make-up for gray-green eyes Gray-green eyes are incredibly beautiful. Such eyes have Angelina Jolie, Jessica Biel, Kristen Stewart. Looking at photos of these stars in the magazine, we admire their attractive appearance, especially noting the beauty of the eyes. In fact, any of us can look just as good with properly applied makeup. Being able to choose the color range for make-up of your eyes, you can look mysterious, attractive, or cold, fatal woman. It all depends on your mood and ability to own the secrets of make-up. All that is needed for this is to learn how to make the right make-up for gray-green eyes. In order to make your eyes look perfect, it is not necessary to use elite, professional cosmetics. Believe me, even with fairly inexpensive shadows, eyeliner and mascara, you can create a real miracle! The main thing is not to be afraid of the new and to look for your style in the makeup of the eyes - fresh, bright and unique.

General make-up recommendations for gray-green eyes

In order to color shadows, eyeliner and mascaraideally suited you, you will have to experiment a lot with a different color palette. After all, we are all different: someone has a very pale skin, and someone has a dark skin; some have brown hair, others have light, golden hair. And for almost every type of skin and hair color, it's your own, unique makeup style. But nevertheless for all owners of gray-green eyes there are also general principles which can be used at creation of a make-up. First, let's talk about shadows - the main attribute of eye makeup. All gray-green-eyed beauties have shadows similar in tone to the color of the eyes. If there is more gray in your eyes, then try to superimpose green shadows. There are many shades of green - it's marshy and olive, and the color of lime. The human eye distinguishes more than a hundred shades of green - imagine what color palette you need? But do not despair: for sure you will be satisfied with most of the options you choose. If in your eyes more green, then try the gray shades. There are also a lot of them: it's a bluish, silvery, and anthracite dark color. You can choose not one single color, but several at once: at the inner corner of the eye and under the eyebrow is superimposed the lightest shade, then by the very eyelid - the medium intensity of the color, and at the outer corner of the eyes along the line of growth of the eyelashes - the darkest of the selected shades . Often the darkest of the chosen color palette can be replaced with liquid eyeliner or a contour eyeliner. In addition to all shades of gray and green, you can choose golden, lilac and purple. But what you should forget about - it's about all shades of pink and blue. The same applies to the color of the eyeliner, as well as mascara. beautiful makeup for gray-green eyes

Makeup gray-green eyes for blondes

Blonde with gray-green eyes, and even with impeccable make-up - a gorgeous sight. In order not to get in trouble with the choice of gamma of shadows, we will give you some tips:

  • First of all, you need to take into account that the greenery thatIt appears in your eyes besides the beautiful gray color, does not allow you to use gently pink, strawberry and cold ashy-blue shades. With a light color of hair, and therefore light skin, these colors will make your eyes look inflamed.
  • For expressive make-up, use the shades of beige, bronze, peach, purple and gentle-lilac flowers. With them your eyes will shine even brighter.
  • The more gray shades in your eyes, themore saturated colors of shadows suit you. For the same girls who have greens in the color of their eyes, calm, neutral shades are more suitable.
  • If you want to create a dramatic effect in your eyes, then safely use the coffee, coral, lilac and gray-brown shades of shadows.
  • Make sure that the pencil orLiquid eyeliner in color approached the eye shadow. They do not necessarily have to be identical, but the condition, when the eyeliner is in harmony with the rest of the makeup palette, is a must!
  • Makeup gray-green eyes for brunettes

    If you're lucky enough to be a brunette withgray-green eyes, then you have an incredibly large selection of eye shadow colors. Unlike blondes, you can afford both copper and dark blue shades. So, here are some tips for making your perfect make-up for gray-green eyes:

  • Violet, plum and metallic shades visually increase your eyes, so experiment with this gamut of shadows.
  • You are perfect for multi-color make-up. All you need to do to give brightness and expressiveness of a look is to pick up contrasting shades that are in harmony with the color of your eyes. For example, on the upper eyelid can be applied various shades of brown - from apricot and beige to almost black. The lower eyelid can be brought with a contour pencil, or shadows of a green and close to it shades.
  • For daytime makeup brunettes with gray-green eyes are ideally suited for olive shade and moss color.
  • For evening make-up, all shades of gold and bronze colors will perfectly look on your eyes.
  • Do not cover the entire upper eyelid with intense green shadows. Due to the fact that there is a green color in your eyes, your makeup can turn into one solid green spot.
  • Fashionable make-up for gray-green eyes

    Makeup gray-green eyes for redheads

    Bright red hair and gentle gray-green eyes -it's just an amazing combination. It is unlikely that at least one girl with this appearance will go unnoticed, especially if she perfectly knows the art of eye makeup. And it is for you that we give the following recommendations:

  • Red-haired beauties are especially important toeyes did not have dark, swollen circles. If you do not sleep well or for some other reason can not boast of the ideal color of the skin under your eyes, then you just need to find time for a compress. Attach a wadded disk, soaked in cold tea brew, for ten minutes, and will be as good as new. If the puffiness could not be removed, then try to hide it with a tonal or concealer.
  • You can use the brightest colors of the shadows inmake-up of the eyes, which you prefer. The only rule: like all other girls with gray-green eyes, avoid pink and blue flowers in makeup.
  • For evening make-up, darkshades of both shadows, and eyeliner and mascara. Do not forget about the multicolor, but observe the main principle: the colors should harmonize and smoothly pass into each other.
  • You are well suited for wading andpurple flowers. Selecting the outline of the eyes with these flowers and drawing cute hands, you can do without make-up without any shadows. This is a good option for daytime make-up.
  • For red-haired girls is contraindicated the lining of the lower eyelid along the edge of the mucous membrane of the eye. As a rule, it looks slightly vulgar and tasteless.
  • Whoever you are - blonde, brunette orred, your eye color is already a beautiful decoration of your face. Do not overdo it with make-up and do not apply too much make-up, otherwise all beauty will get lost under a layer of colored paints. In order to choose the perfect color palette for make-up, you will have to experiment a lot, but believe me: it's worth it! A competent make-up for gray-green eyes is a real find that every girl needs. We advise you to read: