sportswear In the modern world, a sporty style of clothingis considered one of the most popular. He is also the most ancient. There was a style for a very long time, when humanity has just begun to show interest in sports. Gradually it was improved, more and more new changes were made. And today we can say with certainty that it is thanks to different types of sport that a lot of necessary, useful and interesting things appeared in the women's wardrobe. So, for example, equestrian sport gave the world an entirely different form of jacket, football - T-shirts, American baseball - baseball caps, a game of tennis inspired designers to create shorts, "T-shirts" and short skirts in a fold. Cycling, in turn, led to the creation of tight shorts from Lycra, and Norwegian sweaters and hats are due to the advent of ski and speed skating. Sports style has long gone beyond sports halls. And he is preferred not only by professional athletes, but women of the most diverse professions. And this happened thanks to a successful combination of comfort, beauty and functionality of the sporting style. And although many favorite T-shirts, breeches, sneakers are designed for outdoor activities, travel, tourism, sports and country walks, nowadays they are increasingly being chosen for everyday life.

Fashion trends of modern times

Leading brands, creating their own collections fornew season, focus on style, colors and materials. Each style of clothing is good in its own way, any of them is capable of attracting attention and forming a certain impression of itself. In addition, he can very much tell others about his possessor. Today every modern woman (depending on her taste and lifestyle) chooses the most suitable style for herself to feel confident and comfortable. For many people, sportswear is associated exclusively with a jacket with a zipper, epaulettes, velcro cuffs and trousers with large patch pockets, and the image is surely completed by sneakers and a knitted hat. In fact, the sportswear style for girls is much more diverse than it might seem at first glance. After all, it includes a lot of varieties - it's jeans, safari, sailors, military and much more. Any of them can be passionate and bewitching, and can be exquisite and at the same time sexy. Let's get acquainted with the things that can be present in the women's sports style:

  • A sports suit of any cut;
  • Dresses, sarafans and skirts with elements of sports style;
  • Various tops, T-shirts and T-shirts;
  • Blousons, sweatshirts and turtlenecks;
  • Bib and overalls;
  • Jackets, windbreakers with hoods and without them;
  • Down jackets;
  • Shorts, breeches, bermudas, jeans, banana trousers, trousers, loose trousers;
  • Sweaters, pullovers and sweaters;
  • Dress-coat.

Domination on the catwalks of clothes in this styleonce again proves that it can be not only convenient and practical, but also very stylish. Therefore, it can be used for sports, and for an everyday wardrobe. sportswear for girls

Features of sports style

For the sports style, there are free forms that facilitate active movements. Distinctive features of clothes made in this style:

  • geometric lines of cut;
  • a combination of different forms and materials;
  • presence of many folds,
  • patch pockets, zip-fastened or with large flaps;
  • Straight, contiguous, semi-adjacent or trapezoidal silhouette.

Fabrics For sewing modern sportswearpreference is given to elastic and lightweight fabrics that are strong and well-shaped. The choice of materials, as they say, for every taste and color:

  • Suede, Scotch, Tweed;
  • Shrinked plashevka or ordinary raincoat;
  • Soft fleece;
  • Fabrics with lycra or cosmic shine effect;
  • Rubberized waterproof fabric.

Decor For decoration designers use:

  • A wide variety of finishes and inserts made of leather, fur and knitwear;
  • Finishing stitches (color, contrast, decorative, double or zigzag);
  • Velcro, shoulder straps, slots, zippers, as well as decorative laces, all kinds of buttons and other metal accessories.

beautiful sporty clothing style

How to combine clothes in a sports style?

Shoes For sports fansdesigners have created many models for every day - it's sneakers, sneakers, boots and boots with a high lacing on the thickened soles. You can choose between classic black and white sneakers and avant-garde models. Girls tend to like models of bright colors, decorated with rhinestones, beads or lace. Such shoes are perfect for visiting youth parties and nightclubs. If classic sneakers fit well with jeans, capris and shorts, then elegant models - with short skirts, dresses and sarafans, especially if the color of the shoe or trim is repeated in your kit. Caps and wristbands For some consecutive season, wristlets and caps with large visors are at the peak of popularity. You can wear them with almost any ensemble in a sporting style. A good option may be a combination of such headgear with jeans, T-shirt or T-shirt. T-shirts and sports shirts Sports shirts and T-shirts are, perhaps, the most comfortable things in the everyday women's wardrobe. You can wear them with anything: like with jeans and shorts, and with summer trousers, skirts, jean sarafans and semi-overalls. Well, if the print on the shirt either complements, or repeats the print on clothes or shoes. Velor suits Comfortable velor suits are another universal sporting thing. In such suits it is customary to attend gyms or fitness clubs, they are well suited for walking in the city and forays into nature. For many women, comfortable and modern suits, made of soft and delicate velor, have become a good option as clothes for the house. The owner of such a suit will not be caught off guard by surprise guests. Bathing suits The sports style did not ignore such a part of the women's wardrobe as bathing suits. For several seasons at the peak of fashion, sports swimwear or tankini. This swimsuit consists of two parts: panties and top made in the form of a short sports T-shirt. This model of a bathing suit can be a good option for girls and women who have not quite the ideal figure. Accessories Do not forget about the various additions to your ensemble. Accessories will always be relevant. They will help not only to emphasize your individuality, but also to become a successful finishing touch in creating an image. In addition to sports backpacks and handbags, in the fashion world there are a lot of accessories that will surely make your life more beautiful and the image brighter. Watches, eyeglasses, belts, bright beads and even earrings - all this will serve as a magnificent decoration for your ensemble and will attract the attention of others. We advise you to read: