unloading day on kefir Beautiful can not be forbidden. Modern women have firmly grasped this rule and day after day they continue to fight for the right to be attractive. They go to the hairdresser's, to the beautician, order breathtaking outfits on foreign websites - and all in order to smile in the morning with satisfaction in their reflection in the mirror. The battle continues not in vain. As proof of this, the men delightfully turn around after the girls, invite to date and devastate flower stalls. Here it is - the long-awaited trophy. And we are not talking about the colorful bouquet decorating the vase. It's about a man whom a woman can happily call "my". Accompanying this secret assignment by hike in the registry office or simply transporting things to a bachelor apartment on one of the beautiful days. Some girls after that unforgivably relax, believing that in this battle they won. But they do not take into account the fact that there are still beautiful players on the playing field who are ready to play without rules and who probably do not mind the stamp in the passport of another man. Convinced? Apparently, yes, since many women now raised their heads anxiously: in place of the deceased? But you do not need to look at your husband, but yourself. Whether the hair is good, what you walk around the house, if you did not gain extra kilograms over the weekend. And the last point to change is much more difficult, as the robe can easily be replaced with a home suit, hair cut. But the extra weight will haunt you for a long time, with a mute reproach looking at the folds on the sides. What to do? Humble? No matter how it is! Spend a fasting day on kefir, and your weight will evaporate without a trace in 24 hours. It is proved! The most daring can choose a fast diet for a quick diet on one kefir. Those who perceive the famine as torture, will approach mixed versions of kefir unloading day. Interested? Then tell us in more detail.

Unloading day on kefir: secrets and subtleties

Due to what is so effective kefir unloadingday? To begin with, this is a natural product that does not harm the body. Kefir improves the work of the gastrointestinal tract, digests in an hour and significantly refreshes the complexion of the person who drinks it. On days off, a sour-milk drink quenches the feeling of hunger without adding extra pounds. After all, kefir is a low-calorie drink, and it is almost impossible to recover from it. That is why it is prescribed by dietitians for weight loss. And if the benefits of this sour-milk drink for you are finally proved, let's talk directly about a day of unloading on kefir and all its varieties.

Clean unloading on kefir

If you are able to live a whole day only onone kefir, then you can use the so-called "clean unloading". The essence of this method of losing weight is simple: drink kefir. And its quantity is not limited. Eat a day and a half liter? Great. Increased the volume to two and a half liters? Nutritionists will not mind. The main thing is not to eat or drink anything, except kefir. Such unloading days can be held up to four times a month. Contraindications kefir diet is practically none. The only limitation is to be careful of those women who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and high acidity. kefir unloading day

Kefir and Berry Unloading Day

This version of unloading is suitable for those whoachieves weight loss in the summer days. Since it is at this time of year that nature pampers us with fresh fruits, which not only lift the mood, but also save you from extra pounds. Buy your favorite fruits, kefir, and prudently clean the fridge from high-calorie cutlets, pasta and other forbidden foods, which will prevent you from losing weight. For breakfast, drink a glass of yogurt and eat any fruit and in any quantities. At lunch again, a glass of yogurt, but this time from all the fruits you can choose only on apples. At lunch, treat yourself to a full fruit salad. Only fill it with sweet syrup or cream, and kefir. During the day, you can drink up to 2.5 liters of purified water in addition to kefir. Have dinner on some apples. As a result, you can achieve weight loss by 1-1.5 kilograms per day.

Unloading day on kefir and oatmeal

This method of weight loss is not only effective, but also differs relative diversification of the diet. You can spend it both in summer and in the winter.

  • Breakfast: half a glass of oatmeal, boiled in the evening with boiling water, a glass of kefir;
  • The second breakfast: a glass of broth from a dogrose;
  • Lunch: 2 apples and a glass of kefir;
  • Afternoon snack: a glass of kefir;
  • Dinner: two rusks and tea with lemon;
  • Before going to bed again, a glass of yogurt.

Unloading day on kefir and juice

A wonderful version of unloading on kefir and juicewill suit not only those who want to lose weight, but also people suffering from urolithiasis. Its principle is simple. You can not eat anything all day. For all the time you can drink a liter of juice and a half liter of kefir. Drinks should be alternated. A glass of juice - a glass of yogurt and so on. By the way, we advise not to buy ready-made packaged juice, but to make it yourself. Fresh fruit and juicer to help you!

Watermelon-kefir unloading day

And again the summer version of losing weight. Because it is warm days that make us wear a minimum of clothes and pay attention to extra pounds. After all, folds at the waist are much easier to hide under a thick sweater, rather than under a guipure t-shirt, right? This time we need a ripe watermelon and a half a liter of kefir. Just advise you to choose your future diet with special care. After all, you have this watermelon to eat 24 hours. Therefore, it is so important that it is ripe and sweet. So, breakfast. Eat a third of the whole watermelon in the morning and drink a glass of kefir. At the second breakfast - only kefir. At lunch, pamper yourself again with a sweet slice of watermelon. Kefir can be drunk all day without restriction. But in the evening, use a small secret in order to remove all unwanted slags from the body. Fill a hot bath and go to dinner there. The body in the water will begin to emit harmful substances that have satiated over the past days, when you completely forgot about a healthy lifestyle.

Kefir-fish unloading day

There are rare exceptions to the rules when a dietis nourishing. Kefir-fish unloading day is a vivid confirmation of this. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, like a tasty meal and do not want to spend endless days on diets, then write down. You will need a kilogram of fish, a liter of kefir, a pound of tomatoes and cucumbers.

  • Breakfast: a piece of boiled fish, herbal tea;
  • Second breakfast: a glass of kefir;
  • Lunch: a piece of boiled fish, vegetable salad from tomatoes and cucumbers, a glass of kefir;
  • Afternoon snack: a glass of kefir;
  • Supper: boiled fish, tomato, kefir;
  • Before going to bed, another glass of kefir.

This kefir fasting day is flexible enough. Its menu can be changed, supplemented, enriched with fruits. The main thing is moderation and kefir. It is in this sour-milk drink that the secret of losing weight lies. days off on kefir

Kefir-cucumber unloading day

For this recipe, weight loss will not only be neededkefir, but also a kilogram of fresh cucumbers. Strict rules of this unloading day does not exist. You can even cut a cucumber salad and dress it with olive oil and greens. The main thing is not to overeat and drink kefir more often. If a sour milk drink for long days of weight loss is boring, you can replace it with mineral water or herbal tea. But before going to sleep, no matter how you like, you will have to drink kefir.

Kefir-cottage cheese-free day

The unloading day on yogurt and cottage cheese is of two kinds. Which one is more effective is up to you. We will give you descriptions of both ways to lose weight with a detailed menu for the whole day. Option 1

  • Breakfast: three tablespoons of fat-free cottage cheese, a glass of kefir;
  • Afternoon snack: a glass of kefir;
  • Lunch: 100 grams of skimmed yogurt with fresh fruit and kefir;
  • Snack: an unchanging glass of kefir;
  • Dinner: three tablespoons of cottage cheese, seasoned with a teaspoon of honey and a glass of kefir.
  • Before going to sleep: kefir.

Option 2

  • Breakfast: broth of dogrose, three tablespoons of cottage cheese, a teaspoon of honey, a glass of kefir;
  • Second breakfast: a glass of kefir;
  • Lunch: 100 grams of cottage cheese with fresh fruit, broth of dogrose, a glass of kefir;
  • Afternoon snack: a glass of kefir;
  • Supper: three tablespoons of cottage cheese with honey, a glass of kefir, a decoction of soothing herbs.

As we see, the two variants of the curd-kefir unloading day are very similar, so you can make your own, third, variant, mixing both proposed options.

Kefir and potato day of unloading

You are surprised to see in the list of ingredientsboiled potatoes? Nevertheless, this is exactly what dieticians recommend. And instead of spending long days on grueling diets, it's best to spend the next 24 hours properly, and the weight will go back to normal. Of course, you can not throw 10 kilograms per day, but 800-1000 grams - easily.

  • Breakfast: two boiled potatoes, a glass of kefir;
  • The second breakfast: tea from a dogrose with a cracker;
  • Lunch: again two boiled potatoes, a glass of kefir;
  • Afternoon snack: a glass of kefir;
  • Dinner: two remaining boiled potatoes, a glass of tea made from rose hips;
  • Before going to bed - a glass of yogurt.

To ensure that any kefir fasting day from all of the above brought long-awaited weight loss, you must adhere to several important rules:

  • Eat for the whole day no more than 1200 calories;
  • Make sure that the amount of kefir in the menu is always greater than the rest of the ingredients;
  • Choose only low-fat kefir;
  • Repeat unloading at least once a month to fix the result.
  • I want to summarize all of the above. It does not matter how you are going to lose weight. The main thing in this business is desire. It is it that brings 60% of the success of the whole event. So gather with spirit, release days off for unloading and stop hammering the refrigerator under the string. We are sure that there are a lot of 24-hour shops in your city, in case the hunger suddenly turns out to be stronger. And if you have come to such a store, then leave the chocolate lying in its place and go to the dairy department. After all, the only product that you can have with excess is kefir. We advise you to read: