soft coloring of dark hair Women are arranged so that, having by natureideal appearance, they are all the time busy looking for an improvement in their image. Today they are available a huge number of various procedures that you can go to beauty salons or make yourself. Especially a lot of time ladies are used to give to hair. This season is very important coloring of dark hair. Thanks to a special method of coloring strands in different colors, a smooth transition from one shade to another is created. Due to this, the hairstyle acquires an additional volume and clear lines. And the fact that coloring suits women of any age, can not but rejoice. fashionable coloring of dark hair

Emphasize the individuality by staining

The procedure for dyeing hair was alreadyminimum, 300 years. Even in Peter's times, our great-great-grandmothers used decoctions and infusions of plants to give hair the desired shade. For dark hair, such preparations included bumps and bark of alder, leaves and peel of walnut fruit. And already since the 20th century, hair coloring has become quite an ordinary technique of emphasizing the female personality. Yes, and representatives of the stronger sex began to resort to staining. Of course, the weak half has especially succeeded in finding the most expressive options for the presentation of its image. It is believed that fair-haired feminists have a larger range of possible shades of their curls. For some reason, it seems to all, that dark-haired ladies find it more difficult to find winning combinations of colors. However, a professional stylist-hairdresser will refute this opinion. After all, the coloring of dark hair is just the method that can miraculously change the image of a woman of any age. Owners of natural dark shades of hair, brunettes, is peculiar some zest and exotic features. Due to this, the monochromatic hair color can simplify an interesting look. But these people have expressive eyes, a picture of their mouth. So you want a color range of stranded strands, an exclusive selection of shades to reveal the bright individuality of the fair sex. In such cases, the coloring of dark hair is exactly what will serve as a bright adornment of an outstanding appearance. soft coloring of hair

The methods that are most advantageous

Today the fashion is multi-tonality. This means that there are several approaches to applying color strokes to the hairstyle. Some ladies who previously did not take advantage of coloring behave at first cautiously. Their wish is to discolor only individual strands, most often it is a bangs and the hair adjacent to the face. But even in this version, it is especially interesting not to look at a monochrome contrasting hue, but a combination of at least two constituent colors. This method is applicable in case of successful cutting of the modern shape and is able to create a complete image. But those who intend to radically change themselves, seem to others from a completely unexpected side, go further. Coloring on dark hair along their entire length - from the roots to the tips - with the use of harmoniously combined shades can dramatically change the appearance. For demonstration shows, up to 20 color combinations are used. However, for everyday appearance it is more rational to use no more than 5 shade mixtures. Effective can be the use of coloring only at the tips of the hair. Cardinal change of color scale in a dark tonality may require preliminary clarification of either all hair, or individual patches and strands. This method allows you to achieve the fullest polychrome and, with a successful selection of shades, will contribute to the birth of a completely new perceived image. The latest innovations in the field of coloring - its implementation is not in the longitudinal, but in the transverse version. This approach is a tribute not only to youth stylistics, which is oriented towards unpredictability and avant-gardism. At the same time practicality and long-term preservation of the hairstyle is achieved, which will change more slowly after the regrowth. As for the desire of young people to use bright colors that are not too common in the application to hair, then in combination with organic style of clothes this image will not look extreme, but a natural match with style.

Where to begin?

Start should not be with the search for paint neededtones, but with thinking about what kind of person you want to see yourself. Observe the passers-by, take note of those coloring techniques that you liked. But in doing so, necessarily correlate the features of your appearance and style with the planned changes. If it is difficult to make a final decision, resort to the advice of a professional hairdresser. His trained eye will immediately reveal your features, and the formulated proposal will certainly prove to be the most successful. So choose an experienced master, and success will be assured!

A compulsory rule is good care

It's no secret that dyed hair requiresadditional care. This applies to a gentle shampoo and the mandatory use of balm with natural plant components. If for coloring of good quality and interesting drawing you go to the salon, then at home a complete set of one of the series on hair care will help you to always have a fashionable exclusive hairstyle.