the right hair color for brown eyes Most of the fair sex, andrecently, and men, change their original hair color. If initially the paint was used mainly for painting gray hair, then with the development and appearance of quality and safe hair dyes, they began to be used universally. Both to change the image, and just for small changes in the image and uplift of mood. What woman does not like to try on something new? Not always a new tone of hair is combined with the color of the iris. Most likely, you are familiar with the cases when the experiment with paint ended in failure. Which is better to choose a hair color for brown eyes?

Right choice

Brown eye color is the most common inworld. Most often it occurs in Africa, Asia, Southern Europe, South America and Oceania. If you look at the shades of the scalp of people living in areas where representatives with brown eyes predominate, you will notice that their natural hair tone will be mostly dark. Brown eyes in nature are usually found with chestnut, chocolate, golden, copper and brown hues. It is no secret that the color of the iris carries certain personality traits. With the help of a hairdress and its color scheme you can adjust not only the look, but also the features of your behavior. Selecting the color of hair for brown eyes, you need to determine whether this tone is harmonizing with your hair. If you incorrectly choose the tone of your future hairstyle, then it will disharmony into your appearance, and this, in turn, will attract mocking looks. In order to choose the color of hair for brown eyes, you need to determine the color type of your appearance. Tsvetotip is the definition of types of appearance based on a combination of hair color, iris and skin. The main color types are four: autumn, winter, spring and summer. But immediately determine to which of them are relatively difficult. It rarely happens that the appearance of a person clearly fits their description. beautiful color of hair for brown eyes

Main characteristics

So, the color of the hair for the brown eyes:

  • Brown eyes and normal skin color. Representatives of this skin tone are suitable shades of strands: black, chestnut, copper, dark brown. Here it is necessary to take into account the shade of the iris. If you are a bearer of dark brown eyes, then you are best suited for such shades of strands as a rich and black chestnut, bitter chocolate, black. If you have light brown eyes, then you will approach milk shades with caramel and chocolate notes.
  • Brown eyes and swarthy skin. The optimal tone of the strands is dark chocolate. To such a combination of eyes and skin it is better to choose dark shades: dark chestnut, caramel, chocolate, chestnut, milk chocolate, chocolate chestnut, chocolate-red, copper chestnut, amber, golden chestnut. To profitably emphasize your look and make your hair visually voluminous, you can lighten small strands and paint them in lighter tones, for example, honey, caramel, reddish. If you have amber-brown eyes, then all the shades of red are suitable - copper, chestnut, brown with a reddish tint, fiery.
  • Brown eyes and fair skin. Ideal options are light chocolate, light chestnut, red and caramel shades. Strongly lighten the strands are not worth it, you need to choose the middle between too light and very dark tone. If you have bright brown eyes, then you can use light strands of strands. For example, such as milk chocolate, wheat, mocha, light copper, golden, sand and nut.

If nature ordered so that you becomeowner of brown eyes, then, of course, you not only can, but should be proud of this gift. The eyes of this tone are not as deep as the blue ones. But they are a bright element of your appearance, they fascinate and attract. Therefore, when choosing the color of hair for brown eyes, it is necessary to remember that whatever tone you choose, it should not muffle the glow of your eyes. When choosing it is necessary to pay special attention to the color gamut of the skin and eyes - it depends on how the new color scheme of hairstyle approaches your image.