buckwheat diet Buckwheat. For most of our compatriots this product is familiar from the very childhood. And this is not accidental. Buckwheat not only has excellent taste qualities, but also very useful. It contains such essential substances and trace elements as iron, calcium, phosphorus, iodine, bromine and zinc. Also this croup is rich in vitamins B1, B2 and PP. Biscuits from buckwheat are recommended for hypertension, atherosclerosis, liver problems and some other diseases. A diet for buckwheat porridge has long been popular with those who are actively struggling with excess weight. Despite the fact that for us buckwheat has become something ordinary and ordinary, in other countries it is far from being so popular. Although there, dietitians recommend it as a dietary product. However, we, as practice shows, know not everything about buckwheat. For example, do you know the origin of this word - "buckwheat"? And it's interesting. It turns out that originally in Russia this culture was cultivated by Greek monks. That's why she was called this strange word. And a few more little-known facts:

  • Buckwheat is one of the few cultivated plants that does not fear weeds. She herself successfully replaces them.
  • Buckwheat, strictly speaking, is not grain at all. This is a seed from the family of rhubarb.
  • Kasha - not all that can be made from buckwheat. In some countries, this crop is used in a different way. For example, in Japan, buckwheat noodles are very popular, in China it is used to make chocolate, and in Spain they use husks like sunflower seeds.
  • In most languages ​​the word "buckwheat" does not have its analogue. As a rule, for its designation use very Russian - kasha.

The essence of the buckwheat diet

This diet is low-carbohydrate and, at the same timetime, protein. The duration of a strict diet is no more than seven days. "Soft" version is designed for 14 days. And even if you are satisfied with the results and want to continue the experiment, you should not do this. Krupa removes from the body not only water and slags, but also useful substances. Long-term compliance with this diet can have a bad effect on your health. During a diet, you may lose blood pressure and headaches. This is due to the fact that salt and glucose will cease to flow into the body. To replenish the glucose reserve is simple enough - dilute a small spoon of honey in a glass of water and take small portions throughout the day. Do not worry that this diet will become less effective - glucose will not turn into fat, but will serve as a "fuel" for your brain. It is also recommended to take vitamin-mineral complexes. Compliance with the buckwheat diet will allow you to get rid of several - usually 3-10 - kilograms of excess weight. To obtain the desired result, the groats should be prepared in a certain way. How to cook the "right" buckwheat porridge? Very simple. In the evening, take one glass of buckwheat, carefully clean it and rinse it. Pour two cups of boiling water and leave overnight. In the morning the porridge will be ready. Of course, it should be consumed without sugar and salt. The only exception is soy sauce. There are several variants of the buckwheat diet. Let's look at some of them.

Gentle diet on buckwheat porridges

This option refers to the most sparing. The duration of this diet is two weeks. It is transferred quite simply. In order that the porridge is not "boring", it is recommended to cook a variety of dishes from buckwheat.

  • Buckwheat burgers

For their cooking, cook buckwheat soway to get a viscous gruel. Add the soy and mix well. Form the patties and place them in the oven for 25 minutes. If desired, sprinkle with sesame seeds.

  • Buckwheat casserole

Boil the buckwheat until half cooked. Cook the carrots. Slightly put out the cabbage. Take a baking sheet and lightly oil it with olive oil. Put the porridge on the bottom. Next, layers - boiled carrots, fresh tomatoes and cabbage. Top - sesame seeds. Put in the oven and bake until done. Is recommended with a green salad.

  • Buckwheat pancakes

Boil and strain the buckwheat. Add a little bit of coarse flour, kefir and one egg. Stir. You should get a homogeneous viscous mass. Fry the pancakes in olive oil. The diameter of the fritters should not exceed six centimeters. The menu for the first three days does not change. For breakfast - a bowl of buckwheat porridge and one glass of low-fat kefir. If you feel a strong hunger, you can eat a few buckwheat loaves. In the afternoon - 50 grams of buckwheat, a glass of yogurt and two buckwheat cutlets. For dinner - a glass of yogurt and buckwheat casserole. In the next three days, the diet changes slightly. In the morning - two glasses of kefir and buckwheat bread. Eat until you are satisfied. In the afternoon - three fritters and two cups of kefir. Before going to bed - just kefir. One glass. The last day of this week is unloading. You can only buckwheat porridge - in small portions, no more than one glass a day. Drink - kefir or water without gas. The next three days also do not differ in variety. In the morning - two fritters and a glass of yogurt. In the afternoon - 50 grams of porridge and two glasses of kefir. If desired, you can eat 5-8 buckwheat bread. In the evening - 70 grams of porridge, dietary salad and again - kefir. The next three days. Breakfast - egg, boiled soft-boiled, kefir, 50 grams of buckwheat porridge. In the afternoon - again porridge. You can eat 50 grams. To her - a salad of cabbage and a cup of herbal tea. For dinner - 50 grams of buckwheat, kefir, dietary salad. The last day of the diet is again unloading. Again, only kefir and porridge. buckwheat porridge diet

Diet on buckwheat porridge for 7 days

It is designed for seven days. Within six days, if there is a feeling of hunger, you can eat a few fruits. Do this one hour before meals or an hour after it. Preference is for green apples. Forbidden melons, watermelons, grapes.

  • First four days

In the morning you can eat 50 grams of buckwheat porridge and drink two glasses of still mineral water. In the afternoon - 50 grams of buckwheat and a glass of water. In the evening - mineral water without gas and again 50 grams of porridge.

  • Fifth and sixth days

For breakfast - a cup of green tea and 50 grams of buckwheat porridge. In the afternoon - 90 grams of porridge and two glasses of water without gas. For dinner - a glass of water and 50 grams of porridge.

  • Seventh day

In a day - 200 grams of buckwheat and 1.5 liters of water.

Diet on buckwheat porridge for 5 days

This diet is designed for five days.

  • The first day

In the morning - 50 grams of buckwheat porridge, herbal teafrom chamomile, prunes - three pieces. To this is a fruit salad. For its preparation, take two apples, one fruit of kiwi and a few slices of orange, mandarin or grapefruit. Snack - 50 grams of buckwheat, pear or apple, a glass of water without gas. Dinner - fruit salad and green tea. In the tea, you can add lemon. For dinner - 50 grams of buckwheat, grapefruit or orange, herbal tea. To make tea, you need to take one teaspoon of St. John's wort and marigold and half a spoon of sage.

  • Second day

For breakfast - a glass of multifruit juice and 50grams of buckwheat porridge. Snack - a glass of water and three buckwheat bread. In the afternoon, 50 grams of buckwheat and vegetable salad of celery, spinach, cooked carrots and broccoli. In the evening - a handful of cedar or walnuts, fruit, 50 grams of buckwheat and green tea.

  • Day Three

You should repeat the menu of one of the previous days.

  • Day four

In the morning - 50 grams of buckwheat and a glass of orangefresh. Add in it 6-9 drops of lemon juice. Snack - a glass of water and two apples. In the afternoon - fruit salad, a glass of juice and 50 grams of buckwheat. For dinner - nine dates, 50 grams of buckwheat mineral water.

  • Day five

Breakfast - two grapefruit and 50 grams of buckwheatporridge. Afternoon snack - a cup of herbal tea and six buckwheat loaves. In the afternoon - again buckwheat and vegetable salad. For it, boil the beets and broccoli for a couple, add celery and spinach. In the evening - nuts, fruits. 50 grams of buckwheat and green tea.

Strict version of the diet on buckwheat porridge

The diet is designed for five days. This option is the strictest. On the other hand, it is perfect for those who do not like cooking - in fact, buckwheat is not even necessary to cook. And except buckwheat, you can only kefir or mineral water. If you choose kefir - drink no more than one liter a day. Water - no more than two. The amount of buckwheat porridge should not exceed 300 grams per day. The daily rate should be divided into five or six meals. buckwheat porridge diet

Exit from the buckwheat diet

In order to consolidate the result,to leave the buckwheat diet should be very carefully and gradually. Unfortunately, after returning sharply to the usual diet, you risk to recover your lost kilograms in the shortest possible time. And it will be very insulting - the diet is not easy! So how to eat right after the end of the diet? First, try not to pounce on the sweet and flour. It will not be easy to do this - the body will try to fill all the "lost". Secondly, within two weeks after the end of the course, be sure to include in your diet buckwheat porridge or other dishes made from buckwheat. It is quite understandable that you do not really want to do this - it's already boring you already. But the body needs to "get comfortable" in a new weight. Help him. For example, cook on Monday buckwheat pancakes, on Tuesday - cutlets, on Wednesday - eat bread, etc. By the end of the second week, you can reduce the consumption of buckwheat to a minimum and return to your regular menu. Which of the variants of the buckwheat diet is the most effective - difficult to say. All this is very individual. Someone more suited one, someone - another. However, any of them gives very good results. The choice is yours. But before you start fighting with extra pounds, be sure to consult your doctor. Despite all the benefits of the product, the buckwheat diet has some contraindications. For example, some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In this case, you can cause significant harm to the body. And what could be more important than health? After all, only healthy people are really beautiful. We advise you to read: