hairstyle for long hair In this year, 2014, as before, are relevantFashionable beautiful haircuts for long hair. When it comes to haircuts for long hair, the fantasy of stylists has no boundaries. This year will be fashionable thick bangs or stylists advise for long hair to completely abandon them. Also topical hairdos with a slightly disheveled, shaggy hair. So how to choose from a huge number of fashionable hairstyles that will help to hide the imperfections of the face and highlight the virtues? First, you need to know about the fashion trends in the world of haircuts, and secondly, it's good to understand for which appearance they fit the most.

Cascade haircuts (multilayered)

Everyone knows the shearing of the "cascade", but she can haveset of variants of execution. Only the laying can be perfectly smooth, smooth, wavy, asymmetrical. When choosing a beautiful hairstyle such as "cascade", the length of the hair, their density and type of face should be taken into account. Also for hairdresses "cascade" the condition of a hair covering is important. Locks should shine, look healthy, do not have split ends, which must be pruned once a month. Cutting hot scissors will add beauty. It is desirable to constantly apply balm and nourishing mask for the hair. After a haircut "cascade" give lightness and the effect of "waterfall" only shiny and healthy hair. "Cascade" is a multi-stage hairdress from the top and to the tips, which can have many options: soft, smooth transitions or pronounced "torn" tiers. Hairstyles of this type are convenient for those who absolutely do not want to lose hair length. With perfect transformation of the external appearance, the length of the hair does not practically change. "Cascade" will help together with the appropriate color to give thin hair additional depth and volume. Owners of a thick mane can afford to create a huge number of layers, resulting in a more elegant hairstyle (there is a sense of dynamism and ease). For curly ringlets, this option is also suitable, but there is a problem, which is the complexity of the performance and the choice of a suitable master. Shear crooked curls cascade is very difficult. This requires skill and skill. But the result is worth it, because the lightness and dynamism of the curls is the dream of any girl. The hairstyle variant for long hair of the "cap" type should be considered separately. The best solution is a "cap", combined with a ragged thick bang. Very nice looks haircut "cascade" in conjunction with a long oblique bangs. However, choosing a slanting haircut, it is necessary to constantly remember about the health of your hairline, to cut the split ends and in any case not to allow drying out. Attractive only hair from healthy and strong hair. Proper care is very important. Styling of the hairdo is different and can have the appearance of slight negligence, be with strictly straight hair or with wavy curls. cascading hair cuts

Ragged hair cuts on long hair

Ragged hairstyles for long hair this yearwill be on top of popularity. Ragged haircut, made by a good master, resembles neatly tattered bundles. Girls with thick hair can choose such a haircut without fear. If you want to make lighter, more airy out of very thick, voluminous hair, then the torn hair will do it best. For thin hair, this hairstyle does not fit and the best choice will be another, no less beautiful long haircut. These hairstyles fit differently. Having combed his hair in an oblique parting, one can emphasize ragged hair with the help of wax. If you use a curling iron, you can give your hair a playful carelessness. Ragged hairstyles are very diverse and give room for imagination.

Elongated square

Do not forget about a very beautiful hairstyle. This haircut is suitable for everyone. Crochet "on the leg," the French square and all the other types of this haircuts are relevant in 2014. Thick, curly and even thin hair, trimmed under the square, look very attractive. In addition, the hairstyle of the square is very unpretentious in laying. Only 10 minutes by the mirror - and you are irresistible! Remembering the world-famous queen Cleopatra, you will see that she chose quads. Haircut perfectly suits both for a hike to work, and for the theater. A good hairdresser, quality styling, and you definitely will not stay away from admiring gazes. This year, the most relevant is the "square" square, slightly rounded at the edge. A thick bang is permissible. Or a haircut with a bob-kara, the distinguishing feature of which are elongated ends. You can not avoid long straight hair with an elongated bang. Any fashionista will say that this option is suitable for all occasions of life. A dense perfectly smooth bangs, reaching to the eyebrows, undoubtedly draws attention to the eyes. And the eyes, as everyone knows, are the mirror of the soul. Very beautiful and actual bangs, ending slightly above the eyes (about 1 cm). Bangs with torn edges will give the look a more languid, soft and gentle look. This hairstyle visually rejuvenates the wearer. A long bang is suitable for ladies who want to look younger. The hairstyle, which has one level, is one of the most beautiful hairstyles for long hair. All attention is focused on the hair. They perform the role of the main decoration of the girl. For such a hairstyle, you need to have perfectly straight, healthy, shiny hair without any hint of curls. For curly locks, you need to buy a special iron and a good thermal protection.

Haircuts "Hollywood" and Sidecut

The haircut "Hollywood" is loved by many stylists. It has two levels, and the main volume is chosen at will. The length of the first level varies depending on the shape of the face, narrowing or opening it visually. For a vivid expression of personality or giving the image of some rebellion, the Sidecut haircut is a good fit. It is rather extravagant and suitable for courageous, confident girls. The main feature is a very short-cut or shaved temple. Some species are characterized by shaved temples on both sides and coloring in a light tone. In addition, this hairstyle assumes shaved drawings and symbols on the temples. asymmetrical haircuts for long hair

Assimetric hairstyles

Due to asymmetry, you can adjustflaws in the shape of the face, so many designers offer similar haircuts. There are several quality options for asymmetrical haircuts. The most popular are variants with an asymmetric "cap", where the main length is left the same, profiling the ends; hairstyles with front strands, trimmed in the form of a square, and the rest of the hair is aligned in a straight line. And so you can experiment with long hair, coming up with different options. But, it should be noted that these hairstyles will suit ladies who have healthy hair. Otherwise, the haircut will look sloppy.

Selection of a hair style for a face type

Choose a hairstyle is necessary given the type of face. Square face. With a square shape, the stiffness of the facial features should be smoothed out. To do this, the hairstyle should begin on the middle of the cheek. Thanks to this, the face will stretch and the chin will soften. The bangs should be thick and torn. Ladies with this type of person will approach any asymmetry. Round face. In order to soften the face and narrow it, you should create a volume in the form of a "cap". It is desirable that the hair was on the face and partially covered it. Triangular face. Ladies with this form of face should bypass voluminous in the upper part of the haircut, but they will be approached by asymmetrical haircuts and cutting the square with curled inward ends. The bangs are flat or oblique, but long.