make-up for brown eyes of brunettes "The eyes are black, the eyes are passionate, the eyes are searing andbeautiful. " Yes, in fact, the owner of the brown eyes was lucky. Nature has awarded them with natural make-up: black hair adds to the face of sculpture and emphasizes skin color, and black eyelashes often relieve a lady from having to use mascara and pencil. However, women who are satisfied with their appearance simply do not exist. Therefore black-eyed and black-browed beauties also have high hopes for make-up, in order to become even more beautiful and even brighter. Still, the appearance of brown-eyed brunettes is similar only in the color of the eyes and hair. Oval and facial features, like the shape of the eyes and eyebrows, they have different. And wanting to correct their pristine beauty, brunettes should apply makeup according to certain rules, which dictate just the color of their hair and eyes. So, what should be the correct make-up of the brown eyes of brunettes? makeup for brown-eyed brunettes

Color selection

First of all professional stylistsrecommend to abandon pastel tones, orange and cream shades. The most suitable colors for the makeup of brown eyes, they consider dark brown, black, silver, purple and golden. When choosing eyeliner, be guided by the shade of hair and skin color. Do not get carried away by black piping only. For these purposes, you can use and dark brown, and dark gray, and dark lilac eyeliner. Eyebrows in brunettes most often do not need additional tint. A mascara for the eyelashes should perform functions not so much as a dye, as an extension and a "podpushitelya." Casual makeup of the brown eyes As an option for daytime makeup brunettes, they can use the following scheme:

  • the main tone - the color of the skin;
  • light concealer - on the fixed part of the lower eyelid and under the bend of the eyebrow;
  • upper eyelid - lilac base and black shadows for the outer corner of the eye, which shade closer to the middle of the century;
  • arrows - liquid black eyeliner or black pencil, which is applied under the eye shadow;
  • mascara - black, with the effect of lengthening.

Evening makeup for the brown eyes Spectacular evening makeup for brown-eyed brunettes can be successfully beat by contrasting colors:

  • natural (skin color) foundation and the same shade of powder;
  • concealer for the lower eyelid - a lighter tone;
  • shadows for the upper eyelid of fuchsia, and green or emerald shadows over the arrows - from the outer corner of the eye to the middle;
  • The arrows are bright enough and wide, they are colored or black;
  • The lower eyelid also shades with green shadows;
  • as an option - mother-of-pearl shades or a little sparkles;
  • ink - black, with the effect of long and fluffy eyelashes.

beautiful makeup for brown-eyed brunettes

Technique and style

Talk about a special makeup technique for brown eyes is not worth it. Because this technique is universal for any color of eyes. However, the basic rules need to be recalled:

  • a foundation is necessary for make-up in the form of day and foundation cream;
  • use of shadows at least two tones - light and dark;
  • skillful feathering of the border between shadows of different colors or colors;
  • competent combination of colors;
  • perfect form of eyebrows;
  • lightness and naturalness of daytime make-up;
  • saturation and muted brightness of colors for evening make-up.
  • And the most important rule - makeup for the brown eyesBrunettes should be performed as carefully and carefully as possible. Because the brown eyes are expressive in themselves and attract attention, which means that any flaws will be noticeable in the first place. Style. Fashion smoky makeup, as well as make-up in the oriental style is appropriate for parties, celebrations and public appearances. Style Naturelle is suitable for everyday make-up of brown eyes. By the way, a light smoky eye and oriental style are also appropriate for daytime make-up. In general, the advantage of brown eyes is precisely that any style in light performance will suit them for everyday make-up. Therefore, romantic make-up, and make-up in the style of fantasy or vintage can be safely taken on board. The main thing to remember is that the brown eyes and black hair make the face particularly expressive and already quite bright. Therefore, you need to feel the measure and try not to go too far with the intensity and variety of colors. Successful experiments and unfading beauty! We advise you to read: