for shine of hair What hair can be called beautiful? Healthy, without a white coating of dandruff and greasy shine, and most importantly - shiny! The shine of the hair, like a litmus test, reveals the lack of proper care for curls and the presence of health problems. However, the former brightness and brightness can be restored by selecting a qualitative means for shining hair.

Why is this happening?

The true reason for the dullness and untidy look of your hair can be:

  • malnutrition. Oily, salty and spicy food, "flavored" with sweet soda provokes exacerbation of chronic diseases of the stomach - such as ulcer and gastritis. And even if you do not feel pain, problems with the gastrointestinal tract "signal" about yourself the appearance of acne and acne, increased greasiness of the skin. From excess of sebum the hair quickly gets dirty and lose its natural radiance;
  • abuse of stowage and othercosmetics for hair. Abundantly wetting strands of mousse and wax, constantly using the lacquer of strong fixation, you deform the core and hair follicles. For this they "thank" you for disobedience and untidy appearance;
  • pregnancy. When you carry a child under your heart, there is a real "hormonal storm" in your body. In addition to dull hair, you can become a "happy" possessor of oily skin, dandruff and stretch marks;
  • stress and chronic lack of sleep. Depression can cause more serious trichological problems, from fragility to loss;
  • winter. Lovers to flaunt without a hat in the cold season risk not only the brightness of the hair, but also their health.

means for shine of hair

General care advice

Shining hair is the best decoration for any girl. They look luxurious without any make-up and complex folds. If you learn how to properly care for curls, you do not have to constantly collect them in a tail or bundle to hide from evaluating views. Incorrect nutrition is directly displayed on the hair condition. As you already know, the abuse of flour and fatty foods, the passion for fast food, bad habits can cause dandruff and high fatty strands. What here shine! To restore your hair style the previous look, make some changes to your diet. Start your morning with a handful of nuts and a glass of warm mineral water with a slice of lemon. Regularly eat fruit and drink freshly squeezed juices - they are full of "living" vitamins. At least twice a week, eat animal protein, for example, lean beef, low-calorie chicken breast or tender pork. For the dull hair, gelatin is also useful - let the favorite cake and a glass of cola replace the rahat-lukum or chewing marmalade. For the state of your hair, skin and nails meet the "vitamins of beauty" - B6 and B12. They are found in fresh eggs, lettuce, river fish, beans, lentils, cod liver and ripe tomatoes. Have more rest and react less to what is happening around you. Long-term stress, nervous breakdowns and lack of sleep cause a loss of brightness of the hair. The duration of your sleep should be at least 8 hours a day, regardless of night hangouts and quarterly deadlines. During work and family work, try to keep the mind sober and drink soothing. Every evening before going to bed, massage the scalp. More than 5 minutes this procedure does not take, and the result will be visible in a week. During the session, intense exposure to the skin causes a rush of blood to the hair follicles and roots, due to which they are actively saturated with oxygen. Hair becomes brighter and thicker, their growth accelerates. There are several massage techniques suitable for use at home. The simplest of them involves the usual combing of hair with a wooden flat brush. Divide the head of hair into 4 sectors and brush each 50-60 times. You can replace the combing by alternately lightly pulling individual strands off the roots. Do not overdo it so as not to tear out the thin hairs. The third method involves preliminary moisturizing the scalp. To do this, it is necessary to drizzle it abundantly with distilled water from a spray gun. Then, moving from the forehead to the back of the head, start tapping lightly on the skin with your fingertips. After 3-4 minutes of such manipulations, proceed to stroking and rubbing. This massage is easy to combine with rubbing in the roots of hair special vitamin-mineral complexes and medicinal compounds - it enhances their activity several times. shine

Home recipes for your hair

No means for shine hair will help,if you wash your head with hot water. In combination with shampoo, it flushes out all the moisture and keratin from your strands. Rinse the curls with warm water - then you can always easily comb them and put them. To enhance the shine of your hair once a week, "pamper" their contrast shower - use to wash your head alternately warm water and a liquid at room temperature. Regular drying with a hot air jet thins hair and makes them dull and lifeless. Pressing wet braids with a towel is not desirable for the same reason. After washing, wrap your head with a towel or cotton towel to let the hair drain. After 20-30 minutes, blot out the moisture residues in the strands and dry them, keeping the dryer 30 cm away. The temperature of the air flow should not exceed 35 ° C. Prepare the hair shampoo yourself. 200 gr. dry crusts of "Borodino" or "Fruit" bread soak in warm milk. Spoon with a spoon to homogenize the bread mass. Press out excess liquid with gauze. Mix the gruel with 2 tbsp. chopped soap shavings. During washing, apply the mixture generously to the scalp and rub it with massaging movements, then rinse with water. Egg shampoo will help dry and lifeless strands. Break up the three eggs and separate the yolks from the proteins. Add 1 tsp to the yolks. cognac and 20 drops of lavender essential oil. 50 gr. In the nettle, heat the stinging nettle over low heat. Dissolve in the liquid 2 tablespoons. Lime honey and 2 tbsp. baking soda. Use the mixture as a normal shampoo. Soda will soften the water and make your hair soft and silky. Gelatin is useful for hair not only when used internally. Pour 40 gr. powdered gelatin 4 tbsp. hot water and let it swell. Grate zest of ½ lemon or lime, add to it a few drops of the vitamin A oil solution. Heat the gelatin mass on the fire until the crystals dissolve completely. Mix with the zest and let it brew for 15-20 minutes. If your hair suffers not only from tarnish, but also from dandruff, prepare the following composition: mix 100 gr. Chamomile infusion with 1 tablespoon. dry mustard powder. Grind 2 tablets of acetylsalicylic acid and add the drug in infusion. To increase the viscosity of home shampoo, add soap chips. Balm rinse fills the scales and smooths the structure of the hair. Thanks to its application, your head of hear will not only shine, but it will also be easy to comb, and will also stop popping and quickly getting dirty. The easiest way to make a hand-made rinse aid is to add useful ingredients to the water. Dull hair will be useful rinsing with lemon juice, decoction of crimson leaves or vinegar mixed with distilled or thawed water in a proportion of 1:20. At home, you can even prepare a conditioner with a light styling effect. Mix 2 liters of boiled water with 1 bottle of light beer - and after drying your head will decorate small curls. If you replace beer with red wine, you can straighten your hair without applying styling products like sprays and gels. Redhead beauties will like a toning conditioner that emphasizes the seductive hue of their strands. To make it you will need a peel of 10 bulbs and 2 liters of water. Onion husks should be boiled for half an hour, cooled and used to rinse off the shampoo. Purchased aerosol products for shine hair will easily replace a spray based on herbal decoctions. In a bottle with a spray, pour the broth of chamomile, nettle or mint and use to facilitate unraveling and combing after drying. Wear this spray always with you - if from a smooth hairstyle treacherously hack out individual hairs, you can always fix the situation with a pair of pshikov. The best way to defeat the dullness of hair - once a week to pamper them with caring masks. The longer you maintain the medicinal composition on the skin and roots, the better (so if you can easily sleep with a towel on your head, do not hesitate). For the most economical use of the product, distribute it through the hair with a comb with sparse teeth. Masks, useful in the loss of brightness of hair, are divided into two types. The first are applied immediately before washing the head, while the latter are applied after washing as a means of finishing the care. If you plan to wash your hair in the morning, lubricate them with olive or refined sunflower oil for the night. The ideal option - burdock, it will not only return the shine to your locks, but will also win dandruff and increased fatness of the scalp. Oil for the best result can be mixed with apple puree, tomato juice or liquid honey. For night use, a mask based on egg white is also suitable. Proteins 3 eggs beat into a strong foam with 4 tablespoons. Sahara. Add 1 tbsp. cognac or dark rum and mix. The air consistency of the resulting composition provides easy application and distribution to the hair. Fat, dull hair will help mask-peeling. You will need a cup of large sea salt without dyes and flavors, which you can buy in almost any pharmacy. Add 3 tablespoons low-fat sour cream and stir until smooth. Rub into the roots of hair after washing. Put a bathing cap on your head and wrap it with a towel for 20-30 minutes, then rinse with warm water. After washing your head, apply fresh fruit puree for 20 minutes along the entire length of the hair. You can prepare it by stirring a teaspoon of banana pulp, avocado or mango. Vegetative fibers will give shine and make the hair visually thicker, and the AHA-acids contained in these fruits will clear the hair of deep contaminants. In order for natural hair care products to work, you need to apply them regularly. Of course, the effect of a single wash of the head or a single use of the mask will be almost invisible, so if you want to return the brightness and improve the appearance of the hairstyle - forget about laziness and lack of time. We advise you to read: