grunge style in clothes Grunge style is a kind of cry of the soul,open challenge to the unstable economic conditions that arose at the end of the twentieth century. The beginning of the formation of this rebellious style was the daring attempts of the youth to declare the society about themselves. And they chose for this particular style of clothing. Then the American designer Mark Jacobs and was released the first fashion collection. Entered in her baggy shirts, outstretched sweaters and sarafans in a small flower, very similar to the clothes of orphans from poor shelters, made a real sensation among the youth of that time. This provocative, extremely democratic collection became not only a "winning ticket", but also served as a grandiose, enchanting explosion in the fashion world. Despite the fact that most critics with condemnation and contempt for the creations of his hands, Jacobs has become one of the most popular designers in Europe and the US. In the world of modern youth fashion, this style in clothes is a shocking and rather provocative direction - just the opposite of elegant classics and glamor. Today, when everyone is eager to look pathetic and luxurious, one wants to stand out against the background of a general crowd. Also what, how not clothes will help it to reach? grunge style in clothes

Colorful differences of rebellious style

The wardrobe of grunge people consists mainly ofdresses, which at first glance seem to be very poor man, forced to wear the kind of clothes you saw: stretched and faded t-shirts, worn sweaters, worn ragged jeans, scabs of crumpled, cracked skin, "grandmother's" long skirts and dresses. However, on closer examination, this clothing is of excellent quality, and in an uncanny appearance and consists of the highlight of the grunge style. The absurdity of style, the presence of holes and patches in clothes, as well as unprocessed seams and loose loops - all this is a visual deception. In fact, the outfits are made of quality expensive fabrics. The color scheme, which adheres to the grunge, is distinguished by low-key tones. As for make-up, it is either completely absent or only dark shades are used. Combining such clothes with rough footwear, massive metal ornaments and careless hairdos, adherents of this style try to demonstrate to society their indifference to appearance. And the combination of materials that are not at first glance, gives the grunge style clothes special features. The main thing for them is convenience, and the opinion of others does not interest them. beautiful grunge style in clothes

What do designers recommend today?

Deliberately careless, evocative and outrageous stylegrunge stubbornly does not give up their positions. Proof of this is the fashion shows of famous designers. And although over time this style has undergone some changes, it is still popular. Today it is held not only by obvious opponents of glamor, but also by those who are simply bored with the chic and luxury in clothes. Among the fans of grunge are a lot of celebrities with world names. Sometimes it looks like a bumper look and shock the public with their appearance, like Misha Barton and Drew Barrymore. If you are tired of a business or glamorous image, you decided to join the ranks of grunge people, you can consider yourself lucky. After all, this style of dressing never goes out of fashion. Designers and stylists advise women of fashion to actively use in their wardrobe interweaving grunge style with a style of military, romantic or vintage style. All this will help create a unique, memorable image that will allow you to stand out against the general background and not mix with the crowd. In the collections of modern designers, the grunge style is multilayered, which has already become firmly established in the youth fashion. Bright striped pantyhose, shabby jeans, massive platform shoes, multi-layered skirts and an equally multilayer top consisting of a turtleneck, on top of which is a voluminous sweater and several scarves - all this will help create a fashionable grunge image. Dress in grunge style is easy, the main thing is to study the fashion trends of this direction. As already mentioned, this style is characterized by a combination of seemingly completely incompatible elements. For example, a rough knitted cloth of handwork and delicate silk, laced lace and cotton, exquisite guipure and denim. Following the fashion, do not forget that sloppiness is just an artificial effect, your main "chip" in creating a new image should remain a well-groomed appearance. And then in any situation you will look perfect. We advise you to read: