the right medicine for hair loss The problem of hair loss is relevant in equaldegree for both men and women. And if baldness in old age - a normal phenomenon, then in youth this is an excuse to sound the alarm. The reason for this unpleasant phenomenon can be anything: food, ecology, exposure from the outside, chemical damage to the hair, lack of necessary vitamins and much more. Is there a cure for hair loss that can solve this problem once and for all? Every day, combing our hair, we notice that some of them remain on the comb. Is this normal? It all depends on the amount of hair you lose. A deviation from the norm is considered to be over 150 fallen hairs per day. Anything less than this amount is quite natural, not requiring treatment. Hair like skin, and nails reflect the general condition of the body, its health in general. Accordingly, any problem with your health can easily affect your hair. If they began to lose their shine and density, and if the hairs become thinner, this is already the reason for going to the doctor. The life cycle of each hairs includes three stages: continuous growth, cessation of growth, the stage of separation and loss. After hair loss, the follicle prepares to produce a new hair. But it is not uncommon for the first stage (continuous growth) to be significantly reduced, as a result of which the hair becomes thin and falls too early. Of course, a new one comes to replace it, but, unfortunately, the loss is much faster than growth, which leads to baldness.

Causes of Alopecia

The causes of alopecia can be a huge amount. It can be both internal problems of an organism, and influence of external factors. Internal factors include infectious diseases, hormonal failures, weakened immunity, genetic diseases and others. External factors include stress, poor ecology, various head injuries, infections of the skin. There are other reasons that can lead to baldness. So, for example, drying with hot air (hair dryer) adversely affects hair, as well as their frequent staining, regular chemical waves, straightening hair with ironing, the use of substandard and sometimes overdue cosmetics for the scalp. Negative on the health of hair affects and some hair. So, the "ponytail" with its regular toe can damage your hair, pulling them together and thus leading to the atrophy of the hair papillae and their subsequent death. Many forget about a very important rule when caring for hair - you can not comb, lay and braid them wet. It's when the hair is wet or damp that they are very prone to damage due to their fragility. They are very easy to break or even pull out. Do not always make a parting in the same place, it can lead to the fact that the place of the parting will begin to thin out. mustard mask against hair loss

Other factors of influence

Close headgear can also harmgrowth, disrupting blood circulation. Insufficient amount of air also affects the hair condition, because as a result of sweating and a lot of sebum the scalp does not get the nutrition necessary for it, as a result of which the hairs fall out. In the cold season it is worth taking care of your hair, putting on a hat that can protect you from a muscle disease of the hair roots, which can easily lead to baldness. The use of alcohol and smoking have an adverse effect on the health and health of the head of hear. Ideally, it is better to abandon such harmful habits. The lack of vitamins, which is most often felt in the spring (avitaminosis), leads to significant disturbances in the structure of the hair and its loss. Many women faced the problem of hair loss during pregnancy and after a few weeks after the birth. During pregnancy, the cause may be a lack of vitamins, and after childbirth - lack of sleep, stress, excessive stress. As a rule, in such cases, their fallout stops after one and a half to two months. In the menopause period in women, hair loss can increase, which sometimes leads to alopecia in the male type - at the top of the head and in the temporal region of the head there are bald patches. The cause of hair loss can be various infectious diseases, such as syphilis, endocrine glands disease, tuberculosis and others. Circulating during the disease in the blood of toxins lead to the destruction of the cover due to the destruction of the hair papillae. Not always hair fall out irrevocably, more often with time they are restored. Poisoning with chemicals such as mercury, arsenic, lead and waist leads to mass hair loss. In such cases, they climb with scraps. Chemical and X-ray therapy, as a rule, lead to complete baldness. The growth of the cover is resumed after a while, but the amount that was earlier will not be in any case. Women in the first place should monitor the health of their hair, because beautiful and thick head of hair is the dignity and adornment of any representative of the weaker sex. The earlier you contact a doctor with the problem of hair loss, the more chances to fix it. To accurately determine the problem, it is necessary to carry out diagnosis and identify the causes of hair loss. application of firming oil on hair

Means from falling out

Of course, it is better not to allow the emergenceany problems, than then to deal with their elimination, in this case, treatment. Problems with hair can be avoided by observing some simple rules. Every woman carries out daily manipulations with her hair. Not everyone follows the rules for caring for them, considering them not so serious. So, if you want to preserve the health and attractive appearance of your head of hair, it is worth considering some points. Wash your head with warm water, and in no case hot. Drying is preferably done with cold or warm air. Hot air overdrys the hair, burns them, makes them very brittle and brittle. Before going to bed, you need to thoroughly comb your hair. By the way, combing your hair, too, should be right. To comb it is necessary from below, gradually rising upwards. A very useful scalp massage. It can be done both with hands and with the help of a wooden comb, enough 1-2 times a day. Refusal of bad habits (smoking, consumption of alcohol) will return beauty and health to your hair. Normalization of nutrition, the use of vitamins - a pledge of healthy and strong curls. A beneficial effect on the scalp and hair follicles are herbal decoctions. The basis of the broth can serve as chamomile, nettle, plantain, sage, etc. All these herbs are very easy to find in the pharmacy. Rinsing with such a decoction will not only give shine to the hair, but will also stop the loss.

Menu for healthy hair

An excellent remedy for alopecia isordinary burdock oil, which can easily be purchased at any pharmacy in the city. There is also burdock oil with red pepper, which promotes growth and strengthening. To apply it is very simple: just rub it into the scalp, carefully massage it, and then distribute the product along the entire length of the head of hear. For best results, it is recommended that the head be wrapped in a food film and wrapped in a towel. To sustain a solution on a head follows about 1-2 hours, then carefully to wash off. Onions and honey mixture is an excellent tool in maintaining healthy hair. On 4 tablespoons grated onion, you need 1 tablespoon of honey. It is necessary to rub the finished mass into the roots, then distribute it along the entire length. Wrapping the head with a film, it is necessary to hold the mask on the head for about an hour, then rinse with running water, without using shampoo. The disadvantage of this mask is the smell of onions, which lasts for about 2-3 days on the hair. Very effective mask, consisting of mustard, egg yolk and tea. For 1 tablespoon of mustard, you need 1 yolk and about 2 tablespoons of green or black freshly brewed tea. All components must be mixed. As a result, we get a creamy mass, which is applied to the roots and scalp, wrapped in a film and aged for 20-30 minutes. From the mustard, you may experience a burning sensation, but do not be scared. At the end of the time, the hair is washed using shampoo. This mask is recommended to apply 2 times a week to achieve the desired result. Very often, the problem of loss is associated with various stresses and experiences. In this case, sedatives will not only stop the loss, but also stop it. Now there is a huge variety of sedatives. The best are the means based on plant elements. It can be either oral solutions, tablets, or other drugs. When choosing a medicine for hair loss, it is best to consult a doctor in charge, because any tablets can do the same damage to the body. To strengthen and grow hair, you need to consume vitamins from group B. Unlike masks that affect the outside, vitamins can strengthen the body from the inside. Include in your diet as much as possible products of plant origin. Frequent consumption of fruits and vegetables will positively affect the health of your hair. It is necessary to limit yourself in the consumption of fatty and spicy food. Milk products, beets, cucumbers, bran bread, parsley, strawberries, asparagus, nuts (especially hazelnuts), honey minimize fallout. Do not neglect your health. Also it is necessary to remember, that all problems begin from within.