hairstyle for long hair Owners of long hair - the happiestgirls, because they have the power to charm any man: very few people will be able to tear themselves away from the luxurious head of hair, gently streaming on the back. However, surprisingly, many beauties do not know how to effectively stack their treasure, and either manage with an inconspicuous bundle, or become hostages of the same image - a hairstyle with ordinary straight hair without any frills and tricks. Hairstyles for long, loose hair, there is a mass. Some of them are quite simple and require minimal time and effort, while creating others you will need the help of a friend or sister. In any case, the new image will cheer up and make any hair play in completely different colors. Beautiful hairstyles on long flowing hair

Curl locks and plait scythes

The advantage of long curls is not only beautyand femininity, but also lightness in a wave. It is not necessary to lay all the hair - some can be left straight. Variation is also the degree of curl of hair - from elastic curls to light waves, this is a matter of taste and personal style. Complement the image of the rim and decorative tape. To give the long, wavy hair a waviness, large hair curlers are used, for small curls, strands curl into boomerangs or smaller curlers. Then, using coconut oil or a small amount of wax, each curl is dismantled one by one and fixed with varnish. The wave with side parting looks refined, more bold and modern - with oblique. A festive option is beautifully laid out long cascading locks, some of which are pinned and figured on the side. For each day the image is simpler, but this is no less bright: it is created with the help of a spray with salt and ironing. The spit is always associated with the flair of romance and adolescence, and the voluminous and dense with the image of a true Russian beauty. For long, loose hair, neatly braided braids can become one of the elements of the hairstyle. It is very common to weave in French, that is, in the form of a spikelet, with picking-such a braid beautifully frames the head, and also unusual: for example, the design of several ponytails in hearts, braiding from below upwards or fish tail. We should not forget about the famous African pigtails. The creation of such a hairstyle is laborious and requires the approach of a competent specialist, however it is very convenient to wear and care, not to mention the effektiveness of the image as a whole. Fashionable Hairstyles for Loose Hair

We give an elegant volume

Volume on loose hair can be createdin several ways. The first of these is the collection of several curled strands on the crown, while the rest of the hair should be dissolved. Try on the image of a retro diva to help naches. Popular several decades ago, it is gaining momentum again and is an absolute trend of the season. Cope with the fleece can and yourself. To do this, it is necessary to separate the top row in 1 cm and, moving from the bottom up, slowly and neatly comb the hair, fixing the hairdo with a varnish. The upper layer, separated earlier, covers the entire stowage. Attention: the hair must be clean and dry, otherwise damage and breakage are unavoidable. Do not "tear" individual strands, every movement is done as carefully and carefully. The classic version of the voluminous hair for long, loose hair is the so-called raspberry. On the top of the head is done, and strands on top are formed into a cocoon, taken away back and fixed by invisible ones. Malvinka can be either with a high top, or more "smooth", complement curled locks or unusual beautiful weaving. The place of collecting strands on the back of the head is decorated with a bright barrette. The hairdresser will help the long, loose hair to reach the volume with the help of a special ladder - it is suitable for girls with a round face. The master will propose to profile the strands, but you should remember that the fashion is straight and laconic lines. One small detail can completely transform the whole image: we do not forget about accessories. The choice is great: rims, ribbons, bandages, beads, rhinestones and elastic bands. It depends on the chosen style and mood at a given time. A bright element will draw attention to the loose hair, so even the most simple hairstyle should look flawless and neat. And, of course, it is worth remembering that long hair looks really impressive and beautiful only if they are well-groomed and healthy, and their mistress smiles charmingly.