low body temperature causes The fact that the fever of the bodyis a sign of a malaise, is known to everyone without exception. And why the temperature can rise - is also generally known. However, sometimes the opposite situation occurs - the body temperature in a person is lowered. And here there is confusion - if a person has a low body temperature, the reasons are not known to everyone. In this article we will consider why such situations arise, and what to do if the body temperature is significantly lowered. In order to understand this, it is necessary to know a certain prehistory. Evolution made sure that man became a warm-blooded being. Otherwise, it would be very difficult for him to survive in such different climatic conditions. The mechanism of human thermoregulation is almost perfect - it allows the body to maintain a constant body temperature, which is approximately 36.6 degrees. In the event that there is a deviation of the temperature towards higher values ​​- fever - people almost always notice this change and seek medical help from a doctor, or they themselves take some measures to lower the body temperature to normal values. But in the event that the deviation is going to the side in the smaller direction, the person, as a rule, does not pay special attention to this. But, as it turns out, absolutely in vain. Sometimes the reason for lowering body temperature are very serious diseases, which are a serious threat not only for health, but sometimes even for a person's life. In order to understand what causes can lead to a decrease in body temperature, you need to have at least a general idea of ​​how exactly the process of thermoregulation in the human body is going on. Scientists distinguish several types of thermoregulation:

  • Chemical thermoregulation of the human body. Chemical thermoregulation is characterized by increased heat production in the body, provided the temperature of the environment is significantly reduced. Normally, this process can survive a person even at very low temperatures.
  • Physical thermoregulation of the human body. The physical thermoregulation is characterized by the preservation of heat due to narrowing or widening of the vessels, as well as perspiration. It is this feature of the human body that allows you to adapt to sudden changes in ambient temperature. For example, when entering a warm room with frost.
  • Behavioral thermoregulation of a person. To this thermoregulation is the instinctive movement of a person in search of a more optimal temperature. This behavioral reaction is unconditional, and is given to a person from the moment of his birth. This is especially evident in nursing babies, who, at an uncomfortable temperature, begin to worry and cry.
  • Types of thermoregulation disorders

    Doctors point out the fact that there are violationsall types of thermoregulation without exception. Consider these violations in more detail - this information will help to understand the essence of the violation of thermoregulation processes. And we will begin the conversation with the violation of chemical thermoregulation:

    • Disruption of the immune system of the body

    And most often the violation of thermoregulation occurs soon after a person has suffered a serious illness, most often accompanied by a significant increase in body temperature.

    • Intoxication of the body

    As is known, very often with intoxicationthe body's temperature rises very strongly. However, in some cases, it is possible to reverse the phenomenon - with severe intoxication, body temperature decreases, sometimes very significantly. Until the end of the reason for this phenomenon is not established - someone believes that the fault is the type of toxin, someone believes that the characteristics of the immune system. So you just have to accept this fact.

    • Iron deficiency and some other varieties of anemia

    Often, a violation of the normal processThermoregulation lead to various types of anemia. Especially often this phenomenon occurs in the event that a person suffers from iron deficiency or plastic anemia. Therefore, if you are in a similar situation, be sure to control the body temperature, even if your doctor did not tell you about it. Alas, often doctors miss this aspect from view.

    • Diseases of the endocrine system

    Often the lowered body temperature is a direct consequence of the disruption of the normal functioning of the endocrine system - problems with the adrenal glands, hypothyroidism and others.

    • Overexertion and lack of sleep

    Often the cause of chemicalthermoregulation becomes a syndrome of chronic fatigue, lack of sleep or constant stressful situations. Such situations in general have a very negative effect on the work of the whole organism.

    • Pregnancy

    In some situations, body temperature maydecrease because of pregnancy. Therefore, if a woman has noticed that she has a low temperature, she should immediately make sure that she is not pregnant. The violation of physical thermoregulation is that the loss of heat by the body can occur because of severe pathological sweating, or too strong and prolonged expansion of the vessels. This can occur if a person has experienced severe stress, or diseases such as vegetative-vascular distan- sion, or hypotension. Not the last place among the causes leading to a decrease in body temperature, is the violation of normal behavioral thermoregulation. As a rule, this happens in the event that a person stops responding properly to a change in body temperature. Most often, the reason for such a violation of perception of the change in ambient temperature is either due to mental disturbances or because of the effects on the brain of narcotic or alcoholic substances. Such a violation is extremely dangerous not only for human health, but sometimes even for his life. A person simply does not notice a significant decrease in the temperature of the environment, and therefore can greatly supercool. And a decrease in body temperature to 25 degrees inevitably entails death for someone. In addition, this can occur in young children the first two months of life. That is why doctors - pediatricians constantly remind parents of the need to constantly and vigilantly monitor the temperature of the child's body. Keep your skin warm and dry - it is a sure sign that the baby feels comfortable. If the crumb freezes, and the parents do not notice it in a timely manner, the body temperature can drop significantly. There are several other reasons that can lead to a pathological decrease in body temperature. And among such causes are often very serious diseases, such as various brain tumors affecting those parts of it that are responsible for the natural process of thermoregulation, critically low body weight, the syndrome of acquired immunodeficiency. low body temperature

    What to do?

    Of course, the lowered body temperature is not always easy to notice. However, there are a number of symptoms, which can be suspected that a person's body temperature is lowered:

    • Weakness and general malaise of a person.
    • A pronounced drowsiness, which is very difficult to cope with.
    • Increased nervous excitability and nervousness, tearfulness in children.
    • The inhibition of various reactions - both mental and physical.

    In the event that a decrease in body temperatureit was confirmed, it is necessary to take measures as soon as possible. The first thing that needs to be done is to identify the cause of the lowering of body temperature. If this reason is the person's hypothermia, it is necessary to warm him up as soon as possible and call a doctor. So, low body temperature - what to do? The answer is extremely simple - in any case, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. The doctor will perform a thorough examination, and if necessary, will assign a number of examinations. If necessary, the sick person will be referred for additional consultation. In no case can not engage in self-diagnosis, and even more so self-medication. Only a doctor can do it quickly and correctly. In some cases, low body temperature is an individual characteristic of a particular person. In such cases, a person maintains good health and working capacity, with his full medical examination, doctors can not detect any violations. Such people do not need medical help, since for them a lowered body temperature is the norm. We advise you to read: