romantic style in clothes What associations can romancewomen? These are light beautiful dresses, melodic music and men, ready to create madness for ladies. But the romance is very simple to dilute the grayness of everyday life, including a few outfits in the wardrobe, made in this style. Romantic style in clothes very advantageously contrasts with everyday negligence, gives the woman lightness, flowing seductive silhouette of lines and sexuality of forms. Romantic style is rightly recognized as the most feminine. And he separated from other trends of fashion and acquired his uniqueness in the XIX century - the age of romanticism. In a modern wardrobe, you can find evolved echoes of the past of all the most feminine outfits that form this unique direction. With this style is invariably associated with a sense of solemnity, celebration, playfulness, which, however, is very inappropriate in a business, working environment and has some limitations in everyday wear. The basis of this style is the game with lines of silhouette and texture of the fabric, often it is light, flowing, reflective materials that freely round the female forms. Romance in the wardrobe is a great way to bring the element of the holiday into everyday life, achieve incredible femininity, maximize your body, emphasizing the dignity of the figure.

Romantic style in clothes - main features

Let's try to name the main elements thatwill help women achieve romance for their image. Colors In general, these are delicate, pastel colors, distinguished by exquisite restraint, without flashy inclusions. Often in dresses use the method of smooth transition from dark shades to lighter tones, everything is done smoothly, without sharpness. Designers do not reject the picture: mostly floral and ethnic motifs, peas of different sizes, patterned, smooth drawings. Silhouette - adjacent to the body, emphasizing the shape of the "hourglass." Fabrics Fabrics are used different. From natural, universally recognized silk, to high-tech ultramodern materials. Often you can find in this image materials stylized as fish scales, with an abundance of sequins, metal plates. Softly draping textures, such as silk, chiffon, satin, are also often present in such outfits. You can find velvet, thin woolen or tweed textiles. Romantic style of clothes for a girl is unthinkable without the use of lace. Accessories The accessories will help you to complete the image. The hats took precedence in this: with wide fields, medium, quite small, characteristic for the 40s. Often used brooches, fairly large, with patterned processing, bows or ribbons. An invariable attribute are scarves: thin, long and gas, often there is fringe or lace. It can be various fur scarves, representative stoles, pelerines, intriguing capes or boas that perfectly match with the evening fashion. Women, preferring a romantic style, simply have to have in their wardrobe gloves: lace or silk, netted and with a cut for kisses. Melchior ornaments, accessories from silver, stylized at the beginning of the XIX century and a laconic small handbag. All this is necessary in order to create a dizzying image. Shoes It should be elegant and refined, classical forms, for example, shoes, boats, which are often decorated with buckles, embroidery or braid on the skin. Lacquered shoes, traditional leather or brocade shoes are often decorated with a bow and even lace. Romantic style of clothes

We choose the right wardrobe in a romantic style

Romantic style in clothes is relevant not onlyfor exquisite evenings, but also perfect for rest, thanks to its lightness and abundance of variants of things that can be successfully combined. After all, these kinds of products - these are not the massive outfits that existed in the era of Pushkin and Lermontov, they can include quite traditional jeans. Designers offer many variations of combinations of outfits to create a romantic style. But the most common is an open top with bare shoulders with a deep neckline. Underwear should choose a lace texture, with a touch of the 30's. The length of the outfits can be very different, here you should be guided by your own preferences and tastes, but for short and medium length, the splendor of the skirt is welcomed, and for the maximum - a flowing silhouette. Romantic style does not involve immense sexuality and nudity. If you opened your shoulders, you should not strip your legs, otherwise it threatens with an excessive hint of eroticism. Remember, romanticism requires a moderate nudity, here the emphasis is on hints, intrigue, and not on an explicit demonstration of all female charms. Do not confuse romance with erotica. If a woman is only discovering a romantic style, then it is worth making sure that it will correspond to her character and way of life. If a girl lives in a constant fast rhythm that requires maximum comfort and simplicity, then from the abundance of romantic things in the wardrobe should be discarded, of course, you can pamper yourself with a couple of exclusive outfits for a party, but no more. The same goes for the business ladies who are constantly attending business meetings. What standard should the outfits, made in a romantic style, have? Let's try to make out the most traditional things. Dresses Dresses at all times have been considered the most feminine detail of the wardrobe. Romantic style calls for dresses to be as long as possible. This is a traditional evening outfit in the floor, with a soft texture, often combined with capes or pelerines, made of noble silk or satin fabrics. Of course, a rare woman would have come up with the idea of ​​wearing fur and dressing up in spartan jeans. Therefore, it is worth giving preference to wide, straight trousers in the style of Marlene Dietrich. The main material that should be given priority is the double chiffon. Pantsuits and skirts in the romantic style suggest the use of velvet materials, also it can be suede, velvet fabric. Upper wardrobe Warm things often focus on the English style. Traditional is the combination of a tweed coat with high leather gloves. It is also important to use fur clutches and pelerines for winter time, as they create light romantic dresses with light evening dresses on the floor. Lingerie The theme of underwear was mentioned above, the main advantage of which will be a combination of innocence and the desire to seduce. Such linen should have a lace texture, especially elegantly use bodice models that do not include foam rubber. Linen can be supplemented with a belt. beautiful romantic dress style

Additional elements of romantic style

If the girl decided to give in to the whole movementromanticism, then it is worth to specify the rules of applying makeup, which would not be beaten by their common gentle image. Make-up should be as close to natural as possible, natural gamma is used, without aggressive tones. Shadows must be matte shades: smoky, ivory, deep beige, it is allowed to use arrows. The only thing on which you can make an additional accent - blush, it should be pretty pink tones, which will emphasize the freshness of the face. Do not spoil everything with excessively bright lipstick, do not use deep, matte shades, it is better to limit yourself to a light shine that gives lip plumpness. Hairstyle - an element that can consolidate the effect of romance. The girl should use a minimum of fixing means, the hair can take the form of curls, curls, repeat the shape of the waves. Romantic style can give your lines maximum femininity, it will affect not only the external image, but will also imprint on your inner world: it will make it pliable, somewhat sensitive and sentimental. After all, the rhythm of modern life has practically exterminated in the woman the softness that once was peculiar to her nature. Romantic outfits will perfectly fit into the bohemian atmosphere of the theater, they will amaze you on dates, exhibitions, gala evenings and receptions. Paradoxically, but the abundance of choice and options for such clothing makes it possible to perfectly fit them into ordinary rest, and go to a restaurant or a date. We advise you to read: