life values Откройте ваши руки, чтобы изменить, но не отпустить свои ценности. (Далай-лама) Перед нами ежедневно стоит необходимость решать какие-то задачи. Каждый день мы сталкиваемся с какими-то обстоятельствами, которые испытывают наше терпение и характер. В этой ситуации очень большое значение имеют наши жизненные ценности, которые служат маркерами и позволяют нам убедиться, что мы движемся по нашему пути в правильном направлении. Когда все слова и действия приведены в соответствие с нашими ценностями, жизнь кажется нам правильной и содержательной, а мы сами уверены и довольны собой. Но если случается так, что наше поведение не соответствует внутренним убеждениям, мы очень скоро начинаем ощущать беспокойство и раздражение, которые зарождаются и растут внутри нас. Это неприятное чувство подсказывает нам, что не все благополучно в нашем мире. Мало того, эти ощущения могут стать источником беспокойства и несчастья для нас. И только твердо следуя указаниям нашей совести, мы можем сохранить чувство собственного достоинства и ощущать себя самодостаточными и счастливыми. Наши жизненные ценности – это наш внутренний компас, по которому мы должны сверять каждый свой шаг по жизненной дороге. Есть проблемы со здоровьем, деньгами, отношениями? Это потому, что наши внутренние модели мира не совпадают с тем, что есть на самом деле. Тяжело принимать любое решение? А это потому, что мы не уверены в том, чего мы действительно хотим и что для нас действительно важно. Когда у нас есть определенные установки, нам легче взвешивать варианты и находить правильное решение – ведь жизненные ценности человека служат ему опорой, и, следуя им независимо от обстоятельств, мы начинаем жить более полноценной и продуктивной жизнью. human life values

What can become the main thing for you?

It is very important to decide what ismost important for you, because life values ​​help shape the character and control our actions, desires and decisions. Of course, different people have different settings: for one the most important thing is that it does not seem so important to another, and for the third one, and generally the main landmark in life differs from what is important for both the first and the second. And yet we can list the criteria most often mentioned by different people, which are of paramount importance in their life and should have special significance for each person. So, what can be life values?

  • Love - this is probably the very first thing thatalmost every one of us. This is an important personal value that deserves a special place in the life of every person. And here we are talking not only about the romantic feeling, because this is not the only kind of love that a person can experience. So, as you love your family and friends, you can love other people. Love for people gives rise to compassion, and this is one more thing that we must talk about when we list the basic values ​​of life. When we come to compassion, we begin to see the best in people, while they see the best in us.
  • The understanding that every person needs. How often you can see people who hold in their hearts anger and resentment towards others, in the reasons for their actions they do not want to understand. Anger makes them blind and detached from others. If you are ready to understand and accept people and circumstances that force them to do it anyway, you will gain control over the situation and be able to find a common language with everyone.
  • Respect for people is also a very important criterion. It not only allows us to draw inspiration from the best qualities of others, but also allows us to better see and try to correct our shortcomings. Nobody's perfect; and respect is the only way by which we can notice the positive in others and strive to improve ourselves. And, like many other values ​​of life, respect has the property of reflecting from other people to you - the more respect you treat others, the more respect they show to you.
  • Discipline, which many, unfortunately, are confused withroutine and try to avoid it. Routine means that we are sadly doing something very monotonous; discipline is the same when a person acts even with a certain amount of fun, but the main thing that worries him is the full performance of his duties. A disciplined and responsible person will always respect his and others' time, therefore one of his characteristics can be called punctuality.
  • Faith in others. It can extend to your attitude to yourself. This is your determination, which can lift a person if he fell. His doubt in himself in a difficult moment can be destroyed by your faith in him. And interestingly, this belief is contagious - the more you believe in others, the more your faith in yourself grows stronger.
  • Thanks. When you spend only a second to say "thank you", expressing your gratitude to another, you ignite a huge fire of friendliness and reciprocal gratitude to you this person. It is thankfulness that helps to see and feel that abundance of joy to which our life is generous.
  • Forgiveness. The ability to forgive frees us from the pain and anger that makes us "stuck" in the past. When you forgive, you let go of your grievance and move forward in your life.
  • Friendship. Friends support us, and they are always ready to help with advice if we ask them. Friends serve as a support in difficulties and always are near us in joy.
  • Hope. This is exactly the fuel that heats us when we are tired and do not see the way. Hope convinces us that sometimes the question is not whether "will come true", but in "when" it will be.
  • Optimism. There is an expression: "If you got a lemon - make a lemonade out of it!" This is a very valuable quality - to be able to see good even where it is very difficult to see. People with this quality of bad in life are always less than good. Rather, it does not happen badly, because they know how to resist it.
  • Patience is a value that creates a better state of mind, more effective for decision-making.
  • Tolerance. There are people with whom we sometimes do not want to have business. But instead of showing them their contempt, it is better to show tolerance - this is the best and worthy alternative.
  • Honesty. This is not even worth discussing. And do not be surprised that this criterion we call at the very end is because honesty is the basis on which all other values ​​of life, whatever they are, stand. Honesty consists not only in admitting your mistake at work or telling the spouse the truth about where you spent money from his card. Honesty is to admit to yourself that you are not perfect. This is the only way you can influence your life to change it for the better.

what can be life values

How to set and use your main priorities?

There is a very effective way to determine your values, and it consists in the following:

  • Make a list of what seems to you the mostimportant in your life - so important that you can not be happy without it. Your initial list can be very long - it's not scary, you'll correct it later.
  • Review your list and ask yourself: is this really something without which I can not live happily? Without this, will my life really seem unbearable? If there is any doubt, remove it from your list.
  • Repeat this process until yourThe list will not be reduced to six or ten values. Now you have a list of the most important values ​​for you. Relying on them, you can go through life, experiencing its importance and satisfaction with everything that you will do.
  • Your personal values ​​consist of all thathappened in your life, and they include many different influences: the influence of your parents and family, your attitude towards religion, your education, your artistic preferences, the circle of your communication, and many other factors on which life experience and the worldview of every person depends. Effective people always recognize and take into account this environmental impact; they develop a clear, clear and meaningful "set" of beliefs and priorities. How do you proceed if you can consider yourself a well-established person with a harmonious system of values?

    • You demonstrate and model your priorities in personal and professional behavior, when making important decisions and during interpersonal interaction.
    • You can rely on your values ​​in the family, building relationships with your husband and raising children.
    • You correct and establish life goals based on your main personal criteria.

    Therefore, select exactly those values ​​thatreally are most important to you, the values ​​that determine your character. They will be one of the most powerful tools available to you, with which you can become what you want to be. It is a tool to achieve your goals and dreams, an instrument of influence on other people and the reality surrounding you. Do not miss your opportunity!