how to overcome laziness You, like most other people, sometimesfeel that you do not want anything at all? Laziness envelops her soft veil, not wanting to let us out of her grasping embrace. It can be a momentary feeling, and maybe a habitual state. We can feel lazy about certain specific activities that we do not really like; while for some other things we undertake quite willingly. And it happens that all the cases are stalled, because we do not know how to overcome laziness and force ourselves to do something useful. What can you say about laziness? This state is caused by a lack of energy, and leads to the absence of any desires. Sometimes laziness can be caused by external conditions - such as the weather, when it is too hot or too cold - and sometimes it also appears due to internal reasons - such as lack of motivation, a propensity to postpone things later, or fear of work that seems overwhelming . And sometimes we even like to be lazy. It's so nice to soak up with a book under a warm blanket on a rainy Saturday evening! And lie down in a shade on the bank of the river in a hot summer day - can you really refuse such a pleasure? And yet life often requires us to overcome an exciting sense of laziness. Most people deal with it. And how is this with you? Do you feel that it keeps you from being active, and gradually becomes your bad habit, changing your life not for the better? how to overcome laziness correctly

How to overcome laziness?

Nothing can be achieved if you constantly allowto yourself to be lazy and not to make any effort to overcome lethargy and apathy. Success requires the manifestation of initiative and the ability to use all its capabilities. He loves active, but not passive people. Therefore, it is so important to learn how to resist your laziness and overcome the habit of any kind of procrastination. We are ready to give you some tips on how to overcome laziness by changing some of your old habits and developing new traits in yourself. 12 tips on how to overcome laziness

  • Break one big challenge into smaller onestasks. Very often we avoid doing something because we find the task set too large, literally overwhelming us; the work ahead seems to us too tiring and too time-consuming. But if you break the main task into several more easily achievable goals, then the problem does not seem so difficult. Instead of one hard work, a number of small tasks appear before us, the implementation of which does not require such great efforts. This approach can be applied to completely different tasks; as a rule, he very well helps to cope with laziness and internal resistance, which we all experience so often.
  • Observe the mode of work and rest. In some cases, laziness is due to the lack of energy necessary to perform work, which is a consequence of fatigue. If this is just about you, then you should give yourself as much sleep and rest as you need to fully restore your working capacity. In addition, make sure that your body gets enough fresh air and physical activity.
  • Maintain your own motivation. In some cases it is her absence that causes laziness. You can strengthen your motivation with affirmations, visualizations and thoughts about the importance of doing your job or boring work to achieve your ultimate goal.
  • Keep a vision of what you would like to beand what you would like to achieve. Often thinking about this, we see our goals more clearly, and our desire to reach them becomes stronger. This will motivate us to action and help overcome laziness.
  • Think about the benefits that you get,if you overcome your laziness and start acting, and take some measures to eliminate the difficulties, instead of being afraid to face obstacles.
  • Think about the possible consequences of your laziness. What will happen if you succumb to it and do not perform even routine, but necessary work? If you imagine all the troubles that may fall on your head due to the temptation to spend some time in complete relaxation, then the picture drawn by your imagination will push you to action.
  • For one "approach", perform only one task. Cope with one thing is much easier than with just a few, and then let the laziness try to overcome you - you do not have to overcome it!
  • Your imagination can have a very stronginfluence on your views, habits and actions. So imagine not only the troubles that may arise from your habit of being lazy. Visualize and good luck: imagine how quickly and easily you cope with the task, with what enthusiasm and energy you will work on it. Do this every time before you start to work, and also when laziness starts whispering in your ear, so that you will abandon the coming business.
  • Repeat affirmations every morning and always, whenyou are taken for some business. Tell yourself: "I can achieve my goal!" "I have a lot of energy to act and do everything I've planned." "Action makes me so much stronger." "When I'm in charge of something, I'm always all do it to the end. "
  • Each task assigned to itselfconsider as another exercise that helps you strengthen your will and resist laziness. The solution of each task makes you even stronger, determined and assertive.
  • Avoid procrastination and delaying time, because this is one of the forms of laziness. If there is something you need to do, then why not do it right now?
  • Learn from successful people by communicating with them andwatching how they act. Surely you immediately notice that these people never have time to sit back. That's why they are constantly and succeed!
  • how to overcome laziness yourself

    Exercises to overcome laziness

    • Encourage your imagination and helpImagine that you are doing the kind of work you usually do when you want to throw out all the affairs and indulge in laziness. Imagine that this time you have started to work with all the enthusiasm and energy that you are capable of at all. Probably, you will feel the inner resistance caused by subconscious disbelief in such an idyll. Nevertheless, continue to visualize and think about with what interest and love you are doing this work. Draw a picture of the completion of the work in the imagination and feel the satisfaction that would be experienced in reality by making everything necessary.
    • Make a list of the things you needto do. Arrange them from simple to more complex and proceed to their implementation right now. Start with easy cases to avoid strong internal pressure. Congratulate yourself with doing one thing, cross out the task from the list and go on to the next item. Gradually, each time performing all the tasks assigned to you, you will get used to be executive.
    • Regularly assign assignments, performwhich you always really do not want. Assign - and immediately proceed to the execution. Consider such a task as an exercise that will strengthen you in the fight against laziness.

    Overcoming the habit of laziness is achieved by a seriesdaily activities and exercises that encourage us to act, rather than remain passive. Every time we overcome our laziness, we become stronger. Every time we decide to act, we increase our ability to win, achieve goals and improve our lives! We advise you to read: