styling short hair at home Owners of short hair often complain aboutthat laying such locks is very difficult, and for imagination and improvisation there is absolutely no inspiration. Meanwhile, they are very much mistaken, because just with short hair is the easiest way to "fight" at home! And if you learn how to make styling for short hair, you can change your image every day, presenting to the surrounding seductive coquette, a teenage girl or a business, strict business lady.

What you need

  • Hairdryer with nozzles;
  • Round massage brush;
  • Common comb with wide teeth;
  • Fixing means - varnish, foam, mousse, gel;
  • Hair curlers and iron for straightening them;
  • Curlers.

Choose such fixing means, which inits composition has gilauric acid - it nourishes the hair well. Fen choose with three modes of heating the air, the power of the jet should also be in three levels. Hair styling is a stress for the body, so it is not necessary to buy fanatically all the known means and devices - you have to take care of your health, then your hair will be pleased with its brilliance and softness. And if the hair styling at home will not differ from the "hand" of the master, then you can only envy. Among the master hairdressers it is believed that laying short hair at home is easy - because it does not need strictly special adaptations of certain skills. Several options for laying short hair can make the most inexperienced in barber shop man. We will consider them in this article.

Romantic person

Stacking involves the use of anyfixing means. Apply it to slightly damp hair and spread evenly over the entire length. And now they need to be dried with a hair dryer - the medium is strong, the air is warm. When drying, we squeeze the strands of hair into the fists, moving from the crown to the temples, having first made a clear parting. It's all done! It remains only to slightly comb the waves of the comb with sparse teeth, and a beautiful hairstyle for the day off is ready! how to put short hair in the home

Creative chaos

This option is even simpler, for it we use wax. Fixation with wax begins with the fact that a few warms of the cosmetic are warmed up and warmed up, which is applied to the sticks. They separate and fit in the right direction. Hair should be dried a little with a hair dryer and then the fixation will be even stronger, and ruffling them with your hands, we will get what we need - a disheveled, lovely hairstyle.

Business lady

To put hair in the strict order, when prjadkais adjacent to the lock and nowhere does not stick out anywhere in just 10-20 minutes. At home, this requires a round brush, a hair dryer and a little gel. So, we begin to dry hair with a hair dryer and at the same time with a round brush move a little. However, we adhere to strict lines - the hair should not be disheveled. The parting is strict and perfectly even. This laying involves the use of a gel - they can fix a bang or side strands. When the hair is laid in this way, you will feel confident in any office or negotiation.

On every day

For hairstyles for every day is not necessary at allvery perfect styling. Here you can use the universal method. For fixation on short hair, we impose foam, distribute along the entire length. And now we make an oblique parting (or straight - as you like) and start drying with a hairdryer. With this round brush, raise the roots and direct the jet of air directly to them. So you get the volume and accuracy, so to speak, "two in one." And also time it will be required very little - here it is really convenient in house conditions!


Think that a short hair will not allow youwearing pigtails? You are mistaken! A little imagination - and maybe everything. Divide the hair into a parting and begin to weave one pigtail to the right and to the back of the head, and there, secure it with invisible ones. Now we make a pigtail on the left and also fasten it to the back of the head. It turns out that the two pigtails will converge from behind - in this place you can fix a hairpin with rhinestones. And now sprinkle all this beauty with varnish - the hairdo is ready! Only here to conduct this procedure at home learn to weave it French plaits - they look more interesting. styling short hair at home yourself

The curls

If you do not have a very short haircut, and hairat least a little descend on the neck and shoulders, then you can make and curls. Of course, they will not fall off smart curls on your hands and shoulder blades, but you will achieve femininity and grace. Styling is not difficult, but it looks nice and it's easy to make it at home. Apply the fixative and begin to dry your hair. At the same time, with a round brush, twist the locks in the direction you want. Then comb and sprinkle with varnish - elegant curls are ready! If you want stronger braids, then use hair curlers or curling irons. As you can see, even at home you can experiment with short hair, apply different ways and create your own image. Hair styling is a delicate matter and does not tolerate fuss, so count your time so that there are a few more minutes left to fix or change the whole hairstyle. Learn, strive, improvise and enjoy your ability to style short and naughty hair! We advise you to read: