Eyelash extension The procedure appeared not so long ago, but with eachbecomes more and more popular during the day. This is explained not only by the fact that the eyelashes are beautiful, fluffy and natural - they are also very practical. Such eyelashes do not need to be painted, time is saved on makeup and washing it off, it is not scary to get caught in the rain or swim in the sea.

How the eyelash extensions occur

In the salons, eyelash extensions are made in two ways:

  • Traditional build-up
  • Japanese build-up
  • Traditional building isattaching to the base of existing eyelashes artificial eyelashes in small bundles of 3-5 pieces. The client chooses the length and density of eyelashes himself. Such augmented eyelashes should be adjusted at least once every 15 days. The Japanese buildup differs from the traditional build-up by the fact that the eyelashes are fixed not by bundles, but one by one. Such an increase is more durable, the eyelashes stay longer and are adjusted once a month. The main reason for the longevity of eyelashes in the Japanese buildup is that when the lash, "native" cilia (which is a natural process) falls out, not a bundle of eyelashes, but only one eyelash attached to it. It is clear that this is less noticeable, and, consequently, eyelashes need to be adjusted not urgently. The color of the eyelashes can be very different: from black, graphite and brown to silver, blue and pink. The length of the eyelashes, as a rule, is different. Long eyelashes are glued to the outer corner of the eyelid, medium and short - to the middle part of the eye.

    Care for eyelashes

    Approximately three weeks "native" eyelashes completelytherefore, the same service life and "acquired" eyelashes are updated. Therefore, adjust the eyelashes should be at least once every two weeks, without waiting for them to fly all the lashes. Daily care is not complicated. Do not rub the eyelashes, it is undesirable to sleep face down, and. of course, they can not be tinted with mascara. Yes, and why do it, if they are so beautiful, and mascara can promote their peeling off. Visiting the sauna, daily wearing of contact lenses also shortens the life of the eyelashes.

    What are the contraindications for eyelash extension?

    First of all, eyelash extension is not suitable for those,who can have an allergic reaction to glue for eyelashes. No luck also for those who often suffer from conjunctivitis (inflammation of the lining of the eyelids), for them this procedure is not available. If your own eyelashes are very weak or the skin on the eyelids is fat, then you can increase eyelashes, but they will not last very long. We advise you to read: