female crochet The scythe is a shortened leather jacket with a narrowwaist. Its name is due to lightning, which is a little obliquely. This unusual style gives it a kind of similarity with the military uniform of the Civil War in the United States. The time passed when this thing was intended only for "real men". In our time, it is gaining popularity among the fairer sex, since it has long since become a kind of "unisex" clothing. Its meandering path from a motorcycle to a wardrobe of a fashionista, a jacket for a woman's leather jacket, was held in little more than half a century. Now every modern secular lioness is simply obliged to have in her arsenal a couple of short leather jackets, because this trend due to its uniqueness has long been very relevant in the fashion world. Coats jackets in the 2012 season, like the past, also enjoy great popularity. In addition to traditional jewelry, they are crowned with embroidery, colored patches and original lacing. In addition, the fashion also shortened jackets of ultra-thin leather with short sleeves and a variety of collars, which are not decorated. So the choice is limitless! jackets for women

How to choose a braid for your type of figure?

  • Low-slender skinny girls will like a thin leather jacket with a non-standard clasp. A jacket with a wide collar will visually add volume and lengthen the figure.
  • Girls with a non-standard figure, whichcharacterized by wide hips and a narrow top, a thing that will move attention from the lower part of the body to the upper one will do. In this case, the jacket will help with elongated front slats, epaulettes on the shoulders and a coupler on the sleeves. These details sharpen the focus on themselves and thereby balance the figure.
  • Girls with a small tummy is better to wear a scythe without buttoning. A lengthened model will help to hide this small flaw and find harmony in style.
  • Well, the fair sex,having an athletic appearance, femininity in the image will help to add a jacket of gentle color with quilted inserts, which can make your figure more refined. Take note of this, since this concept is very important!
  • Today, the duck is an inalienable attributemodern, confident woman. It fits perfectly with leather pants and bandana, or with an airy summer dress made of silk. This jacket can easily be attributed to the style casual - in an ensemble with a skirt and blouse or with jeans and a shirt, it will suit both for work, giving an image of office style, and for shopping trips. The first thing you need to know when choosing a jacket is from what quality leather it is sewn. Thick skin is considered to be traditional, although recently thin and well-designed material is increasingly being given preference. But keep in mind that the strength of the product indicates its quality and practicality. women's leather jackets

    Quality of material

  • When creating a jacket-kosuhi, as a rule,The cow's skin is used, which is a thick and very durable material. But be careful when buying, because models can vary greatly in quality.
  • To produce shaped jackets, soft and thin sheep skin is used, which is characterized by its low strength. Such material is very easy to process.
  • Pig skin is very often used by Chinesemanufacturer in the manufacture of imitations of brand models. The strength of this material is also low. Such a jacket will last you no more than one season.
  • When sewing expensive models, manufacturers mainly use goatskin leather, because, despite its softness and fineness, it is a very durable material.
  • Does not also soft and very durable. It is easy to distinguish from goat's in thickness and gray-blue color of the underside.
  • Horse skin is used to makethe most expensive brands. It is thick and stiff enough, and also has incredible strength. Coats made of this material are used by American policemen in their outfits, since they can partially protect them, for example, when they fall from a motorcycle.
  • To create quality jackets, fashion designers around the world use very thick, soft and incredibly strong bison skin. But the price of such a thing can be too expensive for many.
  • Devotees of fashionable style chose thisan amazing piece of clothing. Kosuha occupies a leading position is not the first season. Now it has ceased to be a sign of a real man and a symbol of rebellion. Nowadays it's sexy, nice and comfortable. To date, you can see a huge variety of scythes: neutral models for fans of the representational style or more practical options used for enthusiastic extreme sports. This kind of outerwear can be female, male and even child. The consumer is given a large selection of small parts - from lacing, fringe and belt and ending with pockets and configurations of locks or zippers. As for color - the most popular is black, although it will not be difficult to find a model of any color you like: from brown to green or even combined. The scoop in modern execution has preserved its pristine characteristics: strength, comfort, warmth and plenty of pockets. Being an impeccable option for walking and cold evenings, it is perfectly combined with biker attributes. From shoes in the ensemble with her look good "Berts" or "Cossacks". female fashionable crochet

    Useful advice when buying

    • It is better to choose a leather jacket from hard leather. Of course, it will have to be worn for a while, but as a result you will be happy with the acquisition. Such a product will last you a very long time.
    • The thickness of the leather coat depends on where you are going to dress it: for riding a bike you need to choose a thick and durable material, and for everyday use - soft and thin.
    • Buy a drought in the provenstore. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to purchase a quality item at a reasonable price, and also insure yourself against the imposition of your opinion by sellers.

    Modern kosuha is not just a jacket, it'sa special way of life, which is characterized by freedom and unwillingness to obey existing standards. It is chosen by millions of people who by their behavior are trying to destroy the established patterns. Even the one who stands out shyly and timidly, in a scythe will behave more confidently, realizing that he has a thing that has settled historically. This trendy trend is suitable for both winter and warm seasons. Women's jackets spring 2012 kosuhi, whose skin is predominantly painted black. For this time of year, designers have prepared models for us with rivets and shiny zippers, which are very relevant for club parties. Some designers decorated their work with metal spikes, paying special attention to the shoulders, collar and sleeves. It turned out very daring and incredibly fashionable. Jackets of spring collections can also be decorated with spikes and pins. Now you know about all the advantages and disadvantages of this magnificent fashionable thing, which combines the spirit of freedom and the desire for disobedience. Be firm in your decision and make no mistake when choosing!