useful tips for health Useful tips for health are relevant in alltime. And it's not surprising - after all, health is the greatest value of a person. No wonder the people there is a saying that the most important thing is health, and everything else will follow. But, honestly, do you do anything for this? The old saying goes: "Nothing will come from nothing." The same can be said about health.

On what factors does human health depend?

Of course, in this case we are not talking aboutany serious diseases - hereditary, or acquired, when nothing depends on a person. In all other cases, health is in the hands of the person himself.

  • Active movement

Remember the statement that "movement is life"? And in fact it completely and completely corresponds to true! The nature itself was created as a living being. And in the event that a person moves a little, various complications begin to develop. For example, for most of the people who have sedentary work and who do not aspire to additional physical exertion, it is possible to diagnose such diseases as osteochondrosis, scoliosis, hemorrhoids and others. We should not forget about the main "scourge" of the 21st century - the overweight. A sedentary lifestyle in most cases entails an increase in body weight. And obesity, in turn, often leads to the development of a variety of pathologies. And including the disruption of the normal functioning of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems. Simply put, obesity is the right path to illness.

  • Good dream

Healthy sleep helps the body fullyrelax. And from this rest depends the work of the central nervous system. And, accordingly, almost the entire body, because it is directly related to the nervous system. Remember that the sleep of a healthy adult person should last at least 8 hours. And in the event that you have the opportunity and desire to rest for an hour or two during the day, you should not deny yourself this pleasure.

  • Proper nutrition

In the event that a person does not receive fooda sufficient number of important substances for life, no question about health, alas, can not. After all, for the full functioning of the body, a large number of a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, micro- and macroelements, nutrients are needed. Otherwise, depletion and avitaminosis will not take long. By the way, very many people regard avitaminosis too lightly. And very vain - avitaminosis can cause the development of very serious diseases. Therefore, carefully monitor your diet. And if necessary, ask your doctor to help you choose the appropriate multivitamin complexes for you.

  • Psychological calmness

In the event that a person lives in harmony withhimself and the family and has a pleasure for him, he has a much better chance of maintaining his health. And this is quite natural, because psychological calm helps to ensure the correct operation of the central nervous system. So, and the whole body as a whole. Try to treat any minor troubles and troubles more easily. Well, in the event that in your life there are any serious problems, do not delay their decision "in the long box". Very often people start taking certain pharmacological drugs on their own. However, this can not be done in any case, since incorrectly selected sedatives can have a very depressing effect on the central nervous system. And as a result, the state of human health deteriorates at times. You can not admit this in any case. If you believe that you need any medications, ask your doctor to appoint them to you. Even seemingly insignificant sins, weaknesses and disturbances, such as cigarettes, alcohol, lack of sleep or regular use of drugs, disturb the balance in the body. health tips

Healthy tips for health

  • Vital substances make life goodEating large amounts of fruits, vegetables, fish, a moderate amount of meat and many products from wholemeal flour provides a guarantee that the body receives enough substances necessary for life. This means vitamins, minerals, microelements. They tirelessly help a person feel good and strengthen the defenses of the body.
  • Movement - oxygen souls One who regularly,twice a week, jogging, cycling or swimming, arranging a real oxygen shower for the heart and blood vessels; lungs perceive more oxygen, the heart becomes more active. The amount of blood increases. Muscles become more elastic and gain strength. In addition, physical movements are very helpful in dealing with stress.
  • Turn off the current. No matter how practicalelectrical devices, many of them (stereo systems, telephone, computers, microwave ovens, etc.) exert a burden on the body with their magnetic fields. Doctors talk about "electrosmog", the action of which is constantly exposed to each of us. Therefore, you should try at least a couple of hours to reduce the load - it is best at night. So: in the bedroom do not put the bed near the wiring. Remove radio alarm clocks and televisions from the bedrooms and never use electric blankets. A built-in relay can take care that the voltage is turned off at night.
  • Paints strengthen the soul Correct colors- a balm for the soul in a state of stress. Particular importance due to its color wealth is the plant kingdom. Paints have natural forces. Thus, when drawing up the menu, pay attention to the color gamut. And you better paint yourself! You can simply draw a thick brush on bright paper on the paper or paint over the surface. Use color accents in everyday life. You will be surprised how easily you feel in a few minutes.
  • Pause regularly. Give yourself a break. Each of us can work hard for no more than 3 hours in a row. After that, the performance curve drops sharply. And the rest does not have to be very long - sometimes it's only ten minutes of rest, so that the work capacity is completely restored. However, remember that rest is not a game of computer game. And not even a cigarette. Walk a little, razmomnites, close your eyes for at least a few minutes - and you will feel how the forces quickly return to you. Of course, only if you fully sleep, otherwise all measures will be absolutely useless.
  • The sun breathes life. Daily half-houra walk in the sun mobilizes internal forces. This is especially true of the poor sun of time - autumn and winter. But be careful in the summer months: an excess of sunlight harms the skin.
  • Strengthening the immune system Very gooda means of protection against colds are the morning contrasting souls, under which it is necessary to pour the body first half a minute warm, and then a couple of seconds of cold water. All this is to be repeated ten times. This is very useful for blood circulation. But before going to bed, this contrast shower should not be held, as the nervous system will only get excited from it. You do not want to spend a few hours tossing about in bed and trying to sleep unsuccessfully?
  • Relaxation in a dream For relaxing the body andnerves is especially important is often referred to as "before midnight sleep." Those who regularly go to bed very late, straining their nerves with a television psychological thriller or eating a fat sandwich with bacon or a lot of potato chips, does not leave your body chances for a quiet sleep. Thus, he harms his health. Do not forget about the air temperature in the room - too low a temperature, or, conversely, a stuffy and hot room is unlikely to become your allies. And about a mattress to forget in any case it is impossible - do not save on it. In a dream, a person spends about a third of his life. And to hold it wiser in a comfortable environment. And your back will also thank you.
  • Additional advice:

    • Laughing is useful.

    Scientists have found that gay people are morehealthy. They release less stress hormones, they have more cells that protect them from pathogens. Thus, laughter creates an ideal harmonious balance between the body and the soul. In addition, do not forget that prevention is much more effective than treating the disease. After all, prevention will not bring anything for the body, except for obvious benefit. But the treatment can negatively affect the most diverse internal organs. After all, many drugs have a very large number of a variety of contraindications. That's why doctors very much appreciate prevention. And useful health tips are the best preventive measures. Of course, in the event that your aspirations are enough for more than just reading them. Be healthy!