A huge selection of models of women's panties rarethe woman will leave indifferent. Therefore, we offer to understand this set of lacy beauty, the correct name of which is not known, sometimes even consultants of elite boutiques of underwear.

Most Popular

On the shelf or in a drawer with linen absolutely anywomen will find their place the most popular model of panties - panties-slips. Behind such panties are completely closed, cutouts for the legs in front open the middle of the thigh. Elastic bands on the abdomen can be both raised to the waist, and below the navel. It all depends on the ideas of the designer and your choice. Such panties are convenient, and they look decent. The model can be safely called classical. Even more modest looks a model of panties-shorts. Here the name speaks for itself. Modest shorts will help visually make the buttocks higher and successfully adjust the figure. Thong panties excite the imagination of the opposite sex and cause a lot of controversy. They leave the buttocks open completely thanks to the maximum notches and allow you to wear tight clothing, while remaining completely invisible. If you opted for a swimsuit with panties of this shape, we recommend that you critically evaluate your figure. Shorts-thong look no less sexy. Made of lace, they look very enticing and help to hide some of the shortcomings of the figure. G-string is different from the usual strings we cover from the back. Instead of two ropes in such panties a small triangle. Until we got used to the novelty - C-string. Designed with anatomical body shape in mind, such panties are held on the crotch generally without rubber bands. Panties-tanga can also be called a variation of strings. But, unlike the latter, they are more closed (they look like two triangles, fastened on the hips with a strip or elastic band). Recently, young people are popular with boxer panties. The sports version of shorts belongs to maxi models, has a simple cut and is comfortable to wear.

Bold and unusual

The name devan-derer soundsexotic, but memorable is difficult. The peculiarity of this model is that repeating the string style, panties devan-derier have very narrow triangles both in front and behind. Panties-togings have a huge variety of variations, but the general idea of ​​this model is a low fit on the hips. You can find panties and mini-togs, and panties-maxim maxi, and many other cuts.

Special Purpose Models

Panty-suckers are designed to help in correction andmodeling the figure. They differ in their length and variety of designs and materials used. There are corset panty-suits, forming the line of the abdomen and waist. Also, there are pantaloons-suits, correcting the form of the hips, and sometimes even the knees. Such shorts are popular among Hollywood divas, as many flaws in them become absolutely imperceptible. Pagenslip. In such panties line of cuts for the legs is located strictly horizontally, and there is also a high waist.