arabic makeup The mysterious East with its ancient traditions,interesting customs, beautiful odalisks and princesses, known for their eastern fairy tales, always attracted the attention of European citizens. Now every woman can feel herself as a mysterious eastern princess from Arabian tales. To do this, it is enough to make a special make-up, the technique of which eastern women developed many centuries ago. Classic oriental make-up is one of the most effective means of seduction, which is available for Arab beauties. Black clothes, hiding them from head to toe, leave only the eyes open, the sight of which fascinates with its beauty, causing the hearts of men who are in love with them at first sight to tremble.

Make-up in Arabic style

Arabian style of make-up assumes under itselfaccent attention to the eyes, for which eastern beauties use antimony for eyeliner of the lower eyelid. At the same time, it is painted over the very extreme line, creating a pronounced contrast with the eye protein. The color of the eyes of oriental women can be completely different: black, brown, gray, blue or green. In addition, oriental makeup requires a perfectly even complexion and seductive, but natural lips.

How to choose makeup for Arabian makeup?

For oriental make-up you can usepearly and matte colors. In addition, Arab women use decorative sequins or rhinestones, which are applied to the eyelashes, whiskey, forehead or eyelids. In order to focus on the natural color of the eyes, shadows should be chosen especially carefully. For brown and black eyes, it is recommended to use bright blue, blue, brown, green, yellow colors, and for light blue, lilac, pink, purple, golden and gray eyeshadow colors will be ideal. These shades can be used both individually and in combination, but you should remember that in Arabian make-up there must be a black color, which is dominant. Arabian makeup does not provide for a special emphasis on the lips, so you should choose a moisturizing lipstick without glossy or pearlescent shine in natural warm tones. Ideal for lipstick beige shades, soft pink or caramel color. You can also use brown lipstick, but not too dark. Since the Arabian make-up is designed to highlight the eyes, the complexion should be perfectly even. If the skin of your face is light, you need to choose an ivory tone foundation with a matte silky effect. arabic style makeup

Eyebrow Correction

Beautiful makeup in Arabic style is unthinkable withoutspectacular eyebrows. Eyebrows can be of any thickness, but the main thing is that their line is plastic and very clear, because the effect of all Arab makeup depends on their condition and beauty. When creating a line of eyebrows, do not allow any excess hair protruding, which can ruin the make-up of your makeup.

Face tone in Arabic makeup

Arabian makeup, as well as make-up in anyanother style, begins with the application of foundation. To create an oriental make-up, the perfectly smooth tone of the face is very important, and therefore any redness or pimples, as well as unhealthy complexion, can make all efforts to none, and bright Arabian make-up for brown eyes will look vulgar. Women with a light skin type are not recommended to use tonal funds in the style of the southern beach. For them, light colors - ivory colors - are ideal. As a result, the skin will look as natural as possible and will be an ideal background for a bright eye makeup. Blush in Arabic makeup should not be used, so that nothing distracts attention from beautifully colored eyes.

Eye makeup in Arabic style

At the next stage, which requirespainstaking work, eyes are highlighted with the help of certain techniques. To do this, use two colors of shadows. You can add a third, but it should be applied with barely noticeable pinholes. Creating a make-up in the oriental style, you need to forget about using traditional shadows-twins similar shades. It is worth using the shadows of two bright colors or choose one color bright, and another more laconic, for example, shadows of white, brown or gray colors. The main thing in eye makeup is to adhere to the technique of applying cosmetics: one color together with the eyeliner envelops the eyes, and the second, being an auxiliary, is superimposed on the upper eyelid under the eyebrow. The auxiliary color of the shadows can still be covered, if desired, by the lower eyelid slightly below the primary color. Remember, if you use several colors for Arabic makeup, overlaying them, you need to create a smooth transition from one color to another. First, a secondary color of the shadows is applied to the eyes, which is shaded to the eyebrow line. After that, the eyes in the east are allocated with a black pencil or liquid liner, which simulates the use of antimony. An obligatory attribute of the Arabian make-up are the arrows. They can both completely repeat the contour of the eyes, and form daring rays that go far beyond the outer corner. In order to draw them with eyeliner or pencil, you need to gently round your eyes along the line of eyelash growth in the upper and lower eyelids. This allows you to give the eyes an almond shaped, characteristic for Arabian makeup. After this, the shadows of the primary color are applied to the mobile eyelid. They can descend to the lower eyelid, protrude beyond the line of the outer corner of the eye, thus changing the shape of the eyes. It all depends on your taste and skills in creating makeup. Shadows should be applied using a wide brush, which allows you to get a light Arabic make-up without the feeling of artificiality. At the final stage, the classic eye makeup in Arabic style ends with the coloration of the eyelashes. Ink is superimposed in several layers. Before applying each layer, it is necessary to wait until it has dried already applied. For the lower eyelashes, there will be enough one layer of black carcass. Teaching Arab make-up is painstaking, however, having mastered the basic skills, having studied all its secrets, you can shine on a romantic date or at a festive event, attracting your eyes to the entire male half of the invited guests. We advise you to read: