strict style of clothing Naturally, every person, both woman andman, wants to look attractive and stylish. For this, it is absolutely not necessary to blindly follow the latest "chips" of fashion, changing one after another with rapid speed. The main thing is to find your own individual style of clothes, which will be combined with your appearance. However, it is necessary to distinguish between these two concepts - fashion and style. The first means the direction that designers ask, releasing their new collections. Fashion is fleeting and changeable, while the style, if it is chosen correctly and in harmony with the character and way of life of a person, will remain with him forever. After all, this is a distinctive feature, an individuality that manifests itself in the choice of clothes, behavior and make-up.

The concept of "style" and how to find it

Let's first figure out what the style isclothes. If you say in a simple way, it's the ability to choose among a lot of fashionable things (costume jewelry, shoes, dresses, accessories, etc.) that suit you in style, appearance, lifestyle, interests and hobbies. A person can be considered stylish if all elements of his wardrobe are harmoniously combined with each other, reflect his mood and character, approach the time of year and the place of the event. Finding your own individual image and looking fashionable at the same time is not an easy task. After all, not everyone has from birth a certain taste, which allows you to "feel" things, combine them with each other, thereby creating elegant and elegant outfits. But, as you know, the impossible does not exist, everything can be learned, the main thing is to want it and make maximum efforts. If you have not yet picked up a style of clothing, we suggest doing it right now. Based on the following rules and recommendations, you can, firstly, determine the strengths and weaknesses of your appearance, the things that should be in your wardrobe, and which you better refuse, and secondly, understand which image suits you more Total:

  • First think about how you would like to look -playfully, strictly, elegantly, athletic, eccentric, glamorous. Then imagine what image you hate. However, keep in mind that clothing should be appropriate for the situation or event that you are going to appear on. Therefore, think over several options for the image, for example, for work and for every day.
  • Decide on your color appearance. There are only four of them - Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. And each corresponds to certain characteristics, such as skin tone, eye color and hair. It is very important that the outfit suits you according to the above parameters, otherwise even the most fashionable branded things are able from a white swan to make an ugly duckling.
  • Analyze your figure - determine its type(Rectangle, Pear, Apple, Hourglass and so on), note the strengths and weaknesses. Given your height, weight, hips, waist and shoulders, consider all possible options for visual correction of forms. This will help not only to choose the ideal style of clothes, but in the future it will be much easier for you to buy things, knowing what style suits you, thanks to what elements (drawing, decoration, fabric texture, etc.) you can turn your shortcomings into advantages.
  • The wardrobe must match the lifestyle,which you lead, to the position that you occupy. Naturally, if you love sports, this does not mean that working in any corporation, you can appear in the office in jeans and sneakers. In this case, a strict choice is a strict style.
  • Follow fashion trends, but do not chase afterthem. A person should feel comfortable in the things that he wears. Therefore, if a fashionable dress from the latest collection of a famous designer constrains and binds you, you better abandon it. After all, the style of clothing should emphasize the individuality and character, and not go against your preferences.
  • After you spend a full analysis of your appearance and personal wishes, consider all the options for existing styles and decide on a new way.
  • Naturally, the wardrobe of a person changes independing on the place and event, on which he should appear. Therefore, choosing for yourself this or that style of clothes, you should not focus only on it. "Play" with outfits, because they are able to create a mood and influence behavior. beautiful strict clothing style

    Dressing for work: a strict style

    We have already talked about how to choose the right oneyour own individual style of clothes. This will allow you to create an unusual, memorable and harmonious image. But no matter how you dress up in everyday life, it is clear that at work you should look absolutely different. Today in many companies there is a strict dress code, to go beyond which is not allowed. However, every woman, as well as a man, wants to be attractive and fashionable even among colleagues. So let's dwell in more detail on what he is - a strict style in clothes - and with the help of what things you can create this image. The outfit of a business person should reflect his status and position, which he occupies in the company. The higher your position, the more naturally, the more serious, elegant and expensive it is to choose clothes. So, a strict wardrobe of a woman first of all includes a suit - it can be a skirt and jacket or trousers and a jacket. Also an obligatory attribute are light blouses, blazers made in muted tones, conservative shirts, restrained dresses with long or three-quarter sleeves. Do not forget about sundresses, but they are not recommended for wearing on a naked body. These things can be combined with a turtleneck or cover your hands with a jacket. Jeans for going to the office do not fit, as it is more casual clothing - better replace them with strict narrow, wide or slightly flared trousers. The outfits of a business woman (and men) must be made of high-quality, nymbling and "breathing" fabric. After all, today most of the time people spend at work, constantly moving from one place to another, then sitting down, then getting up, picking up papers; so that even at the end of the day look neat, give preference to such materials:

    • tweed;
    • natural silk and wool;
    • cotton fabrics;
    • knitwear.

    Clothes should be pleasant to touch, repeatbends of your body, while not focusing on them - give up transparent and shiny materials, sequins, fringe and beads. A business wardrobe should talk about your seriousness, professionalism and at the same time about the presence of taste and sense of style. Buy high-quality, albeit not too expensive and branded things - the main thing is that they fit you in color and emphasize the dignity of the figure. Do not forget that the final touch of each image is the properly selected accessories. They should not be catchy and screaming: enough small earrings, one large ring on the finger, a brooch in the lapel of the jacket. Remember that everything should be in moderation! fashionable strict style of clothing

    Strict clothing: style and color combinations

    Strict style allows to show, what place inthe company you occupy, what you have achieved, demonstrates the status and role in the work process. Therefore, in this case, your individuality is not the main thing, it recedes into the background, giving way exclusively to professional qualities. However, with all this, it is absolutely not necessary to look gray and unfashionable - good quality items, properly selected jewelry and accessories are able to give even a business image "zest" and make it interesting. So, the style, as well as the color, of the costume for going to the office should inform others about your activities, discipline, respectability, command and obedience, without irritating, not striking and not causing unnecessary emotions in business partners, wards and bosses . All this guarantees conservative models, muted and neutral shades. Below we will consider the most suitable versions of strict clothing for modern women:

    • Today, a classic business suit is notonly flat trousers with arrows and a jacket. Many ladies prefer jackets in combination with slightly flared pants, you can also choose an option such as a skirt plus blouse. By the way, shorts - now not only street clothes: they smoothly migrated into the wardrobe of working girls. Often they are sewn from dense wool or other costume fabric with or without a picture. Suitable length - to the knee.
    • It is not forbidden to wear a dress in the office. Very fashionable style is "case", however such model will approach not to every woman. Choose clothes based on your type of figure, because each has its own individual characteristics - some have broad shoulders and a small chest, others suffer from full thighs. With the help of a suitable outfit you can hide your flaws and emphasize the main advantages. Remember that the dress must necessarily be with a sleeve - with a long or three quarters. Otherwise, it is necessary to cover bare hands with a short jacket or jacket up to the middle of the thigh.
    • An irreplaceable attribute of every business lady is a white blouse, a shirt in a "man's" style that fits perfectly with trousers, and a pencil skirt with an overstated waist that visually makes it thinner.
    • Stitched blazer of dark or sand color.
    • With regard to clothes such as trousers, the classic "male" models can be replaced by narrow pants without arrows, smooth, long or ankle-deep. Do not forget also about Capri.
    • Naturally, the only items of a strict wardrobe are jackets and jackets of non-dense, dense material: tweed, cotton, wool.
    • The office attire will look beautiful andelegant only if it is chosen based on the characteristics of your figure and color appearance. The main requirement for clothing is not its price, but quality and the ideal cut. Even an inexpensive model of an unknown brand, sewn with skillful hands, can look like a thousand dollars.

    It is worth mentioning that the style of clothing thatwe consider today, is characterized not only by restrained styles, but also by neutral muffled tones. Your wardrobe should not irritate others and attract attention too, so give preference to such shades: black and white, gray and blue, light blue, chocolate and olive, herbal, sand. However, if the above colors do not suit you or cause discomfort, you can slightly violate the rules (because they exist for this!). For example, pick a bright monophonic shirt, blouse or a business suit of a juicy tone, but in no case screaming. Be careful not to go beyond the generally accepted strict style! By the way, in this case there should be a minimum of jewelry, so that you can not be blamed for excessive jerkiness.

    Some tips in the end

    In general, as you have already understood, a strict style consists offrom clothes of restrained business styles of pastel tones. It must necessarily be made of quality non-fading fabric, without flashy ornaments and extra elements: beads, sequins, fringes and the like. Naturally, no image can do without beautiful shoes, to which the same requirements are imposed, that is, elegance and severity. Keep in mind that even in the summer to appear at work in sandals or, God forbid, spanking is strictly prohibited. In this case, you can buy a model with an open toe, but closed on the other sides (back and sides). The basic requirements for an office dress code for shoes are:

    • it should be made of high-quality "breathable" lacquered or matte leather;
    • with a wide heel or a hairpin;
    • welcome dark and pastel colors;
    • remember that shoes-boats are an indispensable attribute of every fashionista.

    Stylists are strongly advised to useaccessories and ornaments - they will help to give the image a finish. Always in vogue gold, silver, pearls and precious stones (agate, turquoise, amber). The main thing is that all elements of the wardrobe harmoniously combined with each other. In addition, when choosing jewelry, remember that a strict style excludes brightness and flamboyance. If you put on a ring, then go without a bracelet, just as long earrings should not be next to the beads or chain. Study these recommendations, keep a sense of proportion, and you will always look business-like, fashionable and stylish! We advise you to read: