make-up for deep-set eyes Proper makeup and skillful hands can createmiracle and transform the face of any woman, create a new image and correct some shortcomings. Of course, in order to make a competent make-up for deep-set eyes, you need to have some skills, but "patience and work will all peretrut"! So, first you need to decide what will be good, and what's wrong for such a specific person.

Enemies of correct make-up

Dark shadows - black, smoky, bright green,violet Applying make-up for deep-set eyes, remember that you can use shades of exceptionally light shades. Pastel, mother-of-pearl shades - this will be the most appropriate solution, because such colors open your eyes, but the dark ones on the contrary make the eyes narrower and more imperceptible. The only exception - chocolate and gray tone can be used for easy correction with makeup. Choose three colors of one shade - from the lightest to the most saturated, but one color scale. But the basic shade necessarily should be the most light, knowing the shade of a skin of the face it is possible to select various shades safely. For example, for dark-complexioned ladies, white, pink and peach tones are suitable. Unskilled eyebrows Even the most skillfully applied makeup will not produce the desired effect, if there are untidy, ruffled eyebrows. It is necessary to correctly pull out the extra hair and shape the eyebrows that are right for you. The first time is better to "surrender" to a specialist - in the beauty salon you will choose the right form of eyebrows and will do everything in the best possible way. Maintaining the foundation is much easier than starting from the beginning. Wide and rich arrows Use both pencil and liquid eyeliner. But remember - you need to put the arrow as close to the cilia as possible and make it thin. In no case should one look at the lower eyelid - the emphasis of brightness is made on the upper mobile age. That's why you can not paint cilia in the lower eyelid - the effect of narrow eyes will manifest even more. makeup for deep eyes

Rules for applying makeup

Apply the shadow The mobile eyelid should be the mosta clear "spot" in your image - put on this place the lightest shade of color. And do not forget to apply a foundation before applying the shadows - a foundation of tonal: first, the shadows will not roll down, and look like lumps; secondly, they will become brighter. But for the zone under the eyebrows should be applied a darker shade - and, not one spot, but shade with light movements of the brush. Draw eyebrows The eyebrows need not just to correct, but also to paint with a special pencil, thus giving the eyes of openness. Use a pencil exclusively black, you should not draw eyebrows, strongly pressing on it. It is better to make a practically invisible line and then shade with sponge. Eyebrows, marked in bold pencil, look vulgar. Apply mascara Mascara is also better to take black - do not experiment with color. The only exception is evening make-up, here you can think creatively and take advantage of the brightest colors. And if you are going to visit an outrageous Caribbean party, then use the boldest shades, sometimes even incongruous. Before applying the mascara, the upper lashes can be slightly curled - only in the outer corners of the eye. Applying corrective mascara, which gives the eyelashes fluffiness and volume, you can achieve amazing results. Finish the image Well, do not forget that the full makeup includes applying blush and tinting the lips. By the way, in order to slightly distract attention from your not very successful peephole, make an emphasis on the lips - choose a saturated and bright color, make a clear outline. And you must have a great mood! Then a mysterious shine will appear in his eyes, a happy smile will wander on his lips, and cheeks will be covered with a pleasant blush. Such people just like a magnet attract all the attention of others! So it turns out - small tricks, sleight of hand, a little experience, and makeup for deep-set eyes will become your weapon - there will appear wide, amazingly shining eyes. We advise you to read: