How to care for makeup brushes Almost every girl who is just learningdo make-up, the question arises: is it worth buying a good brush, how to properly care for them, and what kind of brushes are needed in the first place? Let's try to figure out these moments together so that you can decide whether you need these tools, or quite enough conventional applicators. First of all, it's worth noting that makeup brushes make it possible to make a better and more accurate make-up. Therefore, if you are going to be engaged in make-up seriously, it is better to acquire at least the basic tools. Even when you are just starting to learn how to paint, it's worth doing it competently.

How to choose makeup brushes

By brush, the brushes are divided into natural andsynthetic. Synthetic brushes do not absorb fats, so they are good for cream and gel textures - foundation, concealer, proofreader, cream blush, eyeliner, etc. Now produced a lot of high-quality brushes from synthetics (nylon, taklon). For bulk products like powder, brushes from natural nap are needed: protein, sable, columns, goat, pony, raccoon, ferret.

  • Brushes made from proteins are the softest and smoothest, they are best suited for applying shadows to the delicate skin of the eyelids.
  • Sable and column are more elastic, the color of the pile is golden brown, also excellent eye makeup brushes.
  • Goat brushes have thick wavy hair. They are voluminous and harsh. They are usually used for powder. The color of the pile is often black.
  • Pony fur brushes are used for eye makeup andface. They are not very expensive and are not mandatory tools in make-up. Such brushes are dense, smooth. The color of the pile is brown. But they require careful and scrupulous care.

Also, the brushes can be cropped (contour edgeis formed by a hairstyle) and typing, when the villi are selected manually by the hair to the hair. Strizhenye brushes are not very suitable for making color transitions, smears are too clear. Set brushes are ideal for shading cosmetics, but the price for them is much higher. It is very important to pay attention to how firmly the pile is attached to the handle. Otherwise, you risk sending the tool to the trash after a month, because it will not be possible to work with them, if the pile climbs or the clip constantly flies from the handle. And care for such substandard brushes is difficult. It is better to check the quality immediately and do not overpay. The next moment: how much the brush is well stuffed and not saved on pile. It happens that the brush of the declared size is not at all the same as it should be. To check this, you need to grip the pile and see how large the gap remains in the cage. Good hands will not have a gap or it will be very small (no more than 1 mm). On the hands, you should not save, because you will not use them for 1 month or even 1 year. Good quality brushes will serve you much longer. Remember the proverb: "Miserly pays twice." Beware of Chinese counterfeits - most often these are huge sets of brushes. Before you buy such a set, look for information about the manufacturer and find out if it really produces such sets of 20-30 brushes! what makeup brushes are better

Care of brushes for make-up

Do not forget that behind the makeup brushesrequire good care. It is necessary to wash them regularly in warm water with the addition of shampoo or handle with a special solution for such tools, which can be bought at a professional cosmetics store. Also, you can periodically apply balm or hair mask on them, because in most cases it is the same natural nap that requires the same treatment and care as your own hair. It is important to wash the brush gently, so as not to raspolmatat villi. After you have washed the tools, you must gently squeeze them or blot with a tissue. Dry the brush on a towel or vertically. In no case should not put them on the battery or dry with a hair dryer - it will ruin the tool!

Types and purpose of makeup brushes

  • Brush for tone

Most often this is a flat and fairly wide brush. Pile is better to choose synthetic, good quality, as natural will quickly deteriorate when working with a fatty product. In addition, synthetic nap does not leave a band on the skin. This brush is also useful for applying the base for make-up and for modeling the face oval with the tone of 2 shades. Brush for tone is not an obligatory tool, as a foundation and foundation can be applied with a sponge or fingertips.

  • Brush for concealer / proofreader

This is a flat brush of a smaller size, usually fromsynthetics. It is good for working out small areas of the skin under the eyes, on the wings of the nose and the area around them, as well as applying a base under the shadows. This brush is also not necessary to buy, you can do with your fingers.

  • Brush for powder

These makeup brushes are of two types: round and oval. The pile can be long and medium. The size of the brush also varies. The universal version is an oval medium-sized brush with a pile of short length. It is convenient for her to apply powder, and also to model the face. Large voluminous brushes are inconvenient, if it is necessary to powder small areas, but are good for the decollete zone. On the pile brush for powder can be from goats, ponies, squirrels. Goat - the cheapest option, hair wavy, harsh. This brush should be voluminous and fluffy. Brush of ponies in the middle price range. Its pile is smooth, and the brush is dense. The smear is dense, the pigment blurs well. Brush of squirrel is the most expensive. It is soft, silky and allows to put a fine veil in powder. Also for powder, you can use the "Kabuki" brush. It has a short handle, round in shape, natural pile, thick. Brush for powder should be for every self-respecting girl, it is multifunctional, if you choose the right size and shape and can easily replace the brush for blush.

  • Brush for blush

Usually it is a flat oval brush made from pony fur,proteins, goats. Brush for blush can have beveled pile. It should be airy and soft, otherwise you risk getting clear strokes that are difficult to shade. But it is more convenient to use to apply rouge round brush, as well as for powder. It differs mainly in size only. The softer the brush, the more transparent and lighter the color.

  • Brush for applying lipstick

It can be a brush from a column or synthetics. Its shape is very characteristic: a thin, sharp tip, intended for a clear application of lipstick, gradually expands. With the help of such a brush, you can even apply lipstick on the lips, which can not be achieved by another method of application.

  • Brush for application of the primary color

Basically it is a flat, wide brush (10-12 mm)from the hair column, sable or pony. The nap form is oval, resembling a petal. This brush is the best for applying the main color throughout the century. The color of the shadows should be typed on both sides of the nap, shaking off the excess, and then applied with layering movements. The smear should be dense, so that the shadows lie well, and subsequently it was possible to easily shade the border of color. It is also used to apply friable shadows and pigments.

  • Brush for applying transient colors and dark accents

This brush is similar to the previous one in properties andpurpose. The difference in size - its width is 5-8mm. This brush will make it easy to make precise accents, jewelry work in the corner of the eye, and also in the lower eyelid. In addition, this brush allows you to save cosmetics, because it is recruited quite a few shadows.

  • Brushes for shading shadows

The pile for such brushes is usually made from a proteinor a pony. Brushes in this category can be divided into two groups: oval and round. Oval brushes can be rounded or beveled. They are used to shade the shadows in the fold at the border of the mobile and immobile century. Also, when eye make-up ends, they can easily apply a thin layer of pearly powder under the eyebrow and the inner corner of the eye to give a glow. Round brushes or a "barrel" brush have pile of different length and shape. A large fluffy brush is useful for general feathering and softening of borders. Sometimes it is used to apply light accents to the face. Brush with pointed pile - for exact application of color on the fold, outer corner. It is necessary to have in your set at least one such brush, and ideally several to work with different colors.

  • Flat brushes of small size from synthetics

The size and shape of such brushes can be different. Their purpose is to feather the line of the pencil when it is used as a substrate under the shade. Perhaps you have already heard about the pencil technique in makeup, where the shape of the eye is first constructed, and only then the color is superimposed. This brush is not necessary at the initial level of teaching the art of make-up.

  • Paint brushes

Pile material is often synthetics, sometimescolumns. The shape can be of two types: a pointed thin brush - for a thin line along the ciliated edge, or beveled - for a broad arrow in retro style. It is advisable that in your brush set there is one such brush to make eyeliner for evening make-up.

  • Brush for eyebrows and eyelashes

The brush for eyelashes is very important in make-up, itIt is needed to remove excess carcasses. Usually the teeth are made of plastic or metal. Metal brushes are more effective and more qualitatively share cilia. But for combing and styling eyebrows is best to use a soft brush. You can do with a good brush from an old carcass.

  • Brush for drawing eyebrows

Brush for eyebrows has beveled form, pileis used from a ferret or bristle. It evenly fills the eyebrow with color, giving it a beautiful bend and shape. Unfortunately, not every girl can boast sable eyebrows. Therefore, for them, these are the best brushes and have at least one such tool required! what brushes are needed for makeup

Tips for using makeup brushes

  • Do not ever let anyone use your brushes. This way you can transfer the bacteria to your body. Therefore, brushes for make-up are very individual subjects.
  • Wash the brushes (rinse) after each application of makeup. Especially if it's the foundation for make-up or foundation. If it does not wash off the brush, it will simply wither with this remedy and deteriorate.
  • Once a week, wash the brushes with a special shampoo. You can sometimes use a make-up remover if you need to quickly put tools into order.
  • Experts advise changing the brush once a year. Because the year in the hands, even if the washing is going to bacteria. In addition, the brush for a year will simply grow bald, especially with frequent use.
  • After washing and before applying makeup,that the brushes are completely dry. If the brushes remain moist, you will not be able to properly apply makeup. All cosmetics will remain on the brush, and the make-up will turn dirty.

Remember, only high-quality brushes will allow you to make a really neat make-up. We advise you to read: