How to get out of depression after parting Almost every adult person, at leastonce in my life I had to feel all the bitterness of parting with my beloved; but everyone experiences such a difficult period in completely different ways. Some literally from the very first days are plunged into the turbulent cycle of life, and thus simply pushes out thoughts of the separation that has occurred. But more sensitive by nature, people often very much and for a long time worry about the breakup of love relationships, and in time can even plunge into a state of depression. Such a sad result forces many women to look for different ways to get out of depression after parting, but first you need to understand the reason for the emergence of your psychologically painful condition. Why, for many, parting brings so much suffering, because, it would seem, the logical completion of obsolete relationships should, on the contrary, only spur to growth and renewal? The fact is that most people suffer not so much from their feelings towards a certain person as from the collapse of all hopes and plans related to the further development of relations. This applies to women to a much greater extent, because most of them, which is too much to hide, like to constantly imagine how they will marry their beloved man, will raise and raise children together and, as they say in fairy tales, "they will die in one day". Such thoughts often cause after the severance of relations the emergence of a depressive state. how to get out of depression after parting properly

The main signs of depression

Before you get rid of depression,you need to determine if you have it, or the painful condition is a normal human response to stress. If your suffering, in general, does not prevent you from living and practically does not affect the usual daily way, then, most likely, you do not have any depression, and you just have to wait a little while negative emotions from breaking off the relationship. If you constantly feel very depressed, have ceased to be interested in your favorite hobby, do not pay proper attention to care for your appearance, because you simply do not care how you look, almost stopped eating or, conversely, began to sweep away everything that is in it feverishly fridge, seriously think that you can never again fall in love and be happy, and also observe any other serious changes in your behavior and, more importantly, in the attitude of the world, then you can confidently say that you are facing ulis with such unpleasant phenomenon, like depression. One of the most effective ways to get rid of various psychological problems is to visit a qualified psychologist; but there are also "home" methods that have helped hundreds of thousands of people to say goodbye to depression after parting with a loved one. How to get out of depression after parting fast

Ways to get out of depression

So, let's see how you can yourselfhelp yourself. Communication with friends and close people The first reaction of many people to a painful parting is the desire to retire and alone to indulge in suffering. Of course, at first some seclusion is even necessary, but after a week or even a few days, complete isolation from society begins to put pressure on a person, only provoking the emergence of negative thoughts, although he himself usually does not realize this. According to various studies by psychologists, after the breakdown of love relationships, in most cases, it is quite effective to deal with the problem of depression with trusting communication with close relatives and friends, as well as their moral and psychological support, so in no case should one deprive oneself of the usual walks with friends or traditional Sunday meals in the family. However, it is also very important to choose the right people for their rehabilitation, avoiding communication with those who are not averse to gloat, to make any claims to you or to show negative in any other way. As a rule, such people meet among the so-called pseudo friends or "cap" acquaintances, but relatives are almost always ready to support after the break of romance relations. Adjusting your appearance In order to more easily cope with such a stressful event as parting, it is very important to allocate enough time to care for your appearance and in no case be lazy to do it regularly. Many women after the break in the romantic relationship lose any incentive to maintain their blooming appearance, but this disregard for themselves over time provokes an even greater increase in depression, so you literally have to force yourself to do various procedures to always look good. A good motivational push can be a visit to the SPA-salon, where you can, except for directly bringing the exterior in order, enjoy the atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Also, you should resume regular home care and try every day to choose stylish and beautiful outfits that best emphasize the dignity of your figure. All this at a subconscious level affects women as a powerful antidepressant. And at first you may not notice any changes in your psychological state; but in a couple of weeks you will feel much better, and, perhaps, in general, get rid of the heavy thoughts of the rupture that has occurred. Improving or dramatically changing lifestyles Parting can well bring chaos into your everyday lifestyle, disrupting your normal working, sleeping, resting, eating, and physical activity. To get rid of depression, it is very important to bring life back to normal, for which you need to remember that you have the willpower, and forcibly bring yourself to bring everything back to normal. If you are accustomed to a certain rhythm of work, sleep time, nutrition and exercise, then a sharp rejection of this lifestyle or its significant change can further drive you into a state of depression, and even provoke the emergence of various health problems. Through the effort of will to force yourself to regain the old rhythm of life, you thereby set up the body to heal and gradually get rid of various oppressive thoughts. If earlier your way of life left much to be desired, then the time after parting is one of the most successful periods in order to start eating more correctly, introduce daily sports into the daily routine and make any other serious changes. Such an innovation your body will perceive as a signal to "reset" all systems, including the neuropsychological state, which can very quickly rid you of depression. The availability of effective recreation Qualitative and timely rest is an integral part of the harmonious existence of any person, and during the experience of separation, its importance is increased by hundreds of times. Many women try to fill the void in the heart and distract from negative thoughts with the help of hard work, but do not in any case not worth it. In order to forget about the depression after the breakup of love relationships, it is often enough to arrange for yourself several weeks of not only physiological, but also psychological "vacations":

  • Physiological rest To ensurequality rest of your body you can take a vacation and go to the sea, to the mountains or visit a country that has long been interested in you, or you can simply arrange regular outings for nature. The only important condition for physiological rest, which allows you to get rid of depression, is the constant activity and the compulsory presence of sports or at least the most minimal exercises. Such actions will help you drive away bad thoughts, while a simple lying on the beach will, on the contrary, further provoke suffering from the experience of separation.
  • Psychological rest In addition to the physiologicalaspect, the psychological aspect of rest is also very important, which allows to effectively "unload" the brain and get rid of obsessive thoughts about parting. With a view to this kind of recreation, one should try for some time (from several weeks to several months, depending on the speed of adaptation of one or another person) to avoid tense situations or at least reduce their number to a minimum, not to get involved in any conflicts, not to engage in fierce disputes, taking, at times, all the forces, not to criticize anyone, and possible criticism in their address, try simply to miss the ears.
  • It is also very important not to take any importantsolutions that can fundamentally affect your life (for example, changing your job, moving to another city, etc.), because in such an unstable emotional state, you can do something that you will regret later. Every day it is worth letting into your life small and often completely illogical or even ridiculous joys coming from childhood, which cause you extremely positive emotions. For example, you can let go of huge soap bubbles, take chalk and paint on asphalt, or do any other thing that from childhood you associate with carelessness, joy and fun. Also you can successfully collect a company of friends and play your favorite games. Such seemingly completely useless actions allow a lot of people to quickly and easily cope with depression of various kinds, including those that arise after parting with a loved one. If you have tried all the methods described above, but have not been able to cope with depression, it makes sense to seek counseling from an experienced psychologist who will help you cope with the negative emotions that will overwhelm you and bring your life back to normal. Many people visit such a specialist, unfortunately, is perceived as something shameful and completely unacceptable, but in fact there is nothing to be ashamed of, because according to statistics, almost everyone who promptly turns to a psychologist for help quickly leaves the state of depression, and even changes His thinking in such a way as to never again be in a similar situation.