how to apply powder You rarely meet a woman who isis completely satisfied with her appearance. Agree, we are always worried about something: the nose is too long, the cellulite is too noticeable, then, as luck would have it, pimples popped out before the corporate party. And you can continue this indefinitely. The number of female dissatisfaction with itself tends to increase and decline depending on the onset of critical days or the change of seasons, sometimes to reduce their appearance to a minimum helps participation and attention from the beloved. But anyway, sooner or later, every woman notices some flaws in herself. The most common of these is non-ideal skin. However, thanks to the modern developments of cosmetologists, cope with the problem of unevenness and dull skin on the face is not difficult, because the foundation and powder are irreplaceable in the struggle for beauty.

Tonal cream: all pros and cons

Cosmetology has gone far ahead. If earlier doubts arose as such products, today everything became much easier. But even now, many women are careful not to use tonal means, arguing that the foundation is harmful. We want to dispel this myth. As experts mark, a voice-frequency cream is a good opportunity to level a complexion. A decade ago such preparations were very coarse, dense, containing basically large particles that clogged the pores. Therefore, there were all kinds of rashes and allergies. But this does not apply to the newfangled tonal facilities. In addition to the fact that the present cosmetic products give the person a healthy and gentle color, they also protect against the aggressive influence of the surrounding world - water, air, exhaust car gases and so on. If you do not use a foundation cream, do not apply powder, then all the dust and dirt will settle directly on the skin. Therefore, such cosmetics serves as a barrier to pollution and protects you from external stimuli. And even today, many companies add vitamin E to the foundation, which, when combating free radicals, prevents the appearance of wrinkles, and SPF protects against ultraviolet light. Therefore, as you can see, not what you can, but even you need to have in your arsenal of foundation and other cosmetic products. The main thing - to choose the right type of skin and use it wisely: always wash off make-up for the night, and waterproof tonal funds should be used no more than three times in seven days. The fact is that such products are very dense and persistently absorbed into the skin, so they are undesirable to use often. If you neglect this rule, then going to a specialist for you should become the norm - carry out peelings, cleansing and nourishing masks regularly. And then there will be no problems! how to apply powder on face

Powder as a kind of tonal remedy

To make your face look healthy, smooth and fresh,First of all, you should choose a suitable tonal tool, which we'll talk about a little later. The tonal cream is light, of a dense consistency, moisturizing or anti-aging, of different shades. But the powder - a thing more diverse, so let's dwell a little on its varieties. There are shading and transparent powders, and for a more effective makeup for a special occasion - giving a light shine. Powder is sold in the form of small balls, compact or crumbly. Let's talk about each in more detail. A remedy, so to speak, for every day, is a compact ordinary powder, which many women are accustomed to use daily. It relieves fatty gloss, gives the skin a matt and velvety. Its counterpart is friable powder, which has the same properties as compact, but this product has a lighter consistency and due to the powder state is better distributed on the face (the main thing is to use a good brush). To fix the make-up, as a final touch in creating the image, you can use a transparent powder with reflective particles. They are also compact or crumbly, or with a mixture of several (two or three) shades. This powder gives the skin an inner radiance, matiruet and fixes makeup. Ideally, each lady's cosmetic bag should have several means of different texture and shade. Some - for everyday use, others - for output and others - for a special case, for example, with a soothing effect for problematic skin. Whatever it was, it is important to choose the appropriate tonal remedy for you.

Face cream and powder: 2 in 1

Thanks to the development of modern cosmetologyToday, foundation and powder are combined in one bottle and under the same name - cream powder. This tool not only has an excellent ability to mask all the irregularities, pimples and eruptions, but also relieves of the obligation to powder during the day. Therefore, if you do not want to constantly correct your makeup, but still want to look good, replace the foundation and powder with one tube of this product. Again, choose a cosmetic product, given your skin type. For a lady with oily or combination skin, ideal cream powder with silicone is ideal. It is evenly applied and prevents the appearance of a greasy shine. For older women with already visible wrinkles, it is better to choose cream-powder liquid consistency, which nourishes and protects from dehydration, the same remedy, only with moisturizing and antiseptic properties, is recommended for women with dry skin type. This cream-powder lies down a soft thin layer and provides a uniform healthy complexion. It should be noted that if you have enlarged and noticeable pores on your face, applying a cream powder will make them only more visible. In this case, it is better to use a thick foundation and shimmering powder - apply them to the area of ​​the temples and cheekbones.

How to choose a tonal tool

Daily stress, insomnia, stress onwork, malnutrition - all this is naturally reflected in the appearance of a woman. Disguise minor deficiencies, even the complexion and give it freshness will help with foundation and powder. But that the effect of the use of cosmetics was noticeable and did not hurt and so emaciated the skin, you should choose the right cosmetics. We will tell you how to do it. First, the main rule when buying new cosmetics, be it foundation, daily care, lotion, powder or other - choose it according to the type of skin. If you have normal skin (moderately dry and not too greasy), then consider that you are lucky - both powder and foundation will be ideal assistants to create a fresh and healthy image. Usually girls of this type do not have to worry because of rashes and acne, but an even complexion is rare today. Therefore, to look cool and attractive, use a foundation or powder, and for greater effect - both means. Cosmetologists advise before applying to make a peeling or use a cleansing mask - this will remove the dead cells, and then the tonal remedy "will lie" on the face with an even beautiful layer. Then smear and rub the damp sponge with a normal moisturizer, and on top of the tonal, and to give velvety and get rid of excess gloss - a little powder. Dry skin suffers from a lack of moisture, which increases the risk of premature wrinkles. Women with skin of this type are recommended to use only a foundation, as the powder in this case does not hold, and crumbling makeup you obviously will not decorate. Today, the choice of cosmetics is varied, therefore, if possible, to moisturize, give the face a fresh even tone and also to protect against wrinkles, use a special 3: 1 tonal cream with anti-aging effect. Since it is not recommended to apply powder to women with mature skin, it is better to buy cosmetics with flickering particles - this will give a gentle glow and make the image flawless. If the sebaceous glands produce too much sebum, then the face appears greasy shine, familiar to many, in addition, such a skin "clings" to itself all the dirt and dust, resulting in unwanted inflammation and pimples. Girls with such skin should choose a foundation of light consistency, even better - absorbing excess sebum. However, a tool with such characteristics is rather problematic, so it is best to choose such an option as an alternative - apply not a foundation lotion, but a powder. You will ask why? The answer is simple. The powder, unlike the tonal remedy, does not clog pores and allows the skin to breathe freely, besides it absorbs the excess of the derived sebaceous glands and makes it matte, smooth and silky. And one more little advice. Select a foundation and any other cosmetic product in the light, applying a small amount on the palm (its inner part); so you can make sure whether you are using a ton of cream or powder. Also, experts advise me regularly (once every six months) the contents of the cosmetic bag. The tonal cream, and, of course, the powder - not a panacea for all ills; but they are excellent assistants in the struggle for beauty and freshness of the face. And what kind of woman does not want to look irresistible? To ensure that your skin is healthy and radiant, not only choose the right cosmetics, but do not forget about a healthy lifestyle - swim, exercise, spend eight hours on sleep, diversify your diet with vitamins and the right foods - and then the passers-by will be are chained only to you. Good luck! We advise you to read: