laying on medium hair Styling, which is done on medium hair,differ in variety. Moreover, you can improvise, experiment and give full freedom to your imagination! Happy owners of just such hair can consider absolutely all variants of styling - from ringlets and strict bundles, to small scythes. In general, it is just to learn some nuances, and then the problem of hair styling does not even appear. At any time of the day, in any season you will look just gorgeous! So, first of all, you need to get your hair in order. If you are going to subject them to regular laying, do not forget that the use of various types of heating devices (for example, irons, tongs, hot air from a hair dryer, hair curlers) has an extremely negative effect on the hair. Therefore, do not forget about masks, nourishing creams, taking vitamin-mineral complexes. Only with a healthy head of hair can you create and experiment with hair. And, by the way, before each styling you need to wash your hair - only on clean hair will look good any hairstyle.

Classic Styling

Scythes Styling methods that can be usedon medium hair, have different options. The most common - the classic. But to it it is possible to carry plaits and curls. About braids nothing new can not be said - there is not suitable French or "spikelet". Only a classic pigtail, but you can start weaving it directly from your forehead. And you can braid from the temple to the temple. You can make such a braid on the circumference of the head. But in any case, you need a strong fixation. It is very difficult to apply such a styling with a graded haircut - invariably protruding strands will not only irritate you, but also spoil the whole appearance. Gentle curls You can stay on the curls. That's where the space for the embodiment of dreams! Here the main thing is to make the curls yourself. Take into account that laying on the average hair - this is a fairly long procedure, it will take an hour and a half or two to complete it. So immediately count your time. But on the other hand, having got used, you will do the same thing in a few minutes. You can curl your hair with forceps or curlers, or you can use iron to do this. Apply to slightly damp hair fixing agent (mousse, foam) and clamp the tip of the strand ironing. Now wind the hair on the iron. At the same time, the hair should not be stretched, no painful sensations should also be present. It is better not to curl at the very root - curls will look more natural with a smooth crown. So you have to act step by step, do not make strands too thick. Remember, the thinner the strands, the smaller will be the little ones. After the termination of procedure it is necessary to lay all locks in a uniform hairdress. It's about taste and preferences. You can collect the tail higher, you can just raspushit their hands, and you can use accessories - hoops, hair clips. hair styling medium length

Curling at home

Trendy curly hair this season is prettyeasy to do and at home. Not only that, using curlers, forceps and ironing, you can proudly wear curls every day, so there is also a strong styling for medium length hair. It is done with the help of a special chemical compound, which fixes the result for 4-5 weeks. Many ladies at the word "chemical" immediately refuse, remembering with horror all the "delights" of a perm. But this is completely different! First, such a procedure can be carried out at home. Secondly, the composition used is completely safe for hair. And thirdly, you can control the exposure time yourself. So laying on the average hair can not become a daily work, but only a regular combing. Just get this very chemical mixture, wind the hair with small curlers (you can take the bobbins) and cover the entire head with it. After a certain time (it is indicated in the instructions) you must wash everything off. As you can see, even the classic ways of laying can be different. Here you just need to choose a suitable hairstyle for you personally, and you can start creating. By the way, curls were always considered the most feminine and gentle manifestation of beauty. Even the most fashionable stylists do not neglect the curl.

Creative approach to styling

If you like to stand out with your original look, then fashionable pigtails will be very handy. Let's look at ways of creative styling.

  • First lay the hair towards the back of the head;
  • Now we braid the braid beautifully. Exactly in the middle of the head, start from the bangs and move to the back of the head. It is necessary to braid the locks firmly enough;
  • Now fix the tail of the pigtail;
  • We take a comb from metal with a sharp tip onhandle. And now from each plexus we pull out the thin lines of hair. Be sure to follow the uniformity of the procedure - all protruding hairs should be evenly distributed throughout the head;
  • It remains only to fix everything, it is best to use a gel or cosmetic wax for this purpose, spreading every lock on them;
  • Here's a variant of laying medium hair will make a real sensation, and you certainly will not be left without attention from others!
  • Recently even fashionable stylists advise to make pigtails "on the contrary". What it is? Yes, everything is elementary!
  • So, first you need to lay your hair. We comb them back, including the bangs;
  • If the bangs are short, pin it to the general mass;
  • And now we begin to weave braids ... from the back of the head. That is, as a result, you will get a tail on your forehead;
  • In addition, you can decorate such a hair style with hairpins and bright, invisible hairpins-hairpins.

Even these two options will be enoughfor the manifestation of their individuality and shocking. A chic option for young people who want to have not only beautiful haircuts, but also stylish and fashionable hairstyles. hair styling medium length

Hairstyles using false hair

It is possible to do for the average hair length and highhairstyles. They imply the use of hairpieces. Lift your hair up, carefully fasten and try to lay them not with a simple dulk, but with a flat knot. Then fasten the chignon. Everything, a strict and office hairstyle is ready! And if you want to have an evening hairstyle without special labor costs, then just let go of the chignon and the temples along the temples with a few stitches. Carefully nip them with forceps - the luxurious image of a cute, charming beauty is ready. You can also use the couch, and straight strands, you can and increase hair. By the way, to increase hair at an average length should be very carefully. There is a risk of overdoing and then long hair will look unnatural. As can be seen from the above, hair styling of medium length is available to every lady, and, at home. Simple, but fashionable and stylish hairstyles can be done every day, not just one option. It is enough to style your hair correctly and you can vary your hairstyles at least several times a day - in the daytime the official style and strictness in the whole image, and in the evening a continuous creative and shocking. Just make an effort and spend your free time on lessons on creating masterpieces and everything will turn out! Remember - you should always look perfect, and healthy and beautiful hair - this is not a hairstyle. Only skill and sleight of hand will help you always be different and look beautiful in any situation! We advise you to read: