a voice-frequency cream for a problem skin Even in the modern world, with its level of development andmoving forward, it is often possible to hear that the tonal base clogs the pores, adversely affects the skin, spoils it, so, say, to use it every day - means to harm yourself. But this is an absolutely unjustified opinion, which can only do harm! Is it possible to be so mistaken when today's cosmetics are not those dubious means that could be seen on the shelves a decade ago. Yes, they laid down a thick layer, created a sense of heaviness and "plaster", often caused allergies. However, the current products allow not only to level the skin tone, but also make it much better: healthier and more beautiful. This is facilitated by all kinds of additives that make up their composition. Moisturizing and bactericidal components, vitamins and plant extracts, as well as sunscreen filters help to keep your youth and charm as long as possible. In this case, the main thing is that the foundation for the problem skin (and other types) was chosen correctly - only then you will be satisfied with the result!

What is he, a good foundation?

The best is the one that is picked upcorrectly, that is, according to your type. So, dry and flaky skin needs daily moisturizing, so in this case it is necessary to use products containing aloe and hyaluronic acid, and fatty, on the contrary, requires removing excess sebum. On such a face dense creams will create a kind of mask, so it is better to give preference to matting emulsions or cream powder. Women in their ages need to pick up liquid make-up cosmetics with the effect of lifting. It will help to smooth out the relief and tone of the face, and also, if necessary, hide shallow wrinkles and small inflammations. Of course, ideally in a ladies' cosmetic bag there should be several tonal remedies. For example, light, for the winter period, but what is slightly darker is for hot summer, when the skin tans in the sun. Choose cosmetics is recommended in the light, otherwise you run the risk of making a mistake with a touch. Apply a few drops not on the arm, as most do, and on the face - under the jawbone. To look beautiful, giving preference to this or that product, consider the state of your skin at the moment (dryness, the presence of acne or acne and the like), age, and the effect you want to achieve. A tonal cream for problematic skin is a bit harder to pick. So that you do not do yourself even greater harm, let us dwell on this in more detail. the best foundation for problem skin

Problem skin: we choose the right remedy

Think, a good cream, perfectly toning a skin,so easy to pick up? Then you are very much mistaken. Often on the street, in the subway or in the store you can meet a young person with a dense layer of "plaster." Have you ever seen such a picture: a beautiful girl with a dark neck, hands and a bright white face or, conversely, with a light skin and a thick dark foundation? First, it looks sloppy and ugly, and secondly, it does not give a drop of femininity and chic, and, thirdly, it negatively affects the surface of the face. Good cosmetics, corresponding to you in texture, type and color, should look natural and natural. Proper make-up is invisible to others: it is designed to emphasize virtues, as well as to mask the "inaccuracies" that nature has awarded you. Therefore, you do not have to use all means to cover up acne with any means - choose the suitable one. We will help you in this. So, do you need a foundation for problem skin? Here the main rule is to approach the choice with the mind and the proper set of knowledge. Inflamed skin with pimples and redness is a sure sign that something has gone wrong in the body: internal disease, stress, "hormonal storms" and the like. All this is naturally displayed on the woman's face. Therefore, you need to choose a voice-frequency cream that contains as few dubious chemicals as possible. Of course, all cosmetics, despite the fact that the producers promise us, is made not from natural components, but we need to find the most suitable options. Usually a foundation for the problem skin on its packaging contains such explanations:

  • "Will not clog pores", which promises the pores free breath, as they do not clog up;
  • a cream that does not cause additional inflammatory processes in the form of acne, rash and the like, contains an inscription such as "non-comedogenic", that is, "without comedones";
  • light, airy and inconspicuous tonic, made without the use of oil, is indicated by the explanation "oil free";
  • if you are prone to allergicreactions, then "bismuth oxycholoride" on the cosmetics package will warn you that it will not exactly fit you. Otherwise, you risk becoming covered with a rash or "go spots", so it's best to leave it in the store.

Before making any purchase,carefully read the composition of the product. Ideally, it should not be made from synthetic substances, preservatives and all sorts of flavors. The best option - anti-allergic toning cosmetics on a mineral basis, which does not clog the pores of the skin, and also does not cause negative reactions on the face. At the same time, if it contains the necessary additives that have antibacterial effect, it will be, as they say, the top of perfection! Girls with problem skin are advised to stop their attention on the "non-medicated" tonal remedy. This product does not irritate an already inflamed face, does not cause the appearance of additional acne. If you belong to this type, then oil creams are your main enemy. In particular, marked with such inscriptions as "isopropyl myristate", as well as "lanolin". They further clog the pores, thereby contributing to the spread of irritation. However, there are some who, on the contrary, treat acne. Therefore, if possible, consult a beautician - he will help to make the right choice. You can also contact the seller at the store (or at the pharmacy). In the majority of all decorative cosmetic products in one degree or another clog the pores. Therefore, in the presence of problematic skin, it is better to choose a foundation on a water basis. And the best option, as experts say, is the mineral one. It contains no particles that pollute the pores, and there is also no bismuth chloride, which causes irritation and inflammation of the skin. In general, whatever means you choose, the main thing is that it has antiseptic and fat-absorbing properties. good foundation for the problem skin

Makeup artist tips

According to Bobby Brown (known throughout the worldmake-up artist and owner of a network of beauty salons), the right tonal tool is the basis for a successful image. And a woman with this experience should definitely listen, so here are a few of her tips. "I recommend that you use a liquid toner based on oil, preferably water. It must necessarily have a moisturizing effect, which is provided by components such as glycerol and sodium hyaluronate. They retain moisture without creating a greasy effect. Always apply the cream with a damp sponge, while giving up powder, otherwise it will "absorb" all the radiance of your skin. To remove the greasy sheen, take a persistent matting agent (or cream powder) on a liquid basis without oil. The composition of such cosmetics includes quartz, which eliminates unnecessary "shine". Also the base with salicylic acid is suitable - it struggles with acne. If you want to make the wrinkles invisible, I take an anti-aging foundation with peptides, alpha-acids or hyaluronic acid, which not only smooth the color, but also strengthen the skin. Preliminary it is better to put on the face a moisturizer. If you have a slight redness or irritation, give preference to toning makeup with vitamin E, algae extract or aloe. In this case, choose a more yellow tint (or matte) - it will help to hide the redness. Before using this cream, heat it in your hands, then it will lie flat. On the face the base always looks a little lighter than in the tube, so to guess with a tone, take a little darker than you need. Whichever ethnic group you belong to, consider the fact that the skin of all people is slightly yellowish. Therefore, refrain from buying such a foundation. To correctly determine the tone, compare the vial of the stem with something pink. If the contrast is very strong, then after applying the skin will turn yellow, and if the paints are mixed, then the basic shade of cosmetics should be pink. "

Learning how to apply the base correctly

If you follow the recommendations correctlyhave picked up a voice-frequency cream, and problems (pryshchiki, acne) and have not disappeared, do not hurry up to blame the manufacturer in a deceit. Perhaps you just do not get it right, take off and apply makeup. So, a few simple rules. First, always wash your hands in advance so that germs do not run across your face. Secondly, brushes, sponges and applicators treat with soap after each use, and buy new ones every eight weeks. Wash (morning and evening) exclusively with special means and do not "sleep" with cosmetics all night. You want to stay blooming and beautiful for as long as possible? If you have a problem and sensitive skin, frequent use of soap, all kinds of aggressive masks and scrubs is not recommended. They not only additionally irritate the upper layer of the face, but also contribute to dehydration and dryness, which leads to early aging and the appearance of wrinkles hated by everyone. Delayed cosmetics, without hesitation, send in the trash. And make sure you change the funds every six months. Some girls mistakenly believe that it is possible to mask problem areas with the help of a dense layer of a toning base. However, this is fundamentally wrong. So you do not just hide the shortcomings, and even more attract attention to them. And we're getting the opposite effect, are not we? Therefore, in this case, it is better to use light creams. Also cosmetologists recommend paying attention to concealers or proof-readers. Make-up is performed in several stages. The first layer is applied to the entire face, and the second - only to the problem areas. The tonal basis for sensitive skin is not designed to emphasize, but to hide existing shortcomings and various irregularities. Therefore, it should be well shaded with a brush or sponge, some do it with their hands. Every woman can look attractive. Moreover, thanks to the necessary cosmetics, as well as the possession of simple secrets of its application, the shortcomings can turn into virtues. Be beautiful and charming every day! We advise you to read: