hairstyle for long hair Beautiful curls on long hair will give yourhairstyle is a spectacular volume that will look good both at a party and on a daily basis. And to create them quite simply just the most, without resorting to the help of professionals.

How to create beautiful curls yourself?

Before you start, you need to spread it aroundlength of hair special mousse or foam and hands to mash the strands a little. With these tools, the styling will last much longer. If you want to create large curls, you will need to do the following: For large curls, you can use ironing. You just need to divide the hair into strands and turn them in turn. To avoid damage to the scalp, use thermal protection. Under the influence of high temperature, they release special substances that do not damage the structure of the hair. Such locks will be beautifully fluttering on your shoulders, giving you a romantic look. Also curls can be created with the help of good old curlers. Today you can see in the sale and soft, and tough varieties of this device. Take any of the choices that you like, twist them at night, and in the morning, carefully remove. Hairstyle is ready. The more curlers there are, the larger the curls, and vice versa. A voluminous hair style is created with the help of braids. If you want small curls, braids need to be braided, if larger, then one braid will suffice. This method will give us voluminous and heavy curls along the entire length of the hair. You must braid the braids on a clean head. After they are spilled, do not need to comb. Another kind of beautiful styling - long wavy hair. To do this, you need to wash your head, then the comb to make a smooth parting at the top. We treat each part of the hair with mousse and lightly remember with hands or dry it with a hair dryer. As a result, you will get light curls. For a beautiful hairstyle on a long head of hair also use different rims. They can be worn with loose hair, and with harness, and with straight, and wavy. The bezel emphasizes the line of the face, which is important for girls. A plus is the speed of creating such a hairstyle. hairstyle with curls on long hair

How best to care for laying on the basis of curls?

The most important rule for curls, and for anyhairstyle, - clean head. Dirty hair is difficult to lay down and does not fix it at all, and they look very ugly and unhygienic. Also, you should train yourself to comb your hair every day. The hairbrush is better to take wood with a natural bristle. When combing, the scalp gets a massage, which normalizes blood circulation, which stimulates the growth of hair follicles. Long hair is recommended to comb twice a day for 10-15 minutes. Each hairstyle must be fixed with a varnish, preferably strong fixation, so that it lasts longer. To make interesting accents in packing it is possible, if to use a cosmetic wax.