make-up for brown eyes Which color is better? A strange question, is not it? The best eye color is the one that nature has awarded you. The main thing to choose your "mirror of the soul" is a worthy frame. To do this, it is necessary to clearly understand what shades will be beneficial for emphasizing beauty and enhancing radiance. Naturally, for example, make-up for brown eyes will be quite different from the make-up for green-eyed or blue-eyed representatives of the fair sex - different palette, different methods of application. Do you have dark brown eyes? This color is the most natural. Do you know why? As a result of lengthy research and archaeological excavations it was established that initially all the inhabitants of the Earth were brown-eyed. As you know, then our planet collided with a comet and as a result changed the orbit. Together with this, the climate also changed - the ice age came. In order to survive, people were forced to change - mutate. And it was in the process of this mutation that people with bright eyes appeared. Here and so. Do your own conclusions! Well, what needs to be done, in order to emphasize the beauty of your - such natural and "real" - dark brown eyes? What kind of makeup will suit them? Let's understand.

Let's Get Started with Makeup

It should be noted that "brown-eyed" was more fortunateall. They fit almost the entire palette of shades, including the most catchy and bright, and therefore make a beautiful make-up for the brown eyes is much easier. You can afford to use contrasting tones - for example, lilac and white, black and pink. The main thing is to learn how to correctly combine them with each other. Otherwise, makeup will look vulgar and tasteless. So, let's get started. Whichever makeup you do, whatever palette you use, you first need to prepare the face and align its color. Thoroughly clean the skin, and then apply a foundation with a matte effect - this eliminates unnecessary shine. Do not forget to apply it for ever. Pay special attention to the area around the eyes. To do this, use the corrector. He will even out the relief of the skin and disguise the dark circles. Then - the most important stage. It is necessary to determine what color scheme suits you most. Here you need to consider everything - and the shade of your skin, and the color of your hair, and your style of dress. And of course, the purpose of make-up - day or evening. Let's listen to make-up artists. They argue that:

  • fair-haired owners of brown eyes are suitable beige, dark pink, green and sandy hues;
  • dark-haired beauties should have in their cosmetic bag silvery, chocolate, black, dark brown and tender pink shades;
  • olive-sandy shades are perfect for women and girls with swarthy skin;
  • light-skinned "brown-eyed" is worth paying attention to the greenish and blue hues.

Have you chosen? Then let's begin. beautiful makeup for brown eyes

Day makeup

Make the right make-up for brown eyes is notwill be labor. Easy daily make-up involves the use of calm, natural tones. Suitable light brown, olive, beige and gently pink shades. Apply to the upper eyelid, to the very eyebrows of the shadow-base of light color. For example, beige. Apply a second - darker - layer from the outer corner of the eye to the center of the movable part of the upper eyelid. For him, you can use, for example, a light brown color. Thoroughly shade the border using a round brush. Apply light, shimmering shadows under the eyebrow and at the inner corner of the eye. This will make the look easy and open. Take the liner and gently, along the line of eyelash growth, draw a thin line. Try not to let the hand flutter, otherwise you'll have to redo everything. Well, the "final chord" - ink. To lashes were fluffy, thick and not stick together, you must first apply a powder on them. Then - one layer of carcass. Daytime make-up for brown eyes is ready.

evening make-up

Well, the day's makeup mastered. And how best to emphasize the beauty of their dark brown eyes in the evening? In fact, it's not much harder to make a trendy evening or festive make-up. But, of course, there are some nuances here. The main thing is that you can let your imagination run wild. So do not be afraid to experiment. For example, it is appropriate to take such contrasting shades as light pink and black. First, carefully tint your eyebrows with a dark brown or black pencil or shadows and slightly extend them. Try not to depart from the natural limits of growth. Take light pearly shadows and apply them to the upper eyelid. Underline the outer corner of the eyes in black. Apply pink from the inner corner of the eyes until the middle of the century. Accurately shade the border. Emphasize the lower and upper eyelid with the help of the eyeliner, having drawn the lines for the growth of the eyelashes. Apply mascara in two layers. Well, that's all - the evening makeup is over. You can go to a party, a club or a restaurant - you will be irresistible. Daytime make-up for brown eyes

Oriental makeup

This fashionable makeup is perfect forLarge eyes, highlighting their beauty and expressiveness. Arabian makeup is distinguished by brightness and rich colors. For example, these options are suitable - green and yellow, red and dark brown, blue and blue. However, you can use one color. The technique of application is quite simple. Align the complexion with a foundation. Apply powder. It is desirable that it was one or two shades darker than your natural complexion. Brightly and clearly draw your eyebrows, extending them from two sides. The most important and difficult moment is the eyes. Fashionable Arabian makeup involves applying several layers of shadows. In order for them to hold on better, it is necessary to first apply a tonal remedy to the skin of the eyelids. Further on the upper eyelid is applied a base - light shadows. Then take a wide brush and apply a thick layer of shadows of the selected shades under the lower and the entire upper eyelid. Borders carefully shade. All color transitions should be smooth and soft. The next step is dense black eyeliner. No oriental make-up can do without this obligatory attribute. In order to make arrows, you can use both liquid liner and pencil. If you do not manage to draw smooth lines the first time - do not be discouraged. This work is very delicate and requires a certain skill. Practice and everything will happen. Now - eyelashes. Paint the lower ones in one, and the top ones in two or three layers. Use the blush of tan. And finally, the lips. Arabian makeup does not involve the use of bright lipstick. Choose a beige, soft pink or caramel shade. It is perfectly permissible to take shine instead of lipstick. All. Eastern beauty is ready to go out. As you can see, it's not so difficult to make a fashionable make-up. And it does not matter what color your eyes are - the main thing is to emphasize it. All you need is a set of cosmetics, some free time and patience. Although, perhaps, the owner of the brown eyes was lucky slightly more than the others ... After all, they can use many more shades, not being afraid to look vulgar. So they have more space for creativity. After all, make-up is an art! We advise you to read: