beautiful eyebrows Every woman always wants to look beautiful. An important fact in women's beauty are beautiful eyebrows - they can both decorate and transform a person, and spoil the whole impression. By their nature, beautiful eyebrows create a facial expression, from which an impression is made on others. This was known in ancient times, when women not only painted, but also tried to give a beautiful shape to the eyebrows. The shape of the eyebrows can be shaped differently, you can make them arcuate, straight, curved and broken. The beautiful shape of her eyebrows a woman can give to her liking and, which is characteristic, in nature. Beautiful eyebrows open their eyes and, thus, hide fatigue and make a young look. Not everyone by nature is given a beautiful with the necessary thickness, an arcuate and, without requiring an adjustment, the shape of the eyebrows. For this, there is such a thing as eyebrow correction. Correction corrects the form and brings the lines of the face closer to the ideal, but the main thing due to the correction is given greater expressiveness. Eyebrows arched shape significantly rejuvenate the woman's face and give a clear facial expression, and thick and wide make a woman strict and severe. If the eyebrows are given more length, then so the woman will seem more sad and old, that maybe this is not so at all. A woman who would like to make herself a correction and, thus, make beautiful eyebrows, it is recommended to go to a cosmetology room, but if there is no such possibility, then, following several rules, correction can be done at home.

Eyebrow correction

beautiful eyebrows Photo What would be a beautiful shape of eyebrows importantthe element of their correction is the height and length. They must start and end at a certain point, otherwise they can spoil the whole impression, no matter how beautiful the other facial features are. Also, the eyebrows should be slightly elevated. Otherwise, if the brow is lowered, you will have a pitiful, sad look. To determine the location of the beginning of the eyebrow, it is recommended, for example, to attach a pencil from the wing of the nose to the inner corner of the eye, there is a beginning. To determine the center of the eyebrow, its highest point, you need to attach a pencil from the center of the upper lip and through the pupil. If you do not immediately determine the center of the eyebrow, you may not get a beautiful shape. To correctly determine the end of the eyebrow, it is necessary to attach a pencil from the wing of the nose and to the outer corner of the eye, at this point your eyebrow should end. Now, when the desired form is indicated, you can proceed with the adjustment. To do this, take a pair of tweezers, a small brush to remove the removed hairs and cotton swabs, moistened with alcohol for disinfection. Before you start to pull out the eyebrows should be rubbed with alcohol and the skin under the eyebrows lubricate the cream for a better slip tweezers. Slightly stretching the skin, you can start plucking. Begin the correction is from the inside of the eyebrow to the outside of the direction of hair growth. When plucking, it should be remembered that the higher the line of the eyebrow is, the more eyes and the beautiful face appear larger. But do not get carried away and do not make yourself eyebrows - strings. Eyebrows should be of natural width. After adjusting for eyebrow beauty, you can use cosmetics, gels and pencils. This will help the woman fix the shape and give the desired color. How to be if the eyebrows are by nature rare, how to give them a density and the right shape? For this, there are many various means of correction, such as shadows, special mascara, a pencil. The color of the pencil should be chosen for the color of your hair or for a couple of shades lighter. Begin to draw from the tip of the eyebrows, this part should be slightly darker than the rest. The part where the eyebrow starts, leave a little unfilled. It looks much more natural than clearly traced eyebrows. After that, brush your eyebrows and fix the form with wax or gel for eyebrows. The most radical way to adjust eyebrows is permanent make-up. From the paint and the depth of its location, it depends how long the drawn eyebrows will last. With the right application of tattoo, which can freely imitate hairs, the beauty of the eyebrows can last from three months to three years.

Eyebrow shape

beautiful shape of eyebrows To make you really beautifuleyebrows, photo gives a great opportunity to determine for himself the form. You can, of course, look at one woman with a beautiful shape, on the other, but their shape is chosen specifically for them, but whether it is suitable for a woman who, by and large, has never been engaged in eyebrow correction? Creating a beautiful make-up, as a complex combination of all its components, is the main condition. The beauty of the eyebrows can completely change the whole impression of make-up. If you correctly make up and pincer eyebrows, they can hide and correct some of the shortcomings of the person, and groomed eyebrows can spoil the overall impression of the appearance of a woman. There are many ways to improve the appearance of the eyebrows, such as correction, coloring, plucking, tattooing and caring for individual hairs, which in time begin to grow and spoil the appearance. If a woman really wants to look beautiful and achieve the right make-up, it is worth paying the most attention to all aspects. It is necessary, at first to determine what the woman is dealing with, and what result I would like to receive. First you need to determine what form you want to give, how wide and neat should be the eyebrows. The color of the eyebrows should always be combined with the color of the hair and eyes. On the advice of makeup artists, you should make the eyebrow color as natural as possible, so that the color of the eyebrow matches the color of the hair root. If the eyebrows themselves are dark, you should follow the color of the makeup. For such women, bright lipstick is perfect, which helps to hide the rigidity of the face. Light eyebrows, if possible, you will need to tint on a pair of dark tones. beautiful well-groomed eyebrows The shape of the eyebrows always depends on your face shape:

  • For example, for a round face, the most suitableThe shape of the eyebrows is curved, with a short tip and a high lift. But do not make the curve too sharp, otherwise you will only emphasize the roundness of the face. Also, do not make a circular shape that follows the contours of your face.
  • For oblong (oval), elongated faceThe ideal form of eyebrows are straight and horizontal eyebrows, you can slightly rounded, slightly removed from the bridge of the nose. It is necessary to avoid the shape of the eyebrows with a high arc.
  • If you have a triangular shape of the face, your eyebrows will be of medium length, slightly raised evenly curved. Stylists do not recommend making straight eyebrows for your face shape.
  • For a square face - long eyebrows, high raised upwards, curved arcuate are ideal. Thin eyebrows are contraindicated for you.

Ideal are the eyebrows, which are correctthe color and width are combined, so that it corresponds to the shape of the face and the cut of the eyes. If the correct correction is not obtained right from the first time, do not be upset. Over time, you will learn how to choose the ideal shape of your eyebrows. We advise you to read: