how to show the guy that you like him The problem of the relationship between the sexes can not be solved eitherthe age-old experience of mankind, neither emancipation, nor all kinds of instructions on how to behave correctly with representatives of the opposite sex. Especially hard for us, the girls. Very often we are confused when we want to get acquainted with one of the guys. How to approach it? How to smile? How not to scare off the wrong behavior? What to say? Too many girls do not find answers to these questions for themselves and are lost when they are in the immediate vicinity of the guy they liked.

The power of stereotypes

It is not surprising that the main problems in thisareas arise in women - unlike men, we have not had the opportunity for centuries to develop effective methods of attracting attention. Even now on the Internet there are more thematic pages for men - about acquaintance with girls from "a" to "I". Women's guides on this issue are fewer, and often they are too one-sided. Nevertheless, questions like "Do I like him? What should I do to please? How can I make him understand what I like? "Do not disappear anywhere. And to approach him and ask directly: "Do you like me?" - not every girl is capable of doing it. And not every guy will respond to this adequately. It's funny, but at the moment there is a kind of cold war of stereotypes - women still mostly proceed from the notion that the initiative should come from men. The last, tired for ages to drag women into their caves, castles and houses, it seems, increasingly prefer to become objects of women's initiative and attention. Or, at least, do not want to act at random, that is, to begin with, they expect a certain sign from the girls they like, and only then they begin their courtship. how to show a guy that I like him

Secret female weapons

And yet there are many ways to show a manor a guy that you like him. The main points are only three - laugh at jokes, compliments, but speak only sincerely, wholeheartedly, and do not be afraid of communication: do not hide your eyes, do not be afraid of tactile contacts. Of course, often men simply do not see, it would seem, very understandable signs of sympathy for them. Do not worry, in such cases, either you need to continue the chosen line, or change the strategy to a more obvious one. Of course, for starters it is not bad at least to learn something about the subject of your interest - for this you can accurately interview common acquaintances, view the page in social networks; in general, to inquire. It is clear that the information will be incomplete. But even a grain of knowledge is better than its complete absence. The easiest way to demonstrate to a chosen one that you like him is a special look. Not for nothing "shooting with eyes" is traditionally female "discipline". Having some experience, with the help of a glance you can demonstrate an impressive range of feelings. But the easiest way to look closely, as they say, "eye to eye" - if the guy does not take his eyes, it is possible that he likes you. So, either he himself will soon take the initiative, or you can continue to act in the chosen direction. If you lack such courage, use glance, glancing. Delay them on the chosen one for a few seconds, and as soon as he sees it and looks at you, look somewhere else. Remember, shooting with eyes is effective only when visible. But do not overdo it so as not to look stupid. In addition, it is worth to be careful with persistent views, they can be misinterpreted. Learn to look carefully, but gently. Remember and touch. This is a very good and rather frank way to "tell" a man about his interest in it. But with this you need to be even more cautious. Light, as if casual touches help to inform the guy that you like him. Too frequent, persistent and deliberate can lead him not to the thoughts that you expect from him. In addition, too clearly demonstrated interest still frightens men who are not too self-assured. Be careful - accidentally shake off a speck of dust from his shoulder, talking, touch his hand. Touching is an excellent tool: not even a very attentive man will understand that you want to attract his attention. If this is not enough, go ahead. There are signs known to men that the girl does not breathe very evenly to the interlocutor. In all men's magazines they write: "If the girl began to straighten her hair and spontaneously perk up - that's all, she's yours." If they think so, use it for your own purposes! But again, make sure that everything is natural, without being affected. Slightly clap your eyelashes, a little absent-minded smile, twist strands on your fingers while talking with him. This all, undoubtedly, will attract his attention and cause interest. Of course, now it's much easier for us than at least ten years ago: a guy you like can be written on a social network, having a meaningless conversation, during which it's as if inadvertently learn about what he likes. In addition, usually on the page of his profile there is also a lot of interesting information. Thus, you will have points of contact, or you can make an effort to their appearance, having studied in detail something that is to your liking. For example, you can start to communicate on the basis of interest in the work of some music collective, and then invite you to go to a concert of your favorite band. Usually, after telling you about two extra tickets that happened to be on your hands, even the biggest bummer starts guessing ... Unfortunately, for many years football has not been a universal topic for conquering men. Now it's easier to start a conversation about computer games, if you understand this topic, and thereby get the attention of the guy. The main thing, be yourself. Do not play the role of some unknown even to you of the girl - if suddenly everything works out for you, you'll either have to remain in that mask, or long explain that all this was done to draw his attention, that in fact you are completely different, but you were pretending to be something because you liked him very much. Yes, sometimes it works, guys are imbued with similar victims and study with interest the almost unfamiliar girl you became; but more often it turns out that your boyfriend fell in quite another you, and this discovery can cause him only disappointment. Thousands of comedies and serials are filmed on this topic; but the writers do not take such stories from the ceiling - they are based on life experience. Look at the leisure of a couple of such films or invite to the movies of the guy you like. After viewing, you will have a good conversation topic. Speaking of conversations: talking with a guy, do not raise your voice. Men like low, low voices; they like girls who pronounce words slowly, without tearing or swallowing vowels. It is believed that for a guy a woman's voice sounds like music; how to know, perhaps, that's why, after listening to "music," a man usually does not perceive about half of the information a woman wants to tell him. In addition, music is different. But, agree, it's much nicer to hear "I'm sorry, I was distracted by your beautiful voice, and I missed what you were talking about" rather than "quietly, please, why are you talking so loud?" Remember also that a sharp, shrill laugh does not like anyone . If suddenly you are unlucky and you laugh like that, work on your laughter, and voice at the same time. If you develop a gentle voice and melodic laughter, then maybe you do not have to be the first to show initiative in dealing with guys. There is another way to show the guy that you like him - to attract a third party. If you have a mutual friend that you can trust, ask her for help. She can tell him between the cases: "And you know, it seems to me that you like Masha, she looks at you thoughtfully at you" - and this phrase will not only inform the object of your sighs about the hidden feelings (and you will remain as it were not at anything), but also to find out what he thinks about this. how to show the guy that you like him and what to do next

How do you know if you are on the right track

It is possible that you decide to act not bypassing, but ratherdirectly. Then the main thing that you should remember - do not be redundant in the manifestations of your emotions. Sudden, for no apparent reason, a recognized confession of love will scare away even the most friendly and interested person in you. Especially if he does not have anything to do with you other than friendly feelings. Fortunately, almost always on the non-verbal reactions of a man (unless of course you communicate with him live, and not on the Internet), you can understand whether he is interested in you, whether reciprocity. Here are the main signs that you like a guy:

  • He unconsciously tries to force youImpression - straightens, straightens shoulders, retracts stomach. When a guy gets an interesting girl for him, he seems to be straining, getting ready for action, trying to appear more attractive.
  • He pretties himself - yes, this, it would seem,The female habit is also characteristic of the stronger sex. It does not matter if he corrects his tie, shakes off specks of dust, pulls the watch strap or pulls his shirt in your presence, in any case it is an unmistakable sign that he likes you.
  • The "undressing" view is a very characteristic feature. If you notice that he does not take his eyes off you and as if slides them all over the body, this guy undoubtedly likes you. In this case, try not to be embarrassed and look him straight in the eyes. That's where the so-called "chemistry" should work.
  • Position of hands - if a man is in the process of yourConversation puts his thumbs on his waist or in his pockets, it signals that he is intrigued and ready to take care of, flirt and get you.
  • He tries to accidentally touch you, usually this is a neat, as if casual, touch to the brushes or elbow. Yes, yes, here men and women are alike and act the same way!
  • He copies your movements. Psychologists usually recommend repeating with a little delay of the interlocutor's movements, placing him to himself. But many of us do this even unconsciously. So if the guy copies you, then either he likes you, or he wants to please you. Which is also not bad.
  • His voice becomes quieter and lower - the guy interested in you instinctively will lower his voice, "putting" himself in the nature-designed framework of the ideal partner.
  • Unfortunately, today there are so manyguidelines for the cold war of the sexes, that sometimes both parties mechanically perform some recommended set of actions, so that one can not even understand who likes whom, whether it really is like or just a game for gaining one's own benefit. If you doubt whether it is possible to believe a man, try to remember that an insincere person will touch the lips and nose with his hands, thereby impersonating himself.

    How not to hurt yourself

    It's worth talking about things that you canto scare off a man (and talk about them will have to, because all the tactics described above can fail, if you allow a few blunders). First of all, this relates to the habit of talking a lot. A man wants to be listened to. No, not always, but a girl who can sympathetically listen to a man, somehow comment on his words and support, will win it easier than an easy one. But the one that will talk only about themselves, about their problems and topics that are not of any interest to the interlocutor, is unlikely to use his location, even if in the course of his monologue he will "accidentally" touch his hand and look straight into his eyes. And though the guys like to listen to the female voice, which they associate with music, but, alas, not enough to listen to it endlessly without the ability to insert a word yourself. Do not criticize him. You just met or just started a dialogue, and now you have found the reason to criticize it in the dust. Agree, it is rather strange: on the one hand you show your behavior how you like him, and on the other - with words that are much more understandable than the non-verbal component, tell him that you question his competence in something and authority. This is not like any man. And even if your appearance you will embody his ideal, it is unlikely that he will want to continue to communicate, since you are so positioned yourself at the very beginning. Do not flirt with other guys when he's around. Even if you are loyal to your chosen one to the depths of your soul, and flirting with others for you - just an innocent coquetry or even a sophisticated way to tie a man to your side even more, causing jealousy in it - that would be a mistake. No guy like this girl's behavior. You do not like it when a handsome man looks at passing women! But these are phenomena of the same order. Unfortunately, in life it does not always happen that if you like someone, then certainly you like him. Most often, one of the two begins to experience the feelings first, and then he has to make efforts to interest the second. Men are easier - they can not walk around the bush, but directly tell the woman about their sympathy for her. But even if he still does not dare to talk about it, the girl will still very quickly understand what's wrong. No wonder they say that a woman always knows when someone likes. This men have problems deciphering our signals. But a long time ago, when the girls had nothing else to do, just wait until the guy she liked liked her. In our time, no woman does not interfere one day to get together with the spirit, go to the man you liked and the first to start a conversation. And then - as it goes. At least, you do not have to wait until the man you like has decided on the same thing. And we need very little for this - only courage and faith in ourselves; they will perfectly replace any, even the most detailed guidelines for seduction and prompt how to properly show the man his interest.