gray or blue eyes: we really want our wonderful eyes to shine with the celestial blue. But just want a little, you need a desire to put into practice. And so we suggest that you listen to the advice of professional make-up artists and find out how to make make-up for gray-blue eyes.

General rules of makeup

First of all, it is necessary to remember that the basismake-up for such eyes should be cold shades of shadows (but this is not necessary and not always relevant). A competent selection of colors will add to the eyes or blue, or magical green, or a calm gray color. Accordingly, your image can be romantic, fatal or purely business. What are the shadows to choose for the gray-blue eyes? In order for the eyes to appear green, it is necessary to use light green, golden, turquoise, brown shadows. The steel, black or ash color of the shadows will add to the eyes of gray, and blue and silver shadows will make them shine blue. Mascara is good for any, but here follow the rule of emphasizing the color of the eyes with the color of cosmetics. So, apart from the traditional black carcass, experiment boldly with brown, and with hoarfrost, and with green mascara. A pencil for the eyebrows and for the hands on the eyes is desirable to choose the tone of the hair color: for light hair - a pencil is lighter, for darker, respectively, a darker tone. Blush. Here, of course, it is best to focus on the complexion, but also to follow the unspoken rule of combining the color of blush and hair color. A blonde with gray-blue eyes is better to use a rouge of ocher color, brown-haired - terracotta blush, and brunette - dark pink or red. Lipstick. For daytime make-up it is desirable to give preference to low-key colors - beige, golden or coral. For evening make-up you need to use the same shades, but in a more saturated version. And do not forget that you need to start make-up with a face cleansing and a general tone. But no matter how you experiment with blush, lipstick or powder, you can accent one or another shade of gray-blue eyes only with the help of shadows, pencil and ink. For example, the rules for creating a certain image of the owner of gray-blue eyes. beautiful makeup for gray-blue eyes

Romantic image

A romantic image will help you smokymakeup. To perform such a make-up, you first need to powder the color of your skin and powder your eyelids and apply a corrective agent around your eyes. And only then start to conjure with shadows. Gray eyes and steel shadows will envelop the eyes with witch haze. Apply them according to the general rules of make-up for the eyes: lighter shadows - on the upper eyelid at the base of the eyelashes, darker - on the fold of the eyelid. In the corners of the eyes, you can add a little white or light-gray mother-of-pearl and apply the same shadows on the skin under the bend of the eyebrow. Dark-gray shadows can be tinted and the lower eyelid, "depicting" the shadow of the eyelashes. And do not forget to shade the border between the shadows of different tones. If you are going to draw arrows, then take a dark gray pencil or liquid eyeliner for this and do not make the arrows too bright. To express the eyes when creating a romantic image, it is better to focus on the upper eyelashes. Paint them dark blue or dark gray ink in two layers, and on the outer corners of the eyes, glue several overhead cilia. Blush and lipstick use natural shades and do not select lips and cheekbones too much - all attention to the eyes. No less spectacular will look such a make-up, executed in shades of blue and silvery tones. Only in this case use blue mascara.

The image of the fatal beauty

Create an image of fatal beauty will help makeup instyle Smoky eyes. Clearing the face, applying a general tone and working with a corrective pencil, draw a black pencil arrows on the upper and lower eyelids. Then, over the arrows, apply blue shadows and blend them with a thin brush. As a result, you will get dark blue arrows. Then, on the entire upper eyelid (from the line of the eyelashes to the eyebrow), put blue pearly shadows, and on top of them - white with neon shine. So you will achieve an effect in which from afar the shadows on the eyes will appear white, and at close range - blue. Paint the upper and lower eyelashes with mascara, and then carefully "work out" eyebrows. Tint them with black or brown matte shadows, making it brighter and more contrast than usual. Just do not get carried away: the line of the eyebrows should be clear, but it should look natural. correct make-up for gray-blue eyes

A few more images

  • The image of a green-eyed witch is olive shadows, brown mascara, a khaki pencil for eyes.
  • The image of a mermaid - green and turquoise shadows, green mascara, turquoise pearl lining.
  • The image of a steel lady is beige, white, gray and black matte shadows, black eyeliner, gray mascara.
  • The image of the Snow Queen is icy blue and white mother-of-pearl shades, blue mascara, dark blue eyeliner.
  • Try to try on different images. And thank Mother Nature for the color of your eyes. It (color), of course, is not unique, but very, very profitable. To achieve uniqueness you will be helped by make-up for the gray blue eyes, with which help you today are Blue Eyes, tomorrow - the Little Mermaid, and the day after tomorrow - Snow Queen. You just have fabulous eyes, do not you? We advise you to read: