how to keep a man Well, finally we managed to keep the manyour dreams and even reduce it to a registry office. It seems that everything turned out perfectly. But after all, failure - we now do not know what to do with such an expensive present of fate. Friends and friends only say that it can be lost in two counts. Say, men - the people are unreliable. Hardly that not so - and remember, as called. Probably, they are right. Around so many lonely unprincipled predators who strive to take our treasure to our hands! These persons do not mind the presence of a stamp in the passport of "treasure", nor even the existence of children. You will not have time to turn away, and they have already dragged him to bed. Here and pondered here how to keep a man, if he needs the eye and the eye. To follow him on his heels? Put in a cage? - will turn into a part of the interior. We need a loving, lively, initiative, fairly independent husband. How then to be? "No, well, what a question!" - someone will be indignant, - "Is it possible to control an adult independent person all the time? I must understand what I can do and what not. " So it is so. Only here men in matters of sex are more simplehearted than we women. They often do not understand what in fact, this or that prejudice-free representative of the weaker sex wants. And they seriously consider her "just a colleague", "just a friend", "just acquainted". And then, finding themselves in bed with this "simple", do not understand how this happened. So it turns out that one of the main tasks of the wife is to protect her husband from such cases. We will now talk about how to solve it. how to keep a married man

How unwelcome to behave with her husband

Actually, talk about the fact that men are birdsmigrants are partly justified. But not because they are "polygamous and must impregnate as many females as possible." After all, man is not an animal. For many millennia of development, its primitive instincts underwent significant changes. Many representatives of the stronger sex are now able to control their actions. Far from each of them, without hesitation, rushes to please the first female, even if it is extremely sexy and too accessible. However, one can not be deeply sure that your man will always be devoted to the family and never leave it. He can rebel and without any special reason. Just because everything is boring. Or maybe it's easy to get into the trap, naively believing that this is an ordinary relationship, and not a cunning female trap. Already in what-in what, and in a question of creation of such traps the weak floor excellently understands. Think about how to hold a man when there are a lot of temptresses and predators around. There is an opinion that in order to ensure that the blessed and thought does not arise about escaping, a woman should try to be always mysterious. Well, at first relations this rule works well. But over time it is outliving itself. To adhere to the image of the woman-riddle is expedient only at a stage of recognition of each other. He warms up the interest of a man, beckons, seduces. And when the relationship has stabilized, the eternal mystery of the partner starts to bore him. No, well, in fact, who will like it, if you never know what is waiting for you today and what kind of trick will the most important half throw out? The day before yesterday cockroaches in my head spodvigli her to demonstrate belly dancing, yesterday provoked a heightened business activity. What will happen today is unknown. Maybe the dear little wife will turn into an angel, or maybe into a furious panther ... A man wants to have a delicious dinner and a clean bed after a hard day at work, not just another intrigue. And so that he could finally relax and become himself, rather than portray a macho-tamer panther. It is not easy for representatives of the stronger sex to understand women. And if they still change endlessly, not for long at all to fall into a brain stupor. It's in the movies that men shame from changeable and unpredictable girlfriends. And in real life, they prefer the predictability of a woman's behavior. So reliable and quiet. Therefore, if we set out to be different all the time, the faithful as a result will become tired. And he'll start looking for a quieter harbor. No, if we want to not hold a man, and lose him - behave in a similar way, of course, you can. You can still use the other extreme - to become his second mother. Pamper, take for "baby" decisions, serve breakfast in bed, constantly touch the forehead, checking the temperature and so on. And if, in addition, to give way to a dear spouse a place in public transport, not to allow him to carry weights and forbid help in the house, it's generally good! However, he will probably not leave. Who refuses such a sweet life? But a woman on the side will find. Because the veiled by the eternal cares of his wife, the forces for sex will no longer remain. And in a relationship with a man (if we want to spoil your life) you need to show extraordinary patience and complaisance. After all, the representatives of the stronger sex are so difficult in this life - they have to solve all-time scale issues! Is it possible to load these people tormented by the maintenance of the world balance of workers with some small everyday problems? Why not take on all the household chores? Independently drive, if necessary, nails, repair electrical appliances, pick up children from the kindergarten and run to school meetings! Well, what, that the temperature has risen and the head is terribly ill, but he does not give a damn? After all, the end of the world and the result of the game of your favorite football team is more important than our headache! Nothing wrong. We will get patience and wait, when the beloved will be freed and will become, at last, caring, attentive, tender. True, you may have to wait a lifetime. But we are so patient! Do not like the prospect of enduring all your life, keeping the man near you with all his might? No problem! There are other, more selfish options to keep men around. That's why it would not be nice, constantly in need of patronage silly? Let the man be daddy, it's so cool! They worry about you, fall asleep with gifts, everywhere they lead you by the pen, decorate, decorate! True, it is not a fact that one day they will not change either to a more independent lady or to a "baby" younger. Because his wife is not a daughter. Teetoshkat her normal man sooner or later bothers. Is he fond of the image of defenseless girws? Hence, after some time, he will begin to pay attention to women fresher. Is he an independent and strong person? One day he will want to see a confident woman next to her. In a word, you can keep a man in many different ways. And none of them gives 100% guarantee Because our aspirations and goals have the property to change. And what was more expensive today, tomorrow may seem completely unnecessary. However, this is not the worst thing for the relationship. It is necessary there, it is not necessary, and cardinal changes frighten representatives of both sexes. Not every man due to some of his bliss will take and leave from the one to which he is already accustomed. Unless life with her will become completely unbearable. A more significant threat to relations is the intrigues of single predators. Free men at all is not enough. And not particularly burdened by moral principles, ladies can well think about how to keep a married man near him for a long time. And then for good. to keep a man

How to protect a man from predators

How to protect a man from the influence of other women -The question that worries almost all representatives of the weaker sex. Because the practice shows - no whip, no carrot, or both together to solve it do not help. And not because our loved ones are so unreliable and extremely tempted. They simply perceive communication more straightforwardly than women. And they are not able to discern the real underpinnings of these or other female actions. If a man is single and attractive, a weak sex, trying to take it to his hands, usually launches a traditional set of methods of seduction. In this case, women can, especially without ceremony, frankly express their sympathy, demonstrate intentions to get acquainted closer and so on. But when a man is busy, then the situation is somewhat different. There is already need to find a more subtle approach. Here, and breaks his head and day and night, some unprincipled person about how to keep a married man. Yes, and make sure that he did not even think of returning to the family. One of the most banal approaches to solving this problem is to first ask a man for some small favor. Well, what kind of a representative of the stronger sex refuses to help an attractive lady? Of course, he will do what she asks. Moreover, this is not difficult at all and the lady does not skimp on compliments, crumbling in thanks. It's nice how! Naturally, next time a man rushes to help her with great pleasure. And help this stervochke constantly. In fact, there is no need to repair, clog, carry, and move anything daily. However, a man must be taught to himself, praising and encouraging. And he, a goby, gets used to, feeling strong, intelligent, exceptional. Also does not understand, that at that which ostensibly requires its services, it is simple in private life - full seams. Therefore, she arranged for him to hunt. If the wife is aware of what is happening, sooner or later all this is likely to be boring her. But to explain something already zombirovannom predator is very simple. He flares up, argues, accuses his mate of excessive suspiciousness and cynical attitude towards people. Say, a good man needs a man's hands and generally behaves very well. And you, such-and-such, in all you see only bad! The man's desire to protect an extraneous woman is explained simply - she only praises him. And the other half always blames something. When a man begins to actively intercede for his ward, she can almost celebrate the victory. We just have to wait until his wife bursts patience, and a grand scandal will break out in the house. Insulted to the depths of the soul, the poor man will go to seek solace. And then - she, all such understanding, sympathetic, ready to listen and regret. Oh, what a striking contrast to the angry and wicked wife! Relaxed and soothing, he obediently lies down in the already prepared for such a case bed. All. It is done. Let now only try to escape from the clawed feet! And his family ... Yes, to the foxes such foxes someone's family! They need to achieve a solution to the problem of how to keep a married man. Here all the methods are good. It is very possible that later he will think better of it and regret his act. That's just fix something that will be very difficult. It's not a trivial family scandal, it's treason! Forgive and forget it is extremely difficult. But the family drama could be avoided, behave the wife of the betrayer wiser. Quarrels and reproaches in this case do not work in her favor. Potential rival against their background seems more attractive. It will be much more effective sometimes, as it were, by the way, and seemingly friendly to walk around the unseemly features of her nature and appearance. For example: "Silly, she does not know the elementary things!", "This blouse gives her age and emphasizes completeness. It would be necessary to put on something else "and so on. The main thing - to sow in the minds of men doubts about the fascination of the predator. They will necessarily sprout and begin to grow. In general, so that her husband once did not pull to the left, you need to become his closest friend. Real friends do not betray or abandon men. Of course, this is not so easy. After all, he will have to accept his interests and at least partially understand them. But is not a strong, reliable relationship worth the effort? And then, it may very well be that we suddenly get carried away by football, politics or the device of the car. So dare then! For your own happiness. Otherwise, the question of how to keep a man will remain open. We advise you to read: