what paint is better to dye hair It's good to be a little girl! Enough elegant dress and a magnificent bow to feel beautiful. But the older we become, the more we need for attractiveness. And it's not that in childhood we looked better. Just with the years grows exacting to yourself. And if a woman does not let God fall in love unrequited - write was gone! She will gnaw herself from within for imperfection until there is mutual love on the horizon. Do you think that now the girl will calm down and finally smile at her reflection in the mirror? No matter how it is! Now it will be perfected with a vengeance. Just her desire to become better will be less destructive. And to stop this eternal mechanism called "I want to be beautiful" is simply impossible, believe me. It is easier to adapt to its rhythm and to receive if not pleasure, then what-no benefit. For example, find out what is more convenient to pluck your eyebrows. Or what color is better to dye your hair. By the way, about hair dyeing. This question is so disturbing for women's minds that it can be safely submitted to parliament for consideration. Because women themselves with the solution of this problem cope with difficulty. In order to see this, it's enough to look at others. How many girls walk around the street with burned hair? And how many around unevenly colored strands? It seems that almost the entire female half of the population was painted by a student intern. Girls, dear, do not go to this student! Have pity on your hair. It is better to find out for yourself, what color is better to dye your hair. And we will try to give a couple of tips, how not to remain completely bald and finally bring your head in order. First, let's define what hair colors are. what color is better to dye your hair

What color is better to dye your hair

So, let's open a terrible secret: Hair colors differ not in the color of the packaging, and not in name. Everything is much more complicated, and the definition goes back to the long-forgotten chemistry lessons. And do not shrug your shoulders scornfully. After all, it is the chemical industry that we owe a magic opportunity to dye our hair in different colors and in one evening turn from a blonde into a brunette. And it was the chemists who perfected the dyes, so that the effect of reincarnation could be used by a woman with any type of hair. In total there are three types of paints today. Which one is better - it's up to you.

  • Tinting agents
  • Semi-resistant dyes
  • Persistent dyes
  • Tinting (toning, tonic) hair products

    These dyes are designed for those whocarefully treats his locks. They do not contain either hydrogen peroxide or ammonia, so they carefully color the strands. More precisely, they "envelop" the color of each hairs, not penetrating deep inside. However, these paints have a significant disadvantage: they are washed off after the seventh-eighth wash of the head. Therefore, the woman has to repeat the procedure as the dye is washed off. What type of women is suitable for this method of staining? Tinted remedies are simply made for girls with dry and brittle hair. And also for those who have not yet decided on the color. Do you know such unpredictable ladies who today want to be russet, tomorrow - red? If so, give your friend a shade balm. What color to choose? Never mind. Anyway, a changeable mood sooner or later will ask for just such hair, which is depicted on the package of the remedy. But seriously, the toning funds are suitable for strengthening and leveling the natural color of the hair (if the woman has gray hair) or refresh the colored curls. But if you want to become a platinum blonde, then tinted balms and foams will not help you. We will have to resort to more radical methods of staining.

    Semi-stable hair colors

    Temporary or so-called semi-stabledyes sufficiently gently dye your hair, although they contain in their composition a little hydrogen peroxide. The result lasts about two months, as the paint penetrates into the hair, rather than "enveloping" them, as in the case of shading. Among the shortcomings, we can note a certain limitation of semi-stable paints. The fact is that they change their hair color by just one tone (lighter or darker), so they can hardly help with cardinal changes. On the other hand, if you are satisfied with your image and you just want to refresh the color, but do not want to spoil the hair with aggressive paint, then a semi-stable option is just for you. Hairdressers recommend temporary dye to people who have dry, colored or curly hair. In addition, if you constantly tint the head with the same paint, then the pigment is eaten in the hair and you need, as they grow, just to shade the roots. what paint to dye hair

    Persistent hair colors

    We turn to the most aggressive and persistent paintsfor hair. Such dyes contain from 6.9% to 12% hydrogen peroxide, so you can not talk about gentle coloration. And the greater the percentage of hydrogen peroxide contains the paint, the more damage the hair gets. However, the shade is also lighter. Want to be a platinum blonde? Choose the maximum content of hydrogen peroxide in the dye. Here it is worth noting that if you have dry and damaged hair, you do not need to burn them with hydrogen peroxide, even if you become a blonde, it is the dream of your life. As a result, to the long-awaited platinum strands you will get burned skin and a bunch of fallen hair. Do you want it? Now many readers, seeing the last paragraph, are outraged: so what color is it better to dye your hair? About the types of paints told, and did not draw conclusions. Well, you will have a conclusion. The best hairdresser will choose for you a professional hairdresser. Do not experiment with hair. Going to the hairdresser will take you much less time than treating the damaged due to improperly colored hair. Believe me. We advise you to read: