wedding make-up Probably, there is not a single woman in the world whowould not worry and did not worry, preparing for her own wedding. After all, from a young age every little princess dreams about how she will wear a fairy dress and be the queen of the ball. The main element of any wedding is a gentle image of the bride, which consists of many things: attire, bridal veils, accessories, hairstyles and, of course, make-up. The latter point requires an extremely careful approach. Wedding photographs that capture the face of a happy bride from whom they can not take their eyes will serve as a talisman representing true love for all generations of a new family. What to choose? In what style to make a wedding make-up - Greek, Roman or give preference to the Renaissance? Variants can be listed for a long time, there are many, but you need to choose only one and exactly the one that will be win-win. And here we can say one thing: the best make-up is an inconspicuous make-up. All the dignity of the face, the eyes are underlined, the flaws are skillfully hidden, while the bride looks as natural as possible. In other words, to remember the fabulous memories of the wedding, you must carefully think over the image of the bride and masterfully implement it. Such work, as a rule, is trusted by professionals who can make beautiful make-up in any style - at least in Greek, even in Byzantine, even in Indian. However, if you are confident in your abilities and masterfully master the techniques and techniques of make-up, then you can make wedding make-up yourself.

The rules of wedding makeup

The complexity of the wedding make-up is that,that here, figuratively speaking, you need to kill a few hares. Makeup should delight the eye with both daylight and evening lighting, and also look good under the lens of the camera with a flash. All these types of makeup require the implementation of certain rules, which sometimes contradict each other. And in order to find a compromise solution, one must be a real master of his craft, who knows the subtle nuances and knows how to handle them. To begin with at least cosmetics. For wedding make-up, professional means are preferred. Only then can you be sure that the tears of joy will not flow mascara and the shadows will not smear, and the tone will not "float" from the heat and friendly kisses of guests and relatives. In short, if you are going to do your wedding make-up with your own hands (do not talk about style yet), then prepare to spend on a full set of professional cosmetics, stock up on crystals and special paints if an extravagant make-up is planned. But if there is even the slightest doubt in your abilities, and you do not want to spend money on what is not likely to be claimed then it is better not to risk and turn to a professional make-up artist. In order for your makeup to look five-plus at any time of the day, it should be made a little brighter than the day's make-up, but less flashy than the evening make-up. That is, we must observe the golden mean. The day image of the bride is easy enough to adjust: in the morning, apply lip gloss on the lips, and in the evening - lipstick of a more juicy shade and simultaneously make the contours of the eyes a little clearer or add mascara to the eyelashes. Such a technique of wedding make-up will allow to look dignified both in the daytime and in the evening celebrations. According to the rules of wedding make-up, it is necessary that it harmonizes not only with the color of the bride's attire and accessories, but also with the groom's attire. If the wedding dress uses not traditional white, but brighter tones, then the make-up should include in detail a well-thought-out color palette of decorative cosmetics, in which all the necessary colors and shades will be present. The young bride always served as a symbol of inexperience and tenderness, so you should exclude screaming colors - too bright bride makeup cuts the eye. A gentle image must radiate light and purity. But it is important not to fall into the other extreme. The bride's makeup should not be performed in the same color scheme. Pastel shades are many, and a skilled make-up artist is obliged to choose the right colors, starting from the color of the eyes and hair of the bride, the skin tone, the color of the dress, accessories and even the time of the year. Agree, a dark foundation, mimicking tanning, in winter will seem inappropriate, in turn, in summer, too pale skin, too, will not look natural. Nowadays, they often make fashionable make-up with sparkles, rhinestones and even with elements of the picture. But a tribute to fashion is unlikely to undermine the centuries-old wedding traditions. Focusing on the classic examples of wedding make-up, you will be able to create a unique gentle image and give yourself and others a real joy. make-up for the wedding

In the Greek hall, in the Greek style ...

The wedding is undoubtedly a landmark event thatI want to note so that it will be remembered for both the heroes of the celebration and the guests. At the moment, very popular themed weddings. In accordance with the stated theme, a script of the whole celebration is being built up, a hall is being prepared, tables are being laid. It goes without saying that the costumes of young and wedding make-up should also fit into the general theme and style of the holiday. In short, if you decide to celebrate a wedding in the Greek style, for example, then in the make-up of the bride, it is also expedient to use the Greek motives. By the way, make-up in the Greek style looks very nice, natural and suitable for girls of all types of appearance. The distinctive features of this make-up are bronze-golden skin tone, shadows in soft beige-sandy palette, a clear line of eyebrows, an emphasis on the eyes (accordingly, the lips do not stand out). Ideal for natural shades of lipstick. Add to this an elegant dress, reminiscent of an ancient Greek tunic, and we will get an absolutely harmonious image. I must say that the make-up in the Greek style allows the use of options and interpretations. It so happened historically that the culture of the Ancient Hellas influenced other civilizations at all times. The Romans first began to imitate the Greeks, who, naturally, introduced their vision and their accents into clothes, hairstyles and make-up. Their version of Greek visage is very relevant today. The wedding make-up of the bride in this style (using a lighter tonal powder, bluish or light green shadows, smoky, brownish tones for eyebrows and eyeliner) looks great on blondes and brown-haired women. Another great civilization, Egypt of the time of Queen Cleopatra, did not remain indifferent to ancient Greek aesthetics. Options for visage in the Greek style in the interpretation of the Egyptians of that time are also very actively used by masters of make-up. They can be quite appropriate in the wedding makeup. The main emphasis on the eyes - the shadows, pronounced arrows, creating an unforgettable image, inspired by the famous Egyptian paintings. Brunette with this make-up will be irresistible. bridal bridal makeup

Wedding make-up of a professional make-up artist

Few people manage to make make-up for the weddingyourself. This is just the case when you should trust a professional. Specialists in visage have on hand professional, persistent cosmetics of high quality, and also have the skills and experience that help them to take into account all the features of wedding makeup. The trained eye of the master will clearly determine your style and image, and he will choose exactly that make-up for the wedding, which will emphasize your unique beauty and will harmoniously blend with the wedding dress and hairdo. Moreover, we advise you to contact a specialist two or three weeks before the event and make a trial. It is possible that you will need the help of a cosmetologist who will conduct a course of procedures aimed at improving the skin, moisturizing and nourishing it. Healthy fresh skin is the key to quality make-up. As for the style, this question must also be stipulated in advance. This is especially important when it comes to extravagant make-up, for example, with rhinestones, drawings. Such a vivid image must be felt to understand if you can be organic with sequins, rhinestones and other extraordinary elements of make-up. Try, experiment, consider fashion trends, but choose only the image and style that will be in harmony with your inner self. We advise you to read: